Author Topic: Merri'Ka Nar Moreh and Kogath  (Read 25 times)


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Merri'Ka Nar Moreh and Kogath
« on: December 08, 2013, 11:20:12 pm »
Full name of Character: Merri'Ka Nar Moreh

Race: Quarian

Gender: Female

Social class: Never finished Pilgrimage

Class: Stage Manager of awesome.

Physical Appearance: Merri wears an extravagant suit, with the cloth made of silk and decorated in red and blue, a gift from Antonio and Stefan Insteeno, the strange Italian tailors on the Citadel.

Age:  20(in 2197)

Eye Color: Quarian eyes. : |

Hair color length and style: dark brown, chin length bob left to hang when outside of her suit.

Skin tone and type: Light with a lavender tinge

Distinguishing marks: QUARIAN MARKINGS.

Personality: Bubbly, but tends to get either very shy or very irritated when a certain Quarian is around.

Greatest Strength: She can put together a show like nothing, able to coordinate hundreds of people with ease.

Greatest Weakness: the second part of her Personality.

Soft spot: Zo'Zixx

Biggest Vulnerability: Her soft spot.

Personal History(what affects them): As with most children during the Reaper War, Merri spent the retaking of Rannoch cowering inside of a Liveship, but was quickly amazed with Rannoch when they finally got to land upon it. Merri's family was rich(for Quarians), and as such, she left for her pilgrimage early, at the same time as her older sister,  to prove that she didn't need their influence to be successful. That was until she reached Omega. While there, she was seperated from her sister and met another Quarian plying his trade as a magician, and after meeting him, she was starstruck. Still, seeking a pilgrimage gift, she encountered a doctor that proclaimed that he could 'cure' the Quarian immune system. Intrigued, Merri went along with him, only to realize that it was an incredibly risky procedure with a 99% failure rate. When she tried to leave, the doctor took her captive and tried to begin the procedure. That was until Zo'Zixx appeared. The Magician had been keeping an ear out for the Doctor's practice, and Merri had been the last lead he needed. He destroyed the Doctor's practice and rescued all of the captives, except Merri's sister. Who died shortly before his arrival. Merri still does not know what happened to her sister. Abandoning her pilgrimage, Merri decided to continue on with Zo and his goal of bringing wealth back for his pilgrimage gift, when that fell through, she still stuck by him.


Optimist or pessimist? Optimist

Introvert or extrovert? Introvert

Drives and motives: To see other's dreams come true, and to make Zo realize that she loves him.

Talents: Crowd management, all aspects of a technical show

Character flaws: Cripplingly shy when not with friends.

Full name of Character: Kogath

Race: Krogan

Gender: Male

Social class: Stagehand

Class: soldier

Physical Appearance: Kogath is a heavily scarred Krogan, everything from bullets to knives to acid have made thier marks on his skin. His skin is pale, and his skullplate is black as night.

Age: He doesn't know. But sometimes he has images of fighting rachni float through his head.

Eye Color: Black

Hair color length and style: NA

Skin tone and type: Pale and scarred.

Distinguishing marks: a fucktonne of scars.

Personality: Jolly and laugh-prone, fiercely loyal to his friends.

Greatest Strength: His, well, strength.

Greatest Weakness: He has no idea who he is.

Soft spot: Zo and Merri, who he regards as his children.

Biggest Vulnerability:His children.

Personal History(what affects them): Not even Kogath remembers who he is. He only knows his name, if it even is his name, from a tattoo that was carved into his left arm sometime before he lost his memories. He's old, maybe even the oldest Krogan, he has no idea. He occasionally has flashes of fighting Krogan on a less-ruined Tuchanka, sometimes fighting Rachni, sometimes Turians. All he knows is that he looked different then. His skullplate was green, and his skin brown. As such, he has attached himself to Zo and Merri's troupe, sometimes serving as a volunteer for acts, sometimes as a bodyguard, but mostly as a stagehand. He met Zo at about the same time the Quarian met Merri, and was instrumental in taking down the Doctor. He had memories of the place for some reason, perhaps he had been there once... he couldn't remember. But what he does remember, is that he was a terrible person, a warrior without honour, a person that Kogath has no intentions of becoming again.

Optimist or pessimist? Optimist

Introvert or extrovert? Extrovert

Drives and motives: To protect those he cares for, and forge a new life.

Talents: Lugging around stage equipment. "Seriously, are we sure Krogan aren't lobsters? Motherfucker could lift a ship if he wanted to." -Zo'Zixx

Character flaws: Is terrified of his former life.
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Re: Merri'Ka Nar Moreh and Kogath
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Re: Merri'Ka Nar Moreh and Kogath
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A tsundere Quarian girl in love with a magician, and a cuddly teddy-bear Krogan. This is going to be amazing.
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