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Bernuk Goul
« on: November 16, 2013, 06:20:39 pm »
Full name of Character: Bernuk Goul
Race: Salarian
Gender: Male
Social class: Intelligentsia
Class: Engineer

Physical Appearance: Short, skinny, typical Salarian.  Two horns of average size
Age: 17
Eye Color: black with green irises
Hair color length and style: none
Skin tone and type: bluish skin coloration with reddish flecks in his skin
Distinguishing marks: Reddish flecks on the face

Personality: Hard working, somewhat anti-social because he prefers to work alone to ensure credit isn't taken from him.
Greatest Strength: A strong drive to improve himself and make a mark in his field
Greatest Weakness: Doesn't trust others academically
Soft spot: Deep interest in learning and will talk people's ears off
Biggest Vulnerability: Not physically strong and has no military experience

Personal History(what affects them): Born on Sur'Kesh to a clan of prominent scientists and businessmen.  He disappointed members of the clan by going into archaeology, as opposed to working with technology or science.  Was working on an academic with four other colleagues when he left for the dig site and the article was published and was a great success, but his name was pushed to the background.  He's deeply resentful of this and is trying to find something or publish something that will get him recognition in his own right.

Traits: Hard worker, very thorough
Optimist or pessimist? Pessimist
Introvert or extrovert? Introvert
Drives and motives: To make a name for himself and earn the respect of others in his clan
Talents: Extremely well versed in archaeological studies and very experienced in the field.
Character flaws: Pride, distrustful
Bernuk Goul
Paul  Jünger

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Re: Bernuk Goul
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Re: Bernuk Goul
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Approved!!! :D should be fun
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