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Jade McKee
« on: November 17, 2013, 10:36:00 pm »
Full name of Character: Jade McKee

Race: Human

Gender: Male

Social class: Probably better off than you

Class: Indeed, I do have class. ((OOC: Scientist))

Physical Appearance: Handsome, well built, and clean. (at least until puberty hit).

Age: 28

Eye Color: Blue

Hair color length and style: Natural blondish/brownish hair that grows past my shoulders when I feel to lazy to cut it. Though I do tend to like the somewhat short and combed back look as well (this is what you all will usually see me with, just to let you know.)

Skin tone and type: White, slightly tanned.

Distinguishing marks: So I had this small horizontal mark on my forehead since I was a teenager. I remember I was battling a reaper in hand to hand combat and I killed it with my bare han-nope. What really happened was that in my adolescent stupidity I decided to jump off a house into a pool as a dare. The concrete floor had some disagreements with me.

Personality: Take a lucky guess.

((OOC: Narcissistic/sarcastic **** on the outside, but has tries to have good intentions from within. Also attempts to be the comedic relief from time to time. He also tries to think on a more logical level than emotional, but sometimes those switch depending on the circumstances.))

Greatest Strength: Everything. ((OOC: Has good perception. Can think more logically than emotionally in most scenarios.))

Greatest Weakness: What is this "weakness" you speak of? ((OOC: He cares more about others than his own well being. He is also a tad impatient with some people.))

Soft spot: Fine, I admit it. I like animals. And people (only the smart ones).

Biggest Vulnerability: Stupid irrational people.

Personal History(what affects them): I always thought that learning about how things work in this universe was fascinating. After the reapers invaded it simply made me even hungrier to learn more about what may be out there. I'm pretty sure that my adventurous tendencies will be the death of me on of these days.

((OOC: Ten years ago when the reapers invaded, many people his age enlisted in order to give their lives to protect the future. Jade however, was a coward at the time. When he saw his friends and family enlist....he decided to run and hide instead. He knew deep down that this was the wrong choice, and he felt powerless. However, he'd come to accept his actions over the years, despite learning that many of his friends and his oldest sister perished during the war. He's learned over the years that sometimes one would need to resort to last resorts in order to protect themselves and the ones they care about. This type of mentality came when he killed a total of two assailants within the past ten years.

His first kill was purely accidental, as a lunatic survivor on earth decided to attack him with a shiv for no logical reason. The assailant tripped over Jade's foot and smashed his skull against the rubble on the ground. The second kill was during a pirate raid on one of his expeditions. Him and his colleges were hiding in a room, while jade picked up a pistol from a dead pirate. When one of the pirates found all of them hiding in this room, he knew that it was either going to be him or them; and he took the shot.))


Optimist or pessimist? : Both

Introvert or extrovert? : Depends on who I'm talking to.

Drives and motives: Yes I do drive, and my motive is to get from point A to point B.

((OOC: One the largest factors to his motivation is simply trying to learn more about the universe he lives in. He's always had that curious drive to him, but it was amplified when he decided to go to study at"Zakera Science and Art institute" on the citadel when the reaper war ended. He thought to himself, if something as amazing and terrible as the reapers existed then what else could be out there in our own galaxy, or in the rest of the universe? Even discovering or solving a fraction of life's infinite mysteries would improve society and its technology.

After learning that his older sister and his friends died in the war; he tried to be more courageous then he used to be so that he would be able to properly protect his colleagues, acquaintances, and friends/family. Also if he sees anyone acting weak, he tries to motivate them into being a stronger person in his own little twisted, brutally honest and narcissistic way. Which in short means that he thinks acting like an **** to some people will motivate them to being more mature and being able to take care of themselves. ))

Talents: You'll know soon enough, I guess. (

(OOC: He is perceptive for one. He also is able to properly shoot a pistol and a rifle after going and continuing to go to shooting galleries. He also is fairly good at modding and improving weapons and a few knick knacks here and there when he feels bored. ))

Character flaws: Being a thinking, breathing, sometimes illogical and irrational organic being? I think that would suffice.

((OOC: For one, even though he is more courageous then he was before, he still sometimes has a slight fear of being in space or being in the dark for to long. Also he tends to get much more nervous and anxious when he is alone for a while. Even though he acts like a narcissist, he knows that deep down he still needs and relies on other people. Jade also stutters and babbles on like an idiot if a woman starts to take an intimate interest in him and tries to wiggle out of relationships.))
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Re: Jade McKee
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While the fact that you wrote this in character made it a little harder to make out what you meant, approved.

I forsee an arrogant coward being much fun on the uncharted world.
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Re: Jade McKee
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Re: Jade McKee
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