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Crew of the Claudia
« on: January 15, 2014, 05:38:52 pm »
Some background crewmembers who might be necessary to interact with but aren't important enough to draw a whole character sheet:

Valeric Tarsus: An experienced, one-eyed turian battery-captain.  He considers turian society to be mired in the past. The entire concept of colonial loyalty had nearly destroyed the hierarchy--for all their flaws, at least they rallied behind one government; besides their indoctrinated fools, of course.  Out of this principle he refuses to paint himself and wears a bareface as a mark of pride.

Zheng Xiaofeng: an older hand who serves as a cook on the Claudia.  Originally from the New Canton colony, but left the colony to work as an Eezo miner shortly before the colony was taken by the collectors. Despite originating from New Canton, he's of Sichuan ancestry--so if you're lucky enough, you might get some Sichuan cold noodles.

Bruna Profeta: Starboard Gun #2's gun commander. She must coordinate between the gunner and battery-captain,  direct the gun's fire, and ensure proper maintenance is carried out.  At twenty-nine years old, she's served on Tobias's crew for nearly seven years.  Surprisingly, she's one of the few gun crewmen not to have prior naval experience.  Instead, she took an extreme aptitude for technical work and managing a  barrage of information to make her gun one of the most effective in the battery.  Serious and capable, she carries out her duties with almost Prussian precision.

Work in progress.
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