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Re: Pirate Campaign Take Two...
« Reply #15 on: December 29, 2013, 03:49:59 pm »
Well the numbers I made up with in Tobias' robot army are completely negotiable.  I just picked an amount of mecs based upon how powerful I assumed everyone else was.  I just figured Tobias would go for sheer numbers with the mecs, since compared to actual soldiers, they are pretty weak sauce.  One of Loykan's cyborg ninja would be able to wreck quite a few LOKI.  But I do agree we need some sort of general consensus on how powerful each captain's army is to prevent crazy escalation.  I think it goes without saying, an actual navy would wipe all three captain's out.  But since Lokyan is running with cyborg ninjas, cutting edge augmentation tech, and the bankroll of one of the largest corporations on earth, I assumed all three captains would have some sizable army.

I also assumed since Tobias is supposed to be the broker of peace, the meet could be on his ship.  After all he is supposed to be the neutral party, and wouldn't stand to gain anything from a war.