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« on: December 29, 2013, 01:47:10 am »

Full name of Character:  Ka’agar

Race: Vorcha

Gender: ?

Social class: BodyGuard from Blood Pack

Class: Soldier

Physical Appearance: Larger than average build for Vorcha, making him the ideal type for VIP duty. Has an incredible amount of scars that make his entire hide rough and hard to penetrate. Dark complexion and bright red eyes, Ka’agar has quickly gotten used to the fumes in Eezo mines and looks more or less high at any given time from his extensive time in eezo mines with the exception of his eyes, which are usually wide and angry.

Age: 9

Eye Color: Bright red

Hair color length and style: N/A

Skin tone and type: Dark skin and tribal tattoos all over his body, rough and worse than leathery, making him unpleasant to touch.

Distinguishing marks: Has a horrible mass of scars across his face despite  vorcha healing abilities, making him quite possibly the most hideous sapient being in the galaxy. Has very large muscles from his time in the mines, and will sometimes pull out his specialized mining goggles for tough missions.

Personality: Angry at everything in public, but when he feels safe is usually quite calm. Has a casual distrust of most every other species aside from Krogan, but will do anything for the BloodPack. He has very little knowledge of any other species aside from his own and krogan, having lived his life in the Blood-Pack, and will often let curiosity get the better of him to investigate. Has a love of fire, touching, shiny things, touching shiny things, and people who like melee combat.

Greatest Strength: Melee combat

Greatest Weakness: Ranged combat

Soft spot: Shiny things

Biggest Vulnerability: Will go into a blind rage when injured, ignoring all training and orders to kill whatever hurt him.

Personal History(what affects them): Ka’agar was born and raised in the pack, and worked the vast majority of his life in mines. This earned him his mass of scars and muscles, and got him chosen for a promotion to Bodyguard duty. Has a deep seated respect for all krogan, knowing they don’t generally lie, and will always be straightforward with subordinates such as himself. Vorcha society makes krogan alphas by virtue of their aggression and prowess, making him follow their lead whenever possible.


Optimist or pessimist: Flips between both due to battle lust and hating downtime

Introvert or extrovert: Extrovert

Drives and motives: Loves fire, loves killing, and has a burning curiosity for all things alien. Also shiny objects.

Talents: Excellent with both Omni-flamer and actual flamethrower, makes great use of his Omni-claws.

Character flaws: Easily distracted. Has no real knowledge of aliens. Very bad at social interactions. Rude beyond all belief. Loves to see others suffering and will often laugh openly at anyone crying. Dislikes the idea of “peace” but is not mentally capable enough to explain why or debate it.

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Re: Ka'agar
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Approved!  ;D
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Re: Ka'agar
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Sounds like Maeve'll have someone new to poke.
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