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Louis Bullock
« on: December 19, 2013, 01:12:51 am »
Name: Louis Bullock
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Social Class: Wealthy
Class:  Solider

Physical Appearance: 6í1, 195lbs, when in or expecting a dangerous situation wears armor made by Kassa Fabrications and a mnemonic visor, casual wear is a black jacket, and jeans.
Age: 30
Eye: Green
Hair: Short brown hair with a short unkept goatee 
Skin: Caucasian
Distinguishing Marks: Small scar above his right eyebrow

Personality: Louis considers himself to be a reasonable guy with a good sense of humor and an endearing personality.  Others have called him reckless, a smartass and a dick.  The truth is probably closer to the later.  Wants to be a good person but has got a dark violent side that gets out sometimes.   Likes to have a good time and will never turn down a drink.  Louis also believes its better to shoot first and ask questions later.   He also carries himself with confidence and speaks with a commanding tone.

History:  Grew up with a wealthy family on Bekenstein, when he turned 19 with the help of his parents contacts was accepted into the C-Sec academy.  Just a few months into the academy the Reapers attacked , training was suspended and he was put on the CDF.  When Bekenstein was bombed from orbit the majority of his family was killed only his brother survived and that was because he was off planet.  After that he cleared out his locker and took his fathers luxury corvette and left the citadel and any future he had of working there.  Over the next 5 years he spent his time drinking, sleeping and brawling his way through the galaxy.  In 2192 his brother died leaving behind his wife and kids, wanting to make up for not being the best brother and uncle he then gave the small fortune he still had left from his inheritance to his brothers wife.
This was a wake up call for Louis,  he decided it was time to get his **** together.  He then took a job with a Turian he had met a few years back, the company specialized in transporting people and products.   He was essentially a delivery driver using the only thing he still owned his ship.  A couple months ago he thought he could start his own company figuring the work wasnít to hard and he could make way more than he was making now.  So he contacted a few of his parents old friends and got some clients lined up.  After that he made a call to a friend he grew up with, an ex Biotiball player named Andy Brady who was banned from professional play for viciously assaulting the referees during a charity match, heís an alright guy though.  The  next was a failed doctor who claims that he was the best in his class but the school didnít approve of his innovative techniques, heís also pretty good with most tech.  Business isnít as lucrative as Louis initially planned, so there is almost no job he will turn down.

Greatest Strength: His wits
Greatest Weakness: Short temper
Soft Spot: Family
Biggest Vulnerably: Over confident in his own skills

Traits: Quick, Brave, Decisive, Confident, Perceptive
Optimist or Pessimist: Pessimist
Introvert or Extravert: More of an Introvert
Drives and Motives: None
Talents: Good fighter, quick on the draw and rarely misses, great strategist
Flaws: Rarely serious, lets his impulses control him rather than his logic, manipulative, lacks compassion

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Re: Louis Bullock
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Wow, really indepth character! Approved with gusto!!
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