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Brandon Miles
« on: November 24, 2013, 12:33:28 am »
Full name of Character: Brandon Gregory Miles

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Social class: Chemist

Class: Engineer

Physical Appearance: Slim build

Age: 24

Eye Color: Hazel

Hair color length and style: Dirty blonde, clean cut. 

Skin tone and type: Caucasian, light tan

Distinguishing marks: Several small chemical burn scars on both arms

Personality: Generally pleasant

Greatest Strength: Chemistry, general science knowledge on planetary systems

Greatest Weakness: High stress situations

Soft spot: Women, pets, omni-tool tech.

Biggest Vulnerability: Loss of friends/family

Personal History(what affects them):

As a colonist on Elysium, the Reaper War struck when Brandon was about 14 years old.  When the Reapers arrived on Elysium, his father, a scientist, arranged for his family to be evacuated, but was separated from them as the planet fell under attack.  With little protection outside of the planetary defenses, the Reapers positioned themselves near the Mass Relay, assaulting the ships that fell outside of the defense platforms' protection.  His father was on one of the many ships that were destroyed when leaving the system.  When the Reapers were destroyed not a month later, he was elated but filled with regret, lamenting that his family would still be together if they had just lasted a few weeks more.

With his mother's blessing, he followed in his father's footsteps, learning the ways of chemistry and assisting in the Citadel's Huerta Memorial to further his education upon graduation.  He quickly learned what medicines were needed for a variety of species' ailments, and observed and explored a variety of the organic compounds in the labs.  On one such occasion in the university's lab analyzing a sample, Brandon accidentally discovered a faster way to form a nitrite-explosive, rather his goal of a more effective anesthetic for hanar.  After having to pay roughly 5,000 credits in damages and formally leave the university department, Brandon is now in search of new prospects, intent in putting his knowledge to use.

Traits: Fast learner, courageous, empathetic, trusting, friendly

Optimist or pessimist? Optimist

Introvert or extrovert? Introvert

Drives and motives: Making a difference, helping others, discovery, and money to pay the bill.

Talents: Can craft improvised chemical weaponry/explosives, play the harmonica, and is an encyclopedia for useless information.

Character flaws: May over-think problems, socially awkward, has difficulty staying focused on a specific task for prolonged periods of time.

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Re: Brandon Miles
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