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« on: December 06, 2013, 02:27:43 pm »
Full name of Character: J - 10122266  "Juggernaut"
Race: Geth
Gender: N/A
Social class: Soldier
Class: Geth Juggernaut

Physical Appearance:  Geth Juggernaut platform standing 12 feet tall
Age: Constructed 2186 CE
Eye Color: Red photoreceptor
Hair color length and style: N/A
Skin tone and type:  Platform is heavily armored with customized battle paint
Distinguishing marks:  Right shoulder armor plate painted with red and white stripes in honor of Legion.  Several dozen red tally marks on left torso designating kill count.  Depiction of sovereign class reaper with a circle and slash through it.  Left shoulder armor plate is decorated by a large varren skull.

Personality: Eager to experience new stimuli.  Willing to experiment with new sensations.  Trigger happy.  Fond of gross displays of havoc.
Greatest Strength: Durability in battle, willingness to accomplish mission at any cost.   
Greatest Weakness: Personality may be unpredictable.  Platform makes for a very large and slow target.   
Soft spot:  Heavy weapons and high explosives
Biggest Vulnerability:  Mobility.  Platform is large, slow, and not agile.  Completely incapable of stealth or subtlety.

Personal History(what affects them):  The individual that identifies as "Juggernaut" was created shortly after the end of hostilities between the Geth and the Quarians.  Juggernaut's platform was designed to directly combat reaper forces in front line ground engagements.  With its newly acquired sentience, Juggernaut was eager to explore the potentials of a personality and complex emotions.  It meticulously analyzed each new experience, experimented with determining arrays of personal preferences, and began craft its own identity.  However its ability to process complex emotions is new and unrefined, leading to several personality quirks.  Juggernaut grew to have a thirst for battle, as it was a prime source for new experiences and stimuli to analyze.  However at the end of the reaper war, with nothing left to fight, it took to the galaxy to seek out its own stimuli.  In that time it hunted dangerous predators, fought in "blood sports," and contracted itself out as a mercenary, among other things.  It quickly grew a reputation for accepting contracts most others would deem insane.

Optimist or pessimist? Optimist
Introvert or extrovert? Extrovert
Drives and motives:  Juggernaut is, in Geth terms, an adrenaline junkie.  It constantly seeks new experiences to fine tune its own identity and explore its own existence.   
Talents:  Brute strength, knowledge of heavy weapons and explosives, heavily armored
Character flaws:  Can be impulsive, ability to duplicate and comprehend complex emotions is a working progress.

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Re: Juggernaut
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And question. Can he and Nozz know eachother? He seems like the type of person a wanderer would love to encounter.
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Re: Juggernaut
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Sounds like a plan.