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Nick Corrigan
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Full name of Character: Nicholas Corrigan
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Social class: Mercenary
Class: Solider

Physical Appearance: Nick is 6'2 and weighs at about 190 pounds, he has a slight musclar build.
Age: 31
Eye Color: Green
Hair color length and style: Has a somewhat short black hair
Skin tone and type: Has a slightly tan skin due to hispanic origins
Distinguishing marks: Scar that runs diagonally through his right eyebrow all the way down to the left side of his lips

Personality: Though on the outside, he appears to be someone cheery , on the inside he suffers from depression and has heavy remorse from deaths that he believes he caused.
Greatest Strength: When sober, he is quite a marksman
Greatest Weakness: Alcoholism
Soft spot: People who are pushed around, bartenders, his partners
Biggest Vulnerability: His past

Personal History(what affects them): Nick was born in Los Angeles, and when he became 18, he enlisted in the Alliance Military. And at 19, he saw his first battle, Skyllian Blitz, where he was stationed during the time of the attack. Nick also participated on the raids on Torfan, where he was badly injured when he was leading his squad and were ambushed, and he was the only survivor, leaving a burden on him, and after spending a few months recovering in the hospital, Nick was given an honorable discharge from the military, and he returned to his home and became an Architecture. However, once the Reapers invaded Earth, he picked up his gun once more. He joined the Los Angeles Resistance, and helped fight the Reapers. They were holding as much as they could, but eventually, the Reapers overran almost every inch of the city, and the L.A. resistance had to leave the city. And as they were evacuating the city, they were ambushed by a large amount of Reaper forces, and we was hit almost point blank with a ravanger blast and was knocked out cold. When he woke up, he was in a makeshift bed, confused, he asked the nurse what happened. He responded that Nick was rendered unconscious by the blast, and that a group of resistance members sacrificed themselves to get him. Nick was swallowed with remorse, believing the he wasn't worth saving, and now more people died on his account. After the war, he became a Mercenary, protecting VIPs with his Partner Alessa Thassia.
Traits: Courageous, Witty, Drunkard, Friendly
Optimist or pessimist? Pessimist
Introvert or extrovert? Extrovert
Drives and motives: Completing the jobs he is given.
Talents: Marksmanship, Being able to sing while intoxicated, guerilla warfare
Character flaws: Alcoholism, Depression, hesistance to lead
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Re: Nick Corrigan
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Approved, but remember to proofread this time around.

EG: 'Gender: Gender'
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