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Title: Zo'Zix the Quick
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Full name of Character: Zo'Zix the Quick

Race: Quarian

Gender: male

Social class: Never finished his pilgrimage, basically an exile.

Class: Adept

Physical Appearance: Zo prefers the flashier things in life. He has several suits, his favourite being his show-suit, a Tailed, black affair lined with silver and a translucent visor that reflects his 'magic' during performances and shows his face. He has black hair, dark-grey skin and a handsome face.

Courtesy of our Fearless Admin of Doom: (

Age: 23 (as of 2197

Eye Color: softly glowing white

Hair color length and style: Longish and black

Skin tone and type: Dark Gray, smooth and well-taken care of.

Distinguishing marks: Typical Quarian markings, and the fact that his face is out for the world to see.

Personality: A born entertainer, Zo is very outgoing and funloving, seeking the company of others when he can, and is often the reason why many attractive females receive backstage access after the show. He can be serious though, and has practiced using his biotics in less entertaining ways. He is rather vain, and is loathe to have anyone 'outshine him'

Greatest Strength: He is Charismatic and Quickwitted (In case something goes wrong onstage)

Greatest Weakness: Vain, Easily Frustrated, dislikes being overlooked.

Soft spot: A good looking woman and a glass of good wine.

Biggest Vulnerability: His big mouth.

Personal History(what affects them): Zo was 13 when the Reaper War tore apart the galaxy, and it was that war the drove him against joining the military, as was his initial plans. Before shipping off to war, his parents left him in the care of some family friends on a human outpost, but they died before Rannoch could be retaken. Due to the death of both of his parents, he was not with the fleet when it retook Rannoch, instead remaining at the small human outpost. Instead, following the war he heard of the ancient human illusionist named Houdini and put his developing biotic talents towards becoming a magician. He started small, keeping his biotics a secret (it is still unknown by the majority of the galaxy) until an eventual lucky break catapulted him into the spotlight, with gigs around the universe and quite a lot of credits. He doesn't perform very often these days, preferring clients that can pay his exorbitant fees, or charity events on occasion. With his military background, Zo learned how to use his father's service pistol at a young age, and still regularly practices with it at the council's many civilian firing ranges. While he's not the best shot, he's good enough to have used it in several performances, with no injuries to himself or others(Yet.).


Optimist or pessimist? Optimist

Introvert or extrovert? Extrovert

Drives and motives: To entertain and make a lot of money.

Talents: Using his own technique to create fire with biotics, using dark energy to vibrate molecules at extreme speeds. He can also create powerful barriers, as they are needed to guarantee safety when working with biotic fires.

Character flaws: Very conceited and overly sure of himself. Often gets in over his head if he smells adventure.
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WELCOME BACK ZO ZIXX!!! :) I missed you.

Approved. Of course approved.
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Pity we never met.

I was going to give Paul a fake leg.
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What even is this?
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Something not from CNR. From a pants on head retarded RP I was in before we started this one. Decided not to let a good character be marred by shitty storytelling.
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Works for me.