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Isani Tolar
« on: November 16, 2013, 07:38:43 pm »
Full name of Character: Isani Tolar
Race: Asari
Gender: Female
Social class: Middle Class
Class: Adept
Physical Appearance: A soft baby blue dominates her skin, scaled to perfection. Long, dark blue lashes and a pinkness of cheek. Her tentacles are tipped in a darker blue.
Age: 126
Eye Color: Purple
Hair color length and style: Tentacles coalesce at the back of her head and go down her neck
Skin tone and type: Light blue skin, scales
Distinguishing marks: Tipped-blue tentacle hair
Personality: She’s rather withdrawn and not used to talking with others. While she has a strong moral sense, and is quick to root for the underdog, she tends to withdraw and second-guess herself before she speaks.
Greatest Strength: Academic Archeological Knowledge
Greatest Weakness: Lack of social sense
Soft spot: Anyone that treats her with kindness
Biggest Vulnerability: Self-image
Personal History(what affects them):
Both her parents were Asari, so she was commonly shunned by her peers and classmates. But Isani did not give up at this, and found her joy for all things historical and Archaeological. Her abilities were soon recognized by a certain company, and when she heard what she would be part of, she happily accepted the invitation.
Optimist or pessimist? Depends
Introvert or extrovert? Introvert
Drives and motives: To discover the past secrets of the Galaxy!
Talents: Archeology, kindness, is cute
Character flaws: Shy, temper about certain subjects
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Re: Isani Tolar
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Re: Isani Tolar
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