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« on: November 17, 2013, 11:16:10 pm »
Full name of Character: Ghost
Race: Geth (Human)
Gender: Genderless (AI is male)
Social class: Misunderstood Geth
Class: Engineer
Powers: Overload, Hunter Mode, Arc Grenade

Physical Appearance: Very Similar to a Geth Trooper
Age: Before being turned into an AI 24, turned into an AI 2185
Eye Color: Yellow
Hair color length and style: None
Skin tone and type: White
Distinguishing marks: Blue Claw markings on chest

Personality: Relaxed, Calm
Greatest Strength: Adaptability
Greatest Weakness: Humanlike
Soft spot: New combat skills, loses himself in thought
Biggest Vulnerability: His human like personality and emotions.

Personal History (what affects them): Ghost when he was human he was a solder in the military went on a standard mission when everything went wrong. His squad was attacked by geth and when he was the last one left he was bleeding out when a squad of quarians came out of no where and tried to save the rest of his squad but they were all dead except for him. A mysterious female quarian in a yellow suit just said, its going to be ok, then everything went black. When he woke up he was in a white geth body and could see his own body across the room. Turns out they were able to put his mind into a geth body making him an AI that controls a geth unit. Since then he felt like he was dead but given a second chance and took the name Ghost. He has communicated with the geth a small amount and received some of their information.
Currently Ghost has a shotgun that he received from the quarians.

Traits: Open, Analytical, Logical, Easygoing, Easy to approach if they can get past him being a geth.
Optimist or pessimist? Very optimistic
Introvert or extrovert? Mainly Introverted
Drives and motives: To be useful to others, to discover who saved him.
Talents: All the advantages that a robot has.
Character flaws: Even if hes a robot he still has a human mind and therefore some human weaknesses.
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Re: Ghost
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