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Analdrun's System of Command
« on: December 25, 2013, 12:21:30 am »
Alright gotta get this typed out so Mr. Rapist can stand up to the Ninja clans o__O

Analdrun: The Business Head. Rarely to practically never leaves his well-guarded giant defense ship that has a small 20-something number of interceptors escort of trusted individuals. Oversees and gives orders.

The Right-Tentacles:

Maeve: Heads the Security and Piracy portion of Analdrun's enterprise. She personally captains the PFS Integrity, a turian frigate about six years old.

Thema: Organizes slaves and ensures a profit is being made. The money-handler and personal bodyguard. Never leaves the Hanar's side.


1. Analdrun transports slaves in large cargo ships, the slaves are fed based on the provider of the slaves' preference. If money is tight, they tend to be malnourished, which turns out less of a profit in turn, so Analdrun rarely deals with such kind unless the money is good.

Majority are Drell slaves from Analdrun's connections with the Hanar home planet, Kahje. The second largest number are Asari, followed closely by humans. Other races occasionally grace his ships, but never Hanar.

2. Analdrun has made monetary connections with the Blood Pack, and occasionally pays them for security, usually at a discount. The Blood pack commonly escorts Analdrun's Slave Ships, and their placement and system of command is organized by Maeve and her assistants (slaves and the like).


The Eunechs:

Any male with a permanent position on Analdrun's crew, his main ship, working alongside any of his harem, gives up the reproductive organ in order that Analdrun is certain no such acts are initiated.

For the temps, as long as they do not get too friendly with the women, they are usually safe.


Bases of Operation:

Main Auction House: Slaves auctioned off, super good security, the place looks like an Opera house
() 3 rooms within like this in circular overall architecture. two are for selling high-tier, quality slaves, very expensive. One for assassins/bodyguards, the other for courtesans/similar slaves. The third is a coliseum. Analdrun invites his friends here, has a grand ole time.

The Morbid Tentacle: Rest stop, largely for Blood Pack Mercs. Upstairs is a whorehouse. Neighbor to a slummier slave auction house

Analdrun's Ship:"The Tortuga" 20 interceptor escort, cannons, shields, the works. Only flaw is it can't move as fast as a smaller ship.
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