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Lokyan and Hyun Katanask
« on: December 10, 2013, 06:03:20 pm »
Full name of Character: Lokyan

Race: Drell

Gender: Male

Social class: Freedom Fighter / Terrorist / Pirate

Class: Infiltrator

Physical Appearance: He wears a heavy blue longcoat, with black armour underneath. The coat is reinforced to withstand explosives and small-arms fire.

Age: 32 (2197)


Hair color length and style: N/A

Skin tone and type: Blue and scaly, with black marks beneath the chin and one long stripe going down his 'scalp'

Distinguishing marks: The webbing on his hands has been cut.

Personality: A deadly serious demeanour hides a playful centre, backed up by a quick mind.

Greatest Strength: Incredibly thorough knowledge of explosives and chemistry.

Greatest Weakness: Idealist.

Soft spot: Drell enslavement, Hyun.

Biggest Vulnerability: Massive hatred of Hanar.

Personal History(what affects them): Wanted dead in most of Hanar Space, Lokyan is a rare example of the Drell race, after the death of his parents, he and his brothers were forced into the assassin's organization. After escaping the compound, he was caught and returned by his Hanar handlers, who cut his finger-webbing, a near crippling blow to most Drell, he recovered and regained complete mobility in his hands, only to escape once more. He sees the Compact as little better than slavery, with the Hanar forcing the Drell into early graves with heavy exposure to moisture without proper equipment, killing them with Kepral's syndrome. Abandoning his family name and scrubbing himself from the Hanar databanks, Lokyan led a crusade against the government with likeminded individuals, demanding his people be freed. The Hanar government denies his existence while Citadel Races are in the room, despite his crusade ending when a surprise attack killed his small team. His greatest attack on the Hanar was the release of a weaponized dehydrator used in a major Hanar city. The dehydrator caused Hanar to shrivel up and die, while making the area extremely habitable for the Drell. His Eidetic memory has led him to be an extremely capable demolitionist, as he memorizes every weak spot in a structure, every mild idiosyncrasy within his toolkit. The last time he saw his brothers was during the release of the dehydrator, where they were tasked to stop him. Needless to say, two of his three brothers did not survive the engagement. The third escaped by leaving the second to die. Gaining the moniker 'Blue Death', he joined a larger organization, where he disappeared for a few years. He reappeared as a pirate, with a Japanese Human named Hyun Katanask as his first-mate, and a much larger cadre of Drell and other races at his back. As is the style for dueling pirates, Lokyan carries a one-handed English Dueling sword for close-quarters engagements, along with several types of explosives and a Paladin modified for faster fire rate and a lighter recoil.


Optimist or pessimist? Optimist

Introvert or extrovert? Extrovert

Drives and motives: Freedom of his people.

Talents: Making many booms.

Character flaws: Can become consumed by his ideals.

Full name of Character: Hyun Katanask

Race: Human(Japanese)


Social class: Pirate

Class: Engineer.

Physical Appearance: She wears a loose fitting black coat over light armour, with movement as a priority. She occasionally employs Tech Armour.

Age: 28

Eye Color: Black

Hair color length and style: Long and pitch black

Skin tone and type: smooth and well taken care of.

Distinguishing marks: none.

Personality: A bubbly woman more at home in her lab than social events, but is quick to defend herself from attackers.

Greatest Strength: Working with technology

Greatest Weakness: Manual labour.

Soft spot: Lokyan

Biggest Vulnerability: Lack of technology

Personal History(what affects them): Hyun began life in the Tokyo megatropolis and, as many have, wound up falling in with the many gangs that vie for control of the city after her brother was killed trafficking Red Sand for the Yakuza boss Hari Kariuchi. Inquisitive and scientific, her talents were wasted until she attempted to hack the Omni-Tool of a certain high-profile individual. She had just about broken through the encryption before she was caught, and the businessman, recognizing her talents, offered her a Job as a technician for his research department. Not long after, she disappeared, believed to have joined the same organization as Lokyan, as she was next seen fighting alongside him. She carries a Locust SMG and a pair of Edo period Daisho (Literally Big-Little, a pair of long and short swords used by Samurai throughout Japan's Feudal Period) Reinforced with modern materials to make them near-unbreakable. She has been trained in the Shinobi Arts as well as Nitojutsu and Jujutsu. Prefers her native tongue when possible. She funds Lokyan's pirate crew through her Tokyo-Based corporation, Katanask Technologies.

Traits: Is a huggy person.

Optimist or pessimist? Optimist

Introvert or extrovert? Introvert, sometimes, depends.

Drives and motives: TO DO MANY TECHYTHINGS

Talents: Working with tech and computers, including modifying her armour and weapons.

Character flaws: Far too reliant on technology.
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Re: Lokyan and Hyun Katanask
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They look adorable and awesome!

Approved times two!!! :D
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