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« on: November 17, 2013, 08:59:43 pm »
Full name of Character: H-10173533625431 "Icarus"

Race: Geth

Gender: N/A

Social class: Geth Xenosociologist

Class: Infiltrator

Physical Appearance: Standard Geth Hunter platform

Age: Mobile platform was constructed in 2186

Eye Color: Red photoreceptor

Hair color length and style: N/A

Skin tone and type: Mobile platform is painted black at most times, but is occasionally repainted to better suit it's environment.

Distinguishing marks: besides standard identification marks, 'spying bastard' is carved in Khelish onto the back of the platform's torso

Personality: Curious, secretive

Greatest Strength: Collecting raw data in the field, remaining undetected in compact environments

Greatest Weakness: Has difficulty comprehending complex emotions

Soft spot: VI holograms

Biggest Vulnerability: Lacks a sense of self-preservation, despite the fact that most of the time the loss of Its mobile platform would result in the loss of upwards of a months worth of data.

Personal History (what affects them): The Mobile platform and the intelligences which identify as 'Icarus' were created shortly after the migrant fleet launched their assault on rannoch to bolster the number of platforms on the ground. After seeing minimal combat (Mostly finishing off the survivors of downed quarian ships) The fighting between the Geth and Quarians came to an end and Icarus spent the remainder of the war on board a quarian light frigate to act as a 'Home away from home' for the suit-bound Geth and to take notes on the interactions between the crew. after departing from the Frigate some time later Icarus was tasked with gathering data and updating records on all organics races. A task which Icarus performs at almost every moment of the day.

Traits: Curious, logical, thorough.

Optimist or pessimist? Optimistic

Introvert or extrovert? Introvert

Drives and motives: It's current objective dictates that it acquire new data on organics and organic societies

Talents: Collecting and and accurately interpreting seemingly random data

Character flaws: Cannot comprehend the concept of privacy, Is too curious for its own good
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Re: H-10173533625431
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