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Kara McAllistair of the Sukuu
« on: December 23, 2013, 11:08:11 pm »
Full name of Character: Kara McAllistair

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Social class: Sukuu Shinobi, freed slave

Class: Infiltrator

Physical Appearance: Standing at 5'9, Kara was prized as a concubine during her time as a slave, with a soft face framed by long crimson hair and a graceful-looking body.
Age: 21

Eye Color: Green

Hair color length and style: Long and red, normally contained within her hood on missions.

Skin tone and type: Soft and SCOTTISH TONE! MWAHAHAHAHAHA

Distinguishing marks: A small scar marks the back of her neck, where her old Slave Chip used to dwell.

Personality: Hates violence, and is terrified of strange men. She tends to be timid until her switch is flipped. Loves animals.

Greatest Strength: Her compassion for those around her.

Greatest Weakness: The possibility of recapture.


Biggest Vulnerability: Her past enslavement.

Personal History(what affects them): Born to a Landowning Noble family in Scotland, Kara McAllistair enjoyed a rich childhood unaware that her parents had gotten themselves in over their heads with some rather  unsavory characters, simply to keep their heads above water. To pay their many debts, some generations old, the McAllistairs slowly began selling off everything they had, until their one remaining possession was their 6 year old Daughter, Kara. Threatened with death unless they sold her, the McAllistairs were forced to give their daughter to a cruel slave master. The guilt destroyed them, and they were found dead a year later from self-inflicted bullet wounds in a homeless shelter in Glasgow. Young Kara, however, did not receive the same mercy. She was worked to the bone for five years, until she started to... develop. Seeing potential, the slavemaster quickly sold her to a rich Batarian general, where she served as his concubine until his eventual assassination by his successor. Kara bounced from master to master for years, serving as a concubine and fostering a deep fear of men until she entered the service of Maeve Killegrew. In truth, Maeve had simply taken Kara as spoils from a raid and planned to later sell her, but as a concubine, the slave girl had learned a great deal of Naval tactics and diplomacy from watching her many Military and Diplomatic masters and proved a valuable asset to her mistress' crew. The slave and her mistress never exceeded a strictly business relationship, but Kara was grateful. All she knew, is that she was happy not being made into a sexual possession, valued for something other than her looks. The Slave even assisted in getting Maeve to Rouger, under Analdrun's employ. Of course, that's where the trouble started. At age 18, Kara seemed to tickle something within the Hanar, and he demanded ownership. Absolutely terrified, Kara pleaded with her mistress not to hand her over. But Maeve's frozen heart thawed not for the pitiable slave, and escorted her to Analdrun's chamber, and left her there. But, before Analdrun's greasy tentacles could touch her, Maeve returned, the three guards dead behind her. And though the hanar cried out in horror, Kara's mistress ran Kara through, and Kara thought she met death that night. She awoke in a tiny medic's facility, to quiet voices. When she stood, amazed at being alive, Maeve put a small chip in her hand, Kara's slave chip. Passage to Omega was arranged. On her way, however, Kara came across a Drell slave being attacked by Slavecatchers, who were using the storm to 'recover property'. Without thinking, the Scotswoman leaped into the fray, taking out one with a swift punch to the spine and turning to face the others. She and the Drell, who she later learned was named Asa, fought bravely but were soon overpowered. Fearing that she had come this far to fail, Kara closed her eyes. When they opened, she saw three figures with short blades standing in the rain. After cutting the Slavecatchers down, their Leader approached them, a Drell with a wicked scar on his cheek: Gaijin Sukuu. He offered to train them as Shinobi for their bravery, and not long after, she and Asa graduated as Sukuu Shinobi. While Asa excelled in fighting, Kara became a brilliant strategist and infiltrator, sticking to her strengths.


Optimist or pessimist? Optimist, to a point.

Introvert or extrovert? Introvert

Drives and motives: To avoid recapture and possibly regain her family's land.

Talents: Blending into a crowd

Character flaws: Just too god damned shy. She'd rather hide behind Enemy lines and befriend them than fight them.
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Re: Kara McAllistair of the Sukuu
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