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Margaret "Maeve" Killigrew
« on: December 10, 2013, 08:16:41 pm »
Full name of Character: Margaret “Maeve” Killigrew
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Social class: Once Upper Class, now Bandit
Class: Pirate

Physical Appearance:  Cold eyes, expressionless face, and honey-color skin. She wears phoenix light armor and a burgandy red cloak over it, with enough neck-cloth-height to cover the top half of her face if she pulls it up. A rapier is strapped to her side, a floret and an heirloom she has to remind her of her family’s lineage.
Age: 25
Eye Color: Hazel (brown center, green outer)
Hair color length and style: Messy hazelnut hair falls down her back, usually in a long french braid that she bundles up on her head.
Skin tone and type: honey color skin, rough from all the fire fights she’s been in. Straight scar down her left forearm and encircling her right. Smaller, thin and silvery scars on her legs.
Distinguishing marks: scars mentioned above

Personality: Cold, withdrawn, aloof, loner
Greatest Strength: Honorable
Greatest Weakness: Naiivete
Soft spot: Girls
Biggest Vulnerability: Can’t stand being touched. Especially  hates being hugged.

Personal History(what affects them):
She was born to a noble family, hailing from england and their nobility dated back to the Middle Ages. Powerful and politically intact, the Killigrews purchased a planet out in the Terminus systems, seeking a world where they could rule. Bringing their children, two sons and three daughters including seventeen-year-old Margaret, with them, they used their personal aircraft to make the long journey. But before reaching the planet, the family was intercepted and overpowered by a band of criminals that had been tipped off about the journey. Margaret would later learn that it was her own uncle that had caused the tragedy.

Killing her parents, they took Margaret and her siblings in as prisoners, planning to enact a ransom. When none came to save them, the pirates decided to take two of them on as part of the crew, and the rest they would kill. They gave a pistol to each of the siblings and let them decide among themselves who would live and who would die. Margaret refused at first, but then the youngest opened fire, killing one of her brothers. Shots exploded in the small space, and Margaret knows she fired her gun at least twice. When the dust settled, she and her eldest brother, Michael, were both wounded, but alive.

Margaret, now called Maeve, spent the next five years alongside her brother working amongst the crew, and they moved their way up the ranks by murder and sabotage, and by the end of it, she was first mate and her brother the captain. They had avenged their parents and their siblings. But at the end of the fifth year, the prize they happened upon, five tons of element zero, proved too great a temptation, and her brother betrayed her, leaving her marooned on a small planet and keeping his cut of the prize to himself.

She survived there a number of months until a Hanar pirate picked her up, and she’s remained with the Hanar ever since, working as one of two right-hand-ladies for the alien.

ADD: No one but her brother is aware, but Maeve has biotic abilities, but they aren't something she can control. She and all her siblings were exposed to Eezo as babies, but only in Maeve did it manifest.
Maeve never taps into her L5n implant. Biotic explosions occur, harming those within a 10 foot radius as well as Maeve herself. Even though the Killegrew parents sought training and ways for Maeve to harness it, nothing worked. Maeve's body was compatible, but not her mentality.

Traits: see personality
Optimist or pessimist? Neither, she doesn’t care
Introvert or extrovert? Neither, doesn’t care
Drives and motives: None
Talents: Fencing, Knows Latin, Charcoal Sketches
Character flaws: Ruthless, Doesn’t listen to merciful emotions like compassion and kindness, etc

Side Note: Maeve doesn’t like to kill with guns when she can help it, and keeps a second rapier in her cabin to challenge the person to a duel when she can.
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Re: Margaret "Maeve" Killigrew
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