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Charles Teach and Anna Teach
« on: December 19, 2013, 06:30:55 pm »
Full name of Character: Charles Teach
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Social class: Pirate Captain
Class: Soldier

Physical Appearance: 6'3 and weighs about 220 pounds
Age: 33
Eye Color: Brown
Hair color length and style: Has medium length Dark Brown hair
Skin tone and type: Has lightly tan Caucasian skin
Distinguishing marks: bears multiple facial scars: one through his right eyebrow and the corner of his eye, another across the bridge of his nose, and a third from his right ear through his cheek. He also has a distinctive Irish accent. He wears a black cloak with red lining, and a Xiphos sword that has been modified with modern materials to make stronger and more useful.

Personality: Charles is a charismatic person, and he always has a cool demeanor, and always plans ahead of time
Greatest Strength: Skilled Leader
Greatest Weakness: His reluctance to give up 
Soft spot: His sister, Crew and Ship
Biggest Vulnerability: His Pride

Personal History(what affects them): Charles was born in Dublin back on Earth to a lower class family. Wanting to help his family, he and his sister, Anna, enlisted in the Alliance. He served for a few years before realizing that the military would take him nowhere, Anna agreed and they both left. And from there he ended up as the first mate on a Pirate ship called the Thermopylae with his sister. Overtime, the crew were becoming unhappy with the Captain, they raided less ships, and most of the money was being kept for the ship. Eventually, they marooned him on a planet, and promoted Charles as captain. And under Charles's leadership, the condition on the Thermopylae improved, and he trained several crew members which he calls the "Spartans" to board ships, who carry Xiphos and large Omni-Shields. And now, The Thermopylae travels towards the Pirate Hub of Rouger, to find some new opportunity.

Optimist or pessimist? Optimist
Introvert or extrovert? Extrovert
Drives and motives: Money and Glory
Talents: Swordsman, skilled Captain, Natural Leader
Character flaws: Prideful, Hard-Headed


Full name of Character: Annabeth Stephanie Teach
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Social class: Pirate
Class: Infiltrator

Physical Appearance: Anna is 5'7 and has an athletic build
Age: 29
Eye Color: Green
Hair color length and style: Has Brown hair that reaches halfway down her back, but she usually has it in a ponytail
Skin tone and type: Light Caucasian Skin
Distinguishing marks: Wears a black cloak similar to Charles, but with a light blue lining, and under the cloak wears phoenix armor. Carries a Kopis, which has been modified with better materials for better use.

Personality: Anna is a friendly and kind person, despite being part of a cut-throat Pirate crew. And though she appears to be innocent, she is trained to kill, and will not hesitate to do it.
Greatest Strength: Her Quick Agility and acrobatic skills
Greatest Weakness: Long Range Combat
Soft spot: Her Brother, Fellow Crew members, the Ship
Biggest Vulnerability: Losing the last family member she has left

Personal History(what affects them): Anna was also born in Dublin, and following in the footsteps of her brother, when she was old enough, she also joined the military. During the war, their family were killed on Earth by the reapers. And though she was slightly more reluctant to leave the military, he was the only family she had left, so she followed him as he became a Pirate. Afterwards, when Charles became the Captain of the Thermopylae, She became the first mate. And still she servers on board the Thermopylae, assisting her brother commanding the ship.

Optimist or pessimist? Optimist
Introvert or extrovert? Extrovert
Drives and motives: Gaining better Reputation
Talents: Sword Fighting, Infiltrating, hacking
Character flaws: Overprotective, Smaller build than most people in similar Career

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Re: Charles Teach and Anna Teach
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