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Issac Wilson
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Full name of Character: Issac Jordan Wilson
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Social class: Alliance Admiral
Class: Ship Captain

Physical Appearance: 6'2 and weighs about 210 pounds
Age: 43
Eye Color: Green
Hair color length and style: Has short cut black hair, with slight grey streaks and a beard
Skin tone and type: Caucasian skin color
Distinguishing marks: Has a scar on his chin

Personality: Issac is a Charismatic person and gets along with almost everyone, he is also the type of person who always plans what he's going to do and has a reason for everything and is persistent in what he does.
Greatest Strength: His strategic look on everything
Greatest Weakness: Actual Hand to Hand Combat
Soft spot: His Crew, Colonists

Personal History(what affects them):
As a child, Issac always had the dream of being in command of his own ship, and he held this dream as he joined the Alliance Navy. Along the years, he served on various ships before finally serving on the SSV Orizaba, the flagship of the fifth fleet, and a few years later, he was promoted to Captain. His first major battle as a Captain was in the Battle of the Citadel, where he went in with the Fifth fleet, at the end of the battle, the Orizaba suffered considerable damage, but managed survive and keep intact, and by the time Repairs were complete, the Reapers were attacking. When the Reapers began the assault on Arcturus station, the initial wave of enemies was overwhelming, he was just drinking coffee, reading the Citadel Daily News when the ship shook. Alarms began to ring and everyone was scrambling around to battle stations. By the time he got to the bridge, he saw ships being destroyed like they were wet tissue paper. He ordered to try to draw the fire away from smaller ships, but the orders came in to retreat to safety. Issac reluctantly retreated, knowing they had to leave their allies. Afterwards he assisted in the battle for Earth, where the Orizaba managed to destroy a Reaper Capital Ship that was about to open fire on two Carrier. Afterwards, he was promoted to Admiral of the Fifth Fleet, and now he patrols the Attican Traverse, making it safer for the Colonists there.

Traits: Courageous, Determined, Charismatic
Optimist or pessimist? Optimist
Introvert or extrovert? Extrovert
Drives and motives: The Safety of Colonists from Pirates and slavers
Talents: Skilled strategist and tactician, talented Ship commander
Character flaws: Hard Headed, Overanalyzes everything

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