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Michael Killigrew
« on: December 11, 2013, 05:52:42 pm »
Full name of Character: Michael Killigrew
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Social class: Nobility to Pirate
Class: Pirate (Sentinel)

Physical Appearance: Brown hair thatís past his shoulders, pulled back in a low ponytail, grown grey at the edges. A short-boxed beard traces his face. He has sharp eyes, and a quick wit. Strong, muscled body thatís usually in a laid-back, relaxed but intimidating nonetheless. Tends to keep to himself, and guards his thoughts and emotions.
Age: 29
Eye Color: Grey, changes with his mood from storm-cloud dark to light silver.
Hair color length and style: Long dark brown, almost black, hair thatís held back in a ponytail. Greying sideburns. Short-boxed beard.
Skin tone and type: Slight dusty tan, rough.
Distinguishing marks: His beard

Personality: He hides his sword of a heart behind a calm, easygoing demeanor. But his presence is commanding, and his charisma, and public-speaking ability, taught to him as a youth, commands the loyalty of many.
Greatest Strength: His Charisma
Greatest Weakness: Greed
Soft spot: Cold hard Credits.
Biggest Vulnerability: His sister, Maeve

Personal History(what affects them):
His life coincides with Maeve, in that his parents, nobility, purchased a planet and while on their way there, were captured and later killed by pirates due to his uncleís betrayal.
When the pirates, not receiving a ransom, pit him and his siblings against one another, the idealistic Michael tried to calm them down, and declared that heíd rather die with his brothers than kill them. No sooner had the words left his mouth that his youngest brother shot him in the leg. Gunfire and chaos erupted soon after, and he shot every moving thing that came near him until the gun ran out of bullets. He and Maeve were the only ones to survive, but the scar in his leg, from which a dull, itching pain still remains every step he takes, reminds him of the selfishness of humanity that killed his foolish idealism.

Seeing life as only worth living for yourself, he and Maeve worked their way up from cabin boys to Captain and First Mate, respectively. He and she dined together once a week, and she was the only one that could make him laugh with honesty. But even this was not enough. He wanted more. Every night heíd count his credits one chit at a time, and wish he had more.

So when he saw the five metric tons of Eezo, something inside him went cold. He loved the promise of fortune, even was addicted to it, and his sister was in the way. Their 50/50 promise weighed down on him, but he didnít want to kill her. So he pointed his gun at her, threw her in the brig, and ditched her on the first habitable planet. The rest of his crew was an easier kill. Poison gas through the vents, prepared for just such an occasion.

Keeping the Eezo in a secret compartment under his captainís cabin, Michael wandered the stars, raiding and taking whatever treasure he could. Money was no problem now, and he went through lifeís pleasures and hired a new, more elite crew. Believing he could take on the galaxy, he raided other pirate ships recklessly, overpowering and overtaking and slaughtering across the Terminus Systems. Until one day, he met his match with Lokyan.

His crew was destroyed by the Drell captainís superior force, and Michael was the only one left, knocked unconscious and taken prisoner. His eezo and his own life held as ransom, Michael became a member of Lokyanís crew.

Traits: Easygoing, calm, commanding, possessive, selfish
Optimist or pessimist? Neither, really
Introvert or extrovert? Neither
Drives and motives: Get more money. Especially to regain his multiple-lifetimes-worth-of-a-fortune of eezo.
Talents: Lying, cheating at gambling (sleight of hand), public speaking, chess
Character flaws: Money is more important to him than anyone or anything else. He doesnít like to share.
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Re: Michael Killigrew
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