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Analdrun and Thema Cisse
« on: December 10, 2013, 09:22:13 pm »
Full name of Character: Analdrun
Race: Hanar
Gender: You will never know.
Social class: Slaver
Class: Powerful Adept, and lots of omnitools. Also is poisonous.

Physical Appearance: Think Pink Octopus Squid
Age: This one does not understand. What is “Age”? (can’t find any info on this lol)
Eye Color: N/A
Hair color length and style: N/A
Skin tone and type: Smooth and soft pink skin
Distinguishing marks: Bell on his middle-left tentacle, received from a travelling human gypsy that told Analdrun to make music with its life. She was its third love...

Personality: A kind, polite hanar that always gets his way or else finds a way to kill and destroy whatever is in his way.
Greatest Strength: Diplomacy
Greatest Weakness: Human women
Soft spot: Human Women
Biggest Vulnerability: When he trusts someone, if they betray him, it hurts his feelings a lot.

Personal History(what affects them):
This one learned all this one knows from a Batarian Pirate that picked Analdrun up as young Hanar on a burning ship. Knowing the brutality and strength of Batarian Pirates, this one has gained great knowledge in torture and human anatomy in particular.

The Hanar returned to its homeworld a few years after, in good parting (the Batarian ship went down in flames when they killed Analdrun’s secret human lover). Analdrun established a slave cargo ship, transporting Drell slaves across the galaxy to their particular jobs--for a price. This one also purchases slaves from the Asari homeworld for This one's own purpose. Between the influx of slave trade cash and robbing colonies, this one thinks life is going rather well.

Traits: Polite, Corrupt, Classy
Optimist or pessimist? Optimist!
Introvert or extrovert? Extrovert! He loves parties.
Drives and motives: To live well and comfortably with a lady love. And to be very rich.
Talents: Enslaving Drell. He’s also very creative with torture.
Character flaws: He’s kinda evil. Just a bit.


Full name of Character: Thema Cisse
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Social class: Lower
Class: Slave/Pirate (Soldier)

Physical Appearance: Pierced ears, hooped earings, full lips, placid expression. She’s tall, at six foot, and has a strong, overbearing kind of attitude. She wears the heavy armor of an Asari Commando, purchased by her Hanar master. Muscular for a woman.
Age: 32
Eye Color: Black
Hair color length and style: Bobbed, curly hair that doesn’t pass her ears
Skin tone and type: Black skin, rough from household labor.
Distinguishing marks: Gap between her two front teeth

Personality: Rather calm and placid until she loses patience.
Greatest Strength: Self-Control
Greatest Weakness: Temper
Soft spot: Red Wine
Biggest Vulnerability: Anyone that acts like family to her

Personal History(what affects them):
She was sold as a slave to an Asari household as a baby, and when the mistress there died (she was 12), she was put up on the market. Disgusting human nomad men, their intentions clear, purchased her but she was saved by a Hanar that happened upon her, and he purchased her for thrice what she was worth, and a year later, set her free. Even so, she remained with him out of her own free will. Since then, she’s been taught combat and brutality as his first mate.

Traits: Patient, calm, long-suffering, friendly
Optimist or pessimist? Optimist
Introvert or extrovert? Extrovert
Drives and motives: Just staying alive without too much trouble
Talents: Explosive warfare, assault rifles, carrying heavy loads
Character flaws: Can’t stand liars, allows for evil so long as it isn’t hurting her too badly.
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Re: Analdrun and Thema
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