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Amitee Dubois
« on: December 06, 2013, 07:57:07 pm »
Full name of Character: Amitee Dubois
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Social class: Middle Class
Class: Chemist

Physical Appearance: Platinum Blonde hair that she keeps up in a high ponytail and thick-rimmed red glasses. A black and white checkered t-shirt and red jeans are worn under a white labcoat. She had thin lips, upturned, small nose, and large icy blue, heavy-lidded eyes. Never wears makeup but smiles often. Thin body, long limbs, tall for a woman at 5'10"
Age: 27
Eye Color: Icy Blue
Hair color length and style: Platinum Blonde, past her shoulders, wavy
Skin tone and type: White, bordering pasty, but rosy cheeks
Distinguishing marks: mole in the lower left just below her lips

Personality: Warm, kind, wanting to befriend and get along with others more than getting a job done. Tends to be the one others come to when they're weighed down with problems, as she has a loving way of listening to them.
Greatest Strength: Others-centered (often gathers loyalty from this)
Greatest Weakness: Others-centered (often taken advantage of and rarely has true friends)
Soft spot: People
Biggest Vulnerability: Naiivete

Personal History(what affects them):
She was born to a middle class family and lead a rather sheltered life. Believing and raised to believe to look for the good in others, she rarely second-guesses a person's motives once she believes them to be good, which is often. This naiivete has both saved and cursed her, as those which truly do have good intent protected her while those with malignant intent have sought to harm her.
She spent much of her college career doing nothing but study and due to her bright mind found she had a better ability in the sciences than anything else (also she had a boyfriend in that major at the time). After graduating with top marks, she took part in a research facility for exogeni before being recognized for her skill and was offered and accepted this job for a 4-year contract. Lila'Naan is her roommate

Traits: Warm, sweet, motherly
Optimist or pessimist? Optimist to the nth degree
Introvert or extrovert? Extrovert to the nth degree
Drives and motives: Have fun and enjoy life, do your best in all that you do
Talents: chemistry knowledge, great cook, was a choir singer too
Character flaws: Overlooks the failures in others, covers for lazy people, is blind to evil
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Re: Amitee Dubois
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