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Pirate Campaign Reference List
« on: December 29, 2013, 11:44:41 pm »
So, I think we've all been made aware that there were some issues with the DM of the pirate campaign.  As it seemed to be a popular campaign idea, the mods have decided to try to keep it going...but it appears to fall to me to DM.  This'll be my first experience doing so, so please bear with me.  I'll try to be as fair and open to any suggestions or criticisms you guys may have.  If something's bugging you about the way I'm doing things, please send me a PM and I'll try to work this out.  I want everyone to have a good time, because--hey! Who doesn't like pirates?

That being said, it is going to follow some of the path from the original thread here:
The year is 2197, On a planet Rouger, in a remote part of the Attican Traverse, between the Alliance Space and Terminus System, a new Colony is flourishing. But this is unlike any typical Colony. This isn't a quaint small farming Colony, or Some deserted war filled with ancient Aliens. this is instead a Pirate controlled Colony. Established by the two Pirates, A drell named Lokyan, and a Hanar named Analdrun, This colony was meant to be a Refueling and Repairing Area for Pirate Ships, and other like-minded criminals. But overtime it grew, into a city, It became the Hub for Pirates, known for it's beautiful landscape, and much more friendlier(or as friendly as Drunken Pirates, Slavers, and Criminals could be) and livelier than Omega, It no receives a lot of ships and Pirates looking to make a fortune, or sign up with a Pirate Crew. Reformed into a somewhat fragile Alliance, the Colony is controlled by a "Court" of the Three Major Ship Captains, Analdrun, Lokyan, and Tobias Westen. Though things are somewhat calm now, they are beginning to make their own Nation, a nation of allied Pirates, for any and all looking for a life filled with Riches, Alcohol, and Fame!

Description by Rev:
On the planet Rouger, a colony was started up by a small group of pirates, a refit station and place of reprieve. This growing colony began to attract pirates and as further cash flow entered the colony, more and more began settling down.

As the colony grew, the Hanar Analdrun and the Drell Lokyan, seeking the city for completely opposite reasons, waged war against one another, the Hanar battling for monetary gain and the Drell for his ideals. The loss of life was a deterrent for them both, and Tobias, leader of a third rising party caught in the crossfire, eventually became the bridge between them, giving them an interceder with which to create a treaty.

It was a treaty which demanded peace by segregation (neither cross into the other's territory) but this was only valid within the borders of Rouger. The Hanar's slaveships still had to deal with the Drell's occasional assault, and the Drell found his people often assaulted by the hostile slaver.

Such is the current situation...

So, as far as I see, we've got these players (and their respective characters) involved:

Revan.Lorz--Analdrun: A polite, sophisticated, businessman with a taste for the depraved.  He's made his money in slaving and whoring, and always makes sure he gets his way.
Thema Cisse: Elevated from a life of slavery by Analdrun, she's repaid her lover with a fierce loyalty as his strong right tentacle.
Margaret “Maeve” Killigrew: Pretty, detached, and dangerous.  Another one of Analdrun's  right hand tentacles, with a penchant for dueling.
Michael Killigrew: Maeve's brother, a greedy, cold, but charismatic individual that's bound to Lokyan by credits and blood.
NozzIvix--Lokyan: A Drell freedom fighter whose crew is bound to him by loyalty, idealism, and of course, credits.
Hyun Katanask: A goddamn techno-ninja woman.  Need I say more?
Kara McAllistair: Former slave turned ninja, but more of a strategist than a brawler
Durandal-- Captain Tobias Westen: A man who is good looking, talented, and lets everybody know it.  Your typical happy-go-lucky pirate/rake, on a lark to Rouger to raise hell and get the booty.
 Clintofantoma "Clint": Once a Hanar from a wealthy family, now a possibly psychotic jellyfish, whose hobbies include guns, blades, and piloting ships
medwards10-- Samuil Sobakov: A dangerous, skilled, and no question about it--definitely psychotic assassin, who he's with and what he's up to are anyone's game.
Sgt Grunt--Ka’agar: An ADHD vocha bodyguard from the Blood Pack working for Analdrun
ToughLuckMan-- Andrew Lewis Hall:Schizophrenic Ninja.  I'm sure this will end well for all involved.
Charles Teach and Anna Teach: Brother and sister pirate team.  I have an inherent desire to avoid pirates named Teach.

Tankobite--Owen Garibaldi: Your typical crewhand.  Works a high risk, high reward job.  But if a man can create his own fate, Rouger's the place.
(In progress--characters to be added as they join--if you aren't a fan of what I've written, PM me and I'll change it to something you prefer)
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