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Edward Vane
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Full name of Character: Edward Alexander Vane Jr.
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Social class: Pirate
Class: Pirate/Solider

Physical Appearance: 6'2, wears medium armor with a black cloak with red trimmings that conceals his personal dual custom Carnifex
Age: 32
Eye Color: Brown
Hair color length and style: Has shoulder length messy brown hair and a trimmed beard
Skin tone and type: Has slightly tan Caucasian skin
Distinguishing marks: Has a scar on his jaw, his light Scottish accent

Personality: Edward is loud, reckless, and unrelenting and somewhat mentally unstable, and quick to anger
Greatest Strength: His quick reflexes and marksmanship
Greatest Weakness: His distrust of others
Soft spot: Alcohol
Biggest Vulnerability: His Ill-Temper

Personal History(what affects them):
Edward was born on Earth in Scotland, as a young boy, he always dreamed of a life of adventures and enlisted in the Alliance Navy. however, unsatisfied with his time there, he joined a group of pirates, and felt it more fulfilling. During the Reaper Wars, Edward did remarkably little. The only important thing he participated was retaking Omega, where the Captain of the ship was killed, Edward was voted to be made Captain. Now after the war, his Pirate crew continue to raid ships in the Attican Traverse. But over the years, his crew has gotten tired of him, and now, while they were raiding a ship, they set the ship on a collision-course and trapped him inside. Now he is stuck on the Planet with no easy way out, Until another Pirate, a Hanar named Analdrun, came looking for the Cargoship. He found Edward, and after some argument, some gun pointing, and some drinking, Analdrun agreed to let him join his Pirate Crew

Traits: Ill-Tempered, Reckless, Drunkard, Courageous, Charismatic
Optimist or pessimist? Optimist
Introvert or extrovert? Depends on the situation
Drives and motives: Getting his next drink
Talents: Marksman, Experienced Ship Captain, Somewhat resistance to Alcohol
Character flaws: Drunkard, Reckless, Ill-Tempered
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