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Title: Pirate Campaign
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Aboard the bridge of a certain Amonkira, Lokyan peered out over his planet, or at least the Planet he'd wanted to own. The slaving Hanar bastard, Analdrun, had stymied his efforts. He had a fleet of ex-slaves of all races, all of whom had families, until this planet had come along. It was in the perfect place to be a Pirate Stronghold, with plenty of resources and decent proximity to prime raiding grounds. Unfortunately, Analdrun had come to the same conclusion, and the two captains had duked it out for control. As sod's law would dictate, their little war would grind to a standstill until they were forced to come to an alliance.

"Hyun, what's our favourite sushi entree up to?" He asked, seemingly to the air.

"Nothing much," came the reply. "The filthy pervert's still smuggling in sex slaves, and making eunuchs out of the males. Disgusting." She spat.

Lokyan hadn't really heard or seen her, she'd just arrived on time. The woman was damn near a ghost when she wanted to be. "Very well." He sighed. "Have our spies keep their eyes open, when we see an opening, we strike. And we free every slave in that Jellyfish's compound."

"はい、キャプテン(Hai, Kyaputen.)" Came her response as she left, her twin blades clinking as she moved this time, a concession for her superiour, and her husband.

Lokyan nodded as the console before him beeped with an incoming transmission from the planet. "Of course..." he grumbled.
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Maeve leaned against the wall of the dimly-lit cabin, a great distance from where she should be.

Between her and Analdrun was an assortment of furniture; a slim black table and a large, comfortable couch. The hanar rippled, electric blue glowing off it in irritation. It didn't think Maeve could tell, but she was more perceptive than it thought. She averted her eyes to the window that overlooked a sea of people. Slaves. Half drell, half everything else. They moved in straight lines, slowly shuffling towards a light that lead to hard labor and extortionism. The sight had once twisted her gut and pierced her heart, but now Maeve felt little pity for them. All of life was slavery; everyone served something, obeyed something, lived for something. No matter where you were, called free or slave, you would never escape that fact.

The tentacled creature hummed, electric veins lighting up as the sound filled the room in luminescence. "This one's dear girl, would she be so kind as to bring this one the communication device?"

A telephone that resembled the historic 1892 rotary dial phone sat on the desk far from the Hanar's seat. Maeve obeyed, crossing the distance between them and grabbing it up as she did.

Scarlet red sofas, velvet, bursting with softness, surrounded a small, candlelit table. On the sleek black table, Maeve bent to place the pseudo-phone, placing it gently on the table with both hands.

"Thank you, little one." She bristled as his tentacle swept past her to encircle the phone. "This one wonders why does the other not have a seat." It was more command than question, and Maeve obeyed slowly and reluctantly. She still wasn't entirely sure why the Hanar had called her here. Analdrun dialed in a number slowly, the bell on his leftmost tentacle tinkling as he did.

"This one's dear friend..." He began.
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Lokyan's mood soured when he heard the Hanar's voice. "What do you want, Analdrun?" he asked, cutting the jellyfish off. Since the Hanar could not hear him, he gestured, beckoning Hyun to return. "I take it you don't want to relinquish your hold on our little planet?"
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Samuil Sobakov had been on this planet for less than a week, and he liked it. It reminded him of omega, just without the threat of depressurization.

He sat alone in a private booth at his favourite bar, watching the crowd. He was one of the few people there who appreciated the tavern motif. Every one else who came here did so to get drunk, fight, and have sex; Occasionally all at the same time. Not that any of it bothered him. Sam couldn't recall a time when it did.

A scantily clad Asari approached the table with a silver tray and picked up Sam's empty bottles.

"I'll bring you out another bottle soon, deary." The asari said in the most seductive way she could have possibly mustered.

"It usually takes a week or two of constant modification before Asari usually start calling me deary." Sam thought aloud. After a pause, Sam clued back into reality. "Pardon my manners sweet, thank you."

The Asari seemed a bit disturbed by what he had said. She turned and walked away. As she turned, Sam noticed a small chip on the back of her neck. It was a common sight around here. The chips acted as shock collars, but less noticeable. They were most commonly used to incapacitate rowdy sex slaves in brothels, but Sam had seen them used for almost all other types of permanent slaves as well. He used the zoom function to follow the chip as the Asari made her way back across the room. An insignia on the corner denoted that the chip was made on Omega, which he found odd considering they were being manufactured here as well for cheaper. The slave must have started out on omega and then shipped here, he guessed. It's the only conclusion that made sense.

Sam went back to staring at the empty bench across from him, waiting for either his new bottle of watered-down vodka to arrive or for his client to show up.
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Asas Sukuu sat quietly in her booth, her black eyes scanning the crowd that filled the Tavern. Officially, this city was a neutral place, for traders and meetings between the two Pirate Lords that ruled the planet, but unofficially, Analdrun ran a lot of his business through it. Not that he- it?- was the only one guilty of it, her own captain ran a lot of goods through his own 'Neutral Cities', but at least he had the decency to abolish slavery within his borders. The slave trade was alive and well here, and it made Asas instinctively rub the scar tissue on the back of her neck.

Asas had been born a slave, and the Drell woman had spent the majority of her life under masters like Analdrun, until Lokyan and Hyun had killed her master shortly after their return to the Galaxy at large. She'd spent a good deal of time studying Shinobi arts under Hyun, and had taken up Jujutsu, the art of fighting armed or armoured opponents either unarmed or with a small blade, to that effect, she carried a tanto alongside her normal silenced pistol. The first of many infiltrator units, she spent a lot of time inside Analdrun's cities, and one of the new arrivals did indeed catch her eye...
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The blonde haired man with an eye patch reclined back in his chair at the bar.  The crowd around him was growing rather large at the moment.  Asari slaves risked hours of brutal punishment just to wander by to take a glimpse of what was going on.

"All in."  The man said with a smirk as he pushed a mammoth stack of credit chits into the center of the table.  He reclined back in his chair once more, taking a drink from one of the Asari slaves and sipping on it with a smirk.  The crowd grew silent.

"You seem to have caught me at a disadvantage."  The man across from him spoke. For a pirate, the man was remarkably well dressed, almost as if he was nobility of some sort.  Being one of the most successful pirates in the traverse had that effect.  Few people in the bar wouldn't recognize Captain Johannes Alberic

"I do not have enough credits to continue."  Captain Alberic continued.  "I could supplement the bet with merchandise from my latest excursion.  We have quite a bit of medical supplies that would fetch a nice price..."

"My dear John, I am not interested in your drugs, or your slaves, or the newest shipment of erotic VI simulations you've stolen.  But your ship...Now that would make for an interesting wager."  The blonde man with the eye patch interrupted.

"You must be mad!"  Captain Alberic shouted in protest.  "I will not risk my...."

"That is a 20 million credit bet on the table right there.  Now you can either fold and walk away with your tail between your legs.  Or you can put that lovely ship of yours in the pot.  The choice is yours.  Unless you are too much of a coward.  In that case I would simply walk away."  The blonde man was calling the captain out and putting his very honor on the table.  The people around were getting anxious.  They were looking for a show.  Alberic could not back out now.

"I agree."  Alberic said with stern look.  The crowd gasped in shock.

"Well then, after you."  The blonde man retorted.

Alberic laid his cards out on the table.  "Four kings."  He said as he spread the cards out before the one eyed blonde man.  Alberic sat there with a triumphant look in his eyes.  The crowd began to stir, but the blonde man simply sat there reclined.

Then with one hand, he flipped over all five of his cards, spreading them out across the tattered felt.  "Straight flush..."  The crowd erupted.  The blond man simply smiled and tipped his drink to the Captain, who was too stunned to move.

The blonde man stood up, wiping the mass of credit chits off the table and into his long brown coat.  "Docking bay 6 was it, Captain?  I trust you will keep your word and I will find no trouble getting to my new ship yes?"

Captain Alberic simply sat there unresponsive.

"Well then I believe our business here is done.  I have a new ship to tend to."  The blonde man said as he flicked a credit chit towards an Asari slave and made his was through the crowd towards the exit.

"Mr Westen!"  Alberic's voice boomed from behind him, and the blonde man paused for a moment and turned to face him.

"You may take my ship, but the next time we meet, I will have your head!"

The one eyed blonde man simply smiled.  "It is Captain Westen once again.  Remember that."  And with that Tobias walked triumphantly out of the bar.
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"This one does not seek a battle. This one desires to merely speak. To speak as... friends. Come to this one's cabin. This one is certain the other will see the value in coming to an agreement." Analdrun awaited the drell's reply.

Thema, a tall, strong and well-armed black woman, stood just behind the Hanar, holding her arms behind her back in a militant 'at ease' pose.
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Lokyan placed his hand over his face. "Well. I suppose it is your turn to host one of our little gatherings. I'll be on your ship within half a standard hour, I take it we're taking the usual security measures?"
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"The other understands this one's intention well." Said Analdrun before closing the comm channel, placing the phone back on its holster.
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"Lokyan..." Hyun began in her native tongue, but she was cut off by the Drell.

"I know you want to come." He replied in the same language. "But you of all people know that if he turns on me in there, and I don't walk out alive, you're the only one that can keep our little revolution going." He smiled a little. "Besides, you know that Hanar make for shitty Sushi."

"Fine. But you better take some Shinobi with you, it's our one advantage over him, promise that you will."

"I Promise." He said as he walked away. "Pick your favourites and have them meet me at the shuttle."

It wasn't long until the Drell, five pirates, and six Shinobi were aboard the shuttle, headed for the belly of Analdrun's slave ship.

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"Lousy human!" The Spartan's boatswain shouted at Owen Garibaldi.

"What?" the poor powdermonkey woke from his cramped corner.  It felt like he'd just lain down to sleep.

"Get up, you two-eyed bastard!" The boatswain kicked him, "Captain's already ashore and we've got supplies to get."

Owen got up quickly; life on the Spartan had been hellish since he and the other smugglers on the Dour Dalatrass had been impressed into service by Captain Vane.  Most of the others from his ship were dead; the crew liked to use the fresh meat as the storming parties when they took other ships.  He quickly grabbed his tenchcoat and hat.

"Are we taking arms, bos'un?" He asked, earning him a slap in the face.

"Did I tell you that you could talk, you stupid fucker?  We're going into neutral territory--no arms, not for the likes of you anyway.  Now come on!"
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Tobias stood aboard the bridge of his new ship.  It was glorious.  Of all the ships in the galaxy he could have cheated a man out of, this was by far the best one.  It was big, fast, heavily armed, and looked like a palace.  Sure Alberic clearly had a flare for the dramatic with what the satin drapes and gold trim.  Tobias would have to redecorate some.  But fortunately for him, the bulk of Alberic's crew opted to stay under his charge.  Apparently Tobias' name still carried weight around the galaxy.  The fantastically fictional tales of how he single-handedly defeated an army of alien monsters also helped.  They, of course, were impossibly huge exaggerations on the truth.  But people, especially pirates, liked to talk.  And they liked a good tale as well.  Leave it to them to blow the whole thing out of proportion.  It suited Tobias' need anyway.  But based on the man whose chest he just recently impaled on the bridge with his sword, he'd need a new pilot.  That was unfortunate, especially for the aforementioned man who was impaled.  Apparently when Tobias offered to let any crew member depart without malice or repercussions, the pilot instead chose to try and stab Tobias in the throat.  Clearly it did not end well for the pilot.  No matter.  He knew where another could be found.  But for now, the ship needed a new name.

"I shall call her, Claudia"

Leave it to Tobias to name his ship after a woman.
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"*hssk* We've been expecting you, clanless one."

Three rotund volus filled the lower half of the narrow hallway. The middle had his hands on his hips and was two steps ahead of the rest, clearly dominant among the group.

"*hssk* Follow." He spun on his heel and waddled on ahead of the other two,  the three making an arrow down the hallway.  "And don't *hssk* touch anything."

The narrow hallway was a glass-enclosed space held high above the cargo hold of the enormous space vessel, and the Hanar used it to watch the progress and health condition of the slaves below, and the enormous crowd of the diverse, but largely drell, population of slaves, had now had begun thinning out as more left the ship to be sold in the city auction.
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Lokyan bristled at the 'Clanless' comment. It was true, of course, his own ancestors had seen to that, but he couldn't help but feel it was pointed at his cause, his search for a new planet for his people. In the end, this planet, the one that hadn't even been named, was what he needed, and the damned Jellyfish was his only barricade. His eleven crewmembers at his back, Lokyan couldn't help but feel his eyes wander through the slaves that were crowded in the horrid conditions below him. Mostly Drell, he could see the abuse on their faces, as he had seen it the numerous other times he had come aboard. With Amonkira as my witness, he thought, sending a silent prayer to those down below, I will free you from this torment, and you will feel the warm air in your scales once more.

Aloud he said, "Hissathe, Siharme" It was ancient Drell, an almost forgotten language that almost none of his people remembered. In English it meant, 'Be ready, my warriors.'
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The door slid open, and the drell, his posture like that of a prince, strode past the volus into the room, two armed drell just behind him. From its position at the head of the table, the Hanar glowed with a pulsating blue as its tentacles drifted, gesturing to the seat just to the right of itself.

"This one welcomes the recent other with peaceful and generous intent and kindly offers the other a seat of great honor."
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Lokyan did not enjoy these meetings, yet they were necessary, so long as peace was to remain between the two Pirates. As was custom, he left behind the majority of his posse to stand outside the door, bringing only the two most senior Shinobi with him, one male and one female. He took the seat with practiced dignity, the two warriors taking their places behind him.

"So, Analdrun." He Began. "What is our first order of business?"
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"This one wonders if the other enjoyed the view?" Persisted Analdrun.
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"And I wonder if you've ever enjoyed a trip to Kahlsun, back on Khaje." Lokyan shot back. "I hear the Hanar have all but Quarantined the area, since they can't find out how to reverse the dehydrator, I wonder what my people did with the corpses when they moved in..."
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A silence followed Lokyan's heated rebuttal, a tense collection of time wherein Maeve and Thema both put their hands to their weapons, preparing for the combat that these 'talks' so often exploded into.

But Analdrun raised a tentacle, one of its fingers waving a 'no, no' to them. "No, no.... peace. Peace. This one did not mean to offend... The other is much too quick to anger.... but this one was prepared for the other's hatred and will magnanimously take no offense. This one is a neighbor to the other, and while neighbors do not always get along, this one hopes today will be a day that the neighbors become friends.

      This one hopes that the other enjoyed the view. The slaves that the other saw from above, this one has bought and paid for all of them. Presently, they all belong to this one."

Analdrun paused for a long moment, and its tentacle slid towards Thema. The black woman nodded, and crossed the room to open the drawer to the far desk, returning with a datapad and handing it to the awaiting hanar.
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"What's this about, Analdrun?" Lokyan asked, cocking an eyebrow. "I'm well aware of your... Business practices."
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"A businessman.... This one is indeed a businessman."

The hanar slid the datapad across the table, stopping it right in front of the drell.

"Contained in this one's datapad is the contract for every drell slave that traveled most recently on this one's ship. This one would like the other to carefully read each identification number and see the genuinity of the document."
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Lokyan's eyes scrolled down the list, taking note of every slave about to enter the hell of Analdrun's employ, when he noticed something off with the paperwork. The Hanar had neglected to sign for ownership. "Well, this is certainly a lot of new... Employees. Yet, you've forgotten to sign for ownership." He placed the datapad back on the desk. "You never ask me for business advice, Analdrun." He said, moving his gaze.
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"Yes. The drell slaves." The blue veins fluctuated in excitement. "While it is rude to mention, this one would like to remind the captain Lokyan of his attacks on many of this one's slave ships. Rather than allow the blood and war mongering to heighten and much credits to be lost in a foolish battle, this one proposes an alternative..." The hanar pushed the datapad towards the drell once more. "This one will give the other these slaves, and the opportunity to be the first to purchase every drell slave that passes through this colony."
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Lokyan was shocked. The rights to rescue his people as they arrived, at the cost of every other race that came through the meat grinder. As much as he despised slavery, and regardless of the race, he had the opportunity to rescue thousands instead of hundreds. Of course, the money brought in by Katanask Technologies allowed him to purchase slaves to free at will, the main obstacle had always been the Hanar, who would shuffle auction dates, or drive the prices too high to be feasible. With this guarantee, he wouldn't have to raid Slave Transports to rescue the people within, at least, not the ones belonging to Analdrun.

"It's a deal, Analdrun. I will cease all raids on your slave ships. Of course, this means you'll gain a larger stake, since I'm not going to lay off your competitors." he said with a smile. Maybe he wouldn't torture the jellyfish as much when the planet was entirely under his control...

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(Alright, some of you are going to recognize this next piece, as I'm doing some copy/paste from my old material.  But there is still no better way to introduce this next character.)

Tobias milled about the bar as the stench smoke, alcohol, and engine grease permeated through the air.  If he was going to find a pilot crazy enough to follow him, it would be here.  So far however, anyone he told his story to ran in the other direction faster than a Salarian on methamphetamine.  He had about given up hope when he just so happened to stumble upon quite an interesting conversation between a Baratian and a Hanar.

“This one has noticed that the sum of the compensation you have provided is merely half of the agreed upon amount. Were you displeased with its piloting performance?” The Hanar spoke in that eerily precise and echoing voice that their race was known for, bioluminescent glows accompanying his every word.

“Nah you were actually pretty damn good. But that’s all you’re getting. Now take it and get the hell out of here you damn jellyfish.” The Batarian dismissed the Hanar like a child.

“This one would like to remind you that all Hanar possess toxic stinging cells within their external appendages. If you do not provide the agreed upon sum, it would feel no guilt in inserting one of its appendages at such an extreme depth in you rectal cavity that you would experience the taste of, as you eloquently said, “jellyfish.” It would be a most unpleasant experience.”

Wait...Did he just threaten to stick his tentacle up that guy's ass?  Tobias thought to himself.

“What? Just…get the hell out of here.” The Batarian replied, visibly angrier this time. Clearly he did not get the message.

“It appears cultural differences in linguistics did not convey this one’s threat adequately to your primitive temporal lobes. Perhaps this would be a more suitable gesture.” And almost as soon as the Hanar finished that sentence, one of his front tentacles reached up into the underside of his body, retrieving an M-3 Predator pistol. The Baratian’s eyes shot open. You could see that he clearly didn’t expect this. And so the Hanar squeezed his pink jelly-like appendage, sending a round into the kneecap of the Batarian. The crack of the shot caused the bar to momentarily pause and look in his direction. But an instant later everyone was back to their business.

“What the ****!” The Batarian shouted, clutching his bloodied and mangled kneecap.

“This one urges you to provide the agreed upon sum, or its next shot will be directed towards your frontal lobe.”

“Ok ok! Here! Just leave me the hell alone!” The Batarian tossed a credit chit in the direction of the Hanar, to which it deftly snatched from the air with one of its many free tentacles.

I think I've found my pilot  Tobias thought as he walked up towards the Hanar.

"Excuse me my Hanar friend, but can I get your name?"

The floating jellyfish turned to face Tobias, or at least whatever was considered to be the front of him turned to face.

"This one's face name is Clintofantoma.  But you may refer to it as Clint."  The Hanar spoke/echoed out into the room.

"A pleasure.  I am Captain Tobias Westen, and I may have a job suitable to your skills."

"This one simply has two questions.  Does it pay well?  And is it dangerous?"

Tobias was going to like his new friend.
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Analdrun hummed its approval as the Drell signed ownership of the Drell slaves.

"This one will send the slaves by transport to the other's territory..."

Thema crossed to the door as the Hanar spoke, typing in the unlock codes. The door hissed open, and she returned to her standing spot behind Analdrun.

"This one is glad that the business has concluded positively and hopes that future interactions will be equally beneficial to both."
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"As am I, Captain." The Drell replied with a small bow before leaving, gesturing for his warriors to follow. Once more he walked through the glass tunnel, taking note of the slaves once more, wondering how many would join their fellows in Kalihi, his side of the colony. After he was aboard his shuttle and out of the Slave ship, he brought up his Omni-Tool and called Hyun. "Hyun, meet me at Kalihi, we've just saved hundreds of souls, maybe thousands if this works out properly."

"Hai." came the response, and he hung up, then opened another channel, revealing a face that didn't hide any disdain.

"What is it... Captain?" said Michael Killigrew.

"I need you to step up the raids on Terminus Slave ships, but avoid Analdrun's. We need to make up for a cease-fire I agreed to."
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"That went well, sir." Thema said.

Analdrun's agreement was clear. "The gullibility of this one's associate shows his predictable lack of business sense. The inferior being will not be a thorn in this one's side for much longer."

The Hanar floated to its desk, tapping the console and springing six keyboards, three on either side of its body, into being. As its fingered tentacles typed in commands to the console, the Hanar addressed its loyal subjects.

"This one must leave Rouger for a short extension of time.... Thema, this one requires the other at its side, yet... Maeve. This one does not desire that the other would spend time within a ship. Rather, this one would like the other to find a capable assassin and bring him into this one's service. Do whatever the other must. This one knows the assignment to be within Maeve's capabilities."

Maeve's omni tool lit up, a notification that a message had been received. She tapped it, opening the file.

The face of a middle aged man with ruffled, long hair and a visor over his eyes was accompanied by a collection of text.

DOSSIER: Samuil Sobakov

And a description of the man's recent history. Torturing victims and advertising for his skills online. It was just the kind of man Analdrun loved to obtain; sadistic, immoral, psychotic and objectively inclined.

The hanar spoke as Maeve browsed the dossier.
"This one is not usually comfortable to send the other away, but knows this is needed. This one sent its usual recruiters and found the bodies deceased. Maeve is the only one this one can count on."

"Yes, sir..." Maeve murmered.
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Asa kept watching the man, and as she did a small dossier appeared on her Retinal HUD implant, and the more she read, the greater the feeling in her gut grew. If it wasn't already the reason for his being there, this Samuli character was a prime recruit for Analdrun, an Assassin that felt zero remorse. If she did not act soon, her Captain's adversary would gain a wild card.

Silently, she rose from her table and sat opposite the man, her hood covering everything above the nose. "We know who you are, Samuli Sobakov..."
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A comment from the other side of the booth snapped Sam back to reality. He looked to the hooded individual, putting his hands on his lap.

"To who do I owe the pleasure?"

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"I represent the Sukuu Clan of shinobi, the elite Warriors of Captain Lokyan." Her right hand went under the table, her wrist-mounted weapon silently coming alive. "We have no Quarrel with you, Sobakov, but be warned. An Alliance with Analdrun is death. Should you meet with one of his representatives, be mindful that the Hanar has no idea just how vulnerable he is."
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Sam heard a wrist-mounted derringer extend into the palm of the individual across from him. He was certain this was an empty threat, but a threat nonetheless. He'd have to deal with it.

"I must ask you a question. If a man shot another man with a gun, does the blame for the murder fall upon the gun or the man who fired it?"
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Asa smiled. "There is no blame, not if the man is never caught. But were I to humour you, the blame goes on both. A true warrior is an extension of his weapon. After all, We have heard of your fondness for the blade, surely you know the feeling of oneness with your weapon, when it tears the flesh of your enemies."
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Maeve was greeted by the sound of jeering and the overpowering smell of liquor when she entered the bar.

One of Analdrun's slaves bowed to her as she walked through the open doorway, and Maeve pulled her cloak up higher over her face, shaking her head. The slave returned to her business as Maeve slipped by and weaved into the rowdy crowd of patrons.

Analdrun letting her go alone for a mission was a rare thing, and even in the smelly, messy bar of Rouger, Maeve savored that freedom. Lifting a drink and slapping down the credits,  she made her way around the bar, eyes scanning the place for a glimpse of her mark.

It wasn't long before she caught sight of the telltale visor, shining circle lights for eyes, much like that of a bug's. She couldn't condone his sense of style, but she had to tolerate it.

The cloaked form of a woman was by his side, so Maeve found a nearby table, close enough to be in listening proximity, and sipped her drink. In a way, the woman was a fortunate occurrence. Listening in should provide an example of Samuli's psyche in practice.
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"Interesting, it would appear that you a follower of the Bushido code. It's very unlike your kind to act dishonorably." Sam said, referencing the gun pointed at his groin. "The point I was going to make was that it didn't matter who hired me to do what. As I am the weapon for my employers. But that seems irrelevant to you."

Sam lifted one of his hands and reached into his vest. He drew a single folding knife and jammed it into the table to emphasize his next point.

"So. unless you were to hire me yourself, anyone willing to pay me can utilize my services."
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The conversation didn't sound like soliciting, like Maeve had first thought. Rather, the woman was seeking to hire him.

Maeve turned around in her chair. She couldn't let him get away so easily. "Samuil Sobakov," She said, standing and stepping towards the table. "Analdrun has a mark for you." She nodded to the woman beside. "And the hanar is more than willing to top whatever she can offer."
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"Hmm. It would seem that we were right about you, Sobakov-San." she retracted the weapon. "Not many would recognize the faint sound of my weapon, only a fellow assassin would. Of course, our little talk allowed for Analdrun's second in command to arrive, sit three tables away, and start listening to our conversation," she shot the woman a cold glare. "We can pay whatever you want, Mr. Sobakov, but so can Analdrun. There is a storm brewing, and you must decide which side you wish to be on." She finished as she left, barely making a noise.
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The Batarian slave ship dropped out of hyperspace within the vicinity of Rouger with a fresh cargo hold full of Asari slaves.  Unfortunately for them, they would not be delivering those slaves.  Not today.  No more than a moment after they dropped out of FTL, the port side engine of their ship erupted into shrapnel.

"What the hell just happened!?"  The Batarian captain boomed.

"Sir, we're getting a transmission."  A crew member shouted.

"Put it through."

The Batarian was greeted by the helmeted face of a complete stranger.  The figure was armored from head to toe in a fairly generic black colored armor.  And when he spoke it was clear he was using voice modulation software.

"You will power down all weapons and surrender your cargo, or the next shot will be through your bridge."  The armored figure ordered.

"Don't you know who this ship belongs to?"  The Batarian laughed in defiance.  "This vessel, along with all the slaves aboard, belong to Analdrun.  Do you have any idea how much **** you've just unleashed on yourself?"

"You are merely the third of Analdrun's captains to have this exact conversation with me this week.  And I grow tired of it."  The armored figure made a motion with his hand, and seconds later a round sailed across the front of the slave ship's bridge.

"Ok! ok!  It's your funeral."  The Batarian caved.

"You will patch me through to your ship's speaker system.  I wish to speak to your captives."  The figure ordered again.

"Fine.."  The Batarian begrudgingly agreed.

"To the 200 Asari captives aboard this vessel.  In a moment you will all be loaded into shuttles and transported to my vessel, where I will transport you to your homeworld of Thessia as soon as possible.  If any of your captors makes ill of you until that time, do not hesitate to let my soldiers know.  And we will put a bullet in their gut."

The shuttles came and the Asari left.  The Batarian captain sat stumped, futilely attempting to discern anything about the attackers.  Whoever the armored figure was, they took great lengths not to be seen.  They used robotic soldiers to handle the theft.  And none had any discernible markings, just like the ship they came from.  Whoever this was, he was prepared.  He knew exactly when and where to hit the ship, and he even knew exactly how many slaves were aboard and what race they were.  Someone somewhere was saying things they shouldn't.  As soon as the shuttles docked with the mysterious ship, it wasted no time taking off into FTL.

"Analdrun is not going to like this."  The slaver captain said as he slunk back in his chair.
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Sam addressed Maeve as Asa took her leave. "Well my dear Please tell me what Analdrun is willing to pay for my services. I'd imagine he wants a larger player in the great game eliminated."
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As Asa walked away, she did not respond. Whether Samuli chose to join Lokyan or Analdrun, he only decided his own personal fate, the final outcome would not change.

"Everyone!" Lokyan called over the crowd, some of them terrified, some of them subdued. It was obvious that some of these Drell had been on the slave market for years. "Calm down. I am Captain Lokyan, and I welcome you to Rouger, and the city of Kalihir. Unfortunately, I must share this planet with Analdrun, the Hanar that was to be your master. So long as you stay within Kalihir's borders, you are safe, free to live your lives as free Drell. If any of you would like to get back at the slavers of the galaxy, be mindful that my crew is always looking for new talent." He gestured towards the port's exit. "Now go my friends, your new lives await."

He stepped down from the podium, only for Hyun to come running up. "Captain, we have a problem." She said, deadly serious. "Someone's been attacking Analdrun's transports, and it's none of ours. Analdrun could take this as us breaking our agreement."

Lokyan put his hand over his face. "Gods damnit. Establish an Alibi, make sure there is absolutely no evidence of any of our ships anywhere near the attack sites, procure their flightpaths if you have to. I need this deal to go through."

"Hai, Kyaputen."
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Maeve coldly glared after the Drell as she left and stroked the hilt of her rapier. The alien woman had made the right choice in leaving. Maeve never found any pleasure in cutting up a pretty face.

"Well," Maeve faced the mad assassin, and took the seat opposite him as she spoke. "From your dossier, it's clear that credits shouldn't be an issue. And if there was anyone you wanted dead, I doubt they'd still be breathing. So it was difficult for me to determine if there was anything of value for us to offer you." She was buttering him up, letting him know he was someone of value, someone Analdrun wanted, badly. "Analdrun is willing to give you anything. A hundred asari slaves, a mansion, a place of authority on this planet, free reign to bloody your hands as you desire." Maeve watched Sobakov's face carefully, attempting to uncover whether any portion of the list was in any way tempting for the assassin.
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"Hurry up varren bait, " the bos'un said, "We're almost done and you can get back to cleaning the decks."

Joy, Owen thought, but he was smart enough not to say it.  "What's next?" He asked as they walked down a busy street as the sun began to set.

 They'd spent most of the picking up supplies and munitions with the bos'un supplying the credits and the haggling while Owen just stood quietly and then  helped the slaves load things up to be shipped back to their shuttle.  He hadn't guessed why the bos'un had brought him along of all the crew, it certainly wasn't to watch the bos'un's back--they had a damned krogan, and the way the bos'un treated him since he'd been forced onto the crew, Owen would have been happy enough to let anyone put the batarian in the clay.  But for whatever reason, he was there and he had to do his job and he could only imagine how much worse his life could be.

The batarian gave him an evil grin, "Cap'n wants us to throw a little party for the crew tonight; we're getting ready to go back out.  We're picking up some 'entertainment'."
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What Maeve presented him with seemed trivial. He'd been paid with property more times than he had counted, and every time he used it until destruction, whether it was slaves, mansions, or ships. He could use a new ship, but the freighter he had now was still serviceable. Power was another form of currency he had been paid in before. It was utterly worthless when it came down to it. What was the point of getting what you want when you don't earn it? There was only one way Sam could think of being paid.

"I will provide any service you desire in exchange for repairs to my ship, five thousand credits, and two LOKI mech units. However, I have one condition. I will only provide my services once you and Analdrun have earned my respect."

Sam's mouth turned from a neutral frown to a slight grin.
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Asa smiled as she stood in the alley outside the bar. This Samuli was truly an enigmatic fellow, playing against such a dangerous creature such as Maeve in her home territory. The bug she'd attached to the table, barely a millimeter in size, would keep her posted on the outcome of this little exchange, and maybe teach them about the little psychopath Analdrun kept wrapped around his tentacle. Most of what was known came from her brother, and he was hardly up to date.

"Asa to Gaijin." she said into her Omni-tool as she climbed the wall and began running along the rooftops, to the dividing wall that separated Analdrun's slave town from Kalihir.

"What is it Asa?" The older Drell replied, sounding as if he had been interrupted in the middle of something important.

"Maeve's made contact with an Assassin, one Samuli Sobakov. I've bugged their table, but not before letting the Assassin know the stakes he's about to take. Sending the feed now." she replied. "If Sobakov starts working for the Hanar, permission to erase?"

"We'll see Asa. We'll see..."
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The payment he'd requested for his services was cheap, to say the least. Maeve was thinking about how easy this was going to be when Sobakov brought in the prerequisite of respect.

What's he need to respect us for? Get the job done and get paid, that's all that should concern him.

But Maeve knew better than to address the discrepancy. "Payment for your services won't be a problem. But as for earning your respect," She forced a smile. "I'm sure you have something in mind."
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"Indeed I do." Sam said. "Prove to me that Analdrun is someone worth respecting. Show me his strength, his cunning, or his influence. If I deem him worthy of my services, I will be at your disposal."

"The same conditions apply to anyone else who would like to hire me. So don't assume I'm giving you special treatment because of your circumstances." Sam added.
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That was the most vague set of prerequisites Maeve had ever received, but certainly not the strangest. He wasn't asking them to blow anything up, nor for an exhorable amount of fleshly pleasure. And she could see the value in knowing the employer had capability; being hired by a fool just off the ship was usually more trouble than any credits could cover.

Maeve nodded. "I'll get you an audience with Analdrun. But I'll need to be able to get in contact with you once I do." She raised her omnitool in suggestion.
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Tobias sat in the captain's chair of the Claudia.  He was going to like his new ship.  But there were matters to attend to first.  Wish a flick of his wrist, he turned on the ship's speaker system.

"As most of your are new to my little crew, I felt it necessary to let you know my rules, of which there are only two.  One.  Do your job.  You do that, and we're golden.  Drink, fornicate, and be merry.  But when we're staring down the barrels of a ship aiming to kill us, you do the job you're here to do and we all come out alive.  And two.  There are no slaves on my ship.  Ever.  I will not deal in slaves, I will not tolerate slaves being brought aboard this ship.  Those are the rules gents.  Follow them and you'll be paid well.  Don't, and I'll shoot you myself."

He ended the transmission and reclined in his chair, only to be interrupted a moment later by an incoming message.  The view of a hanar appeared on screen.  It was one of his informants, who looked quite a bit like Clint,  except Clint was piloting the ship.  But then again, Tobias had a very hard time telling any hanar apart.  Tobias had quite the extensive array of eyes and ears on this planet.  After all, he didn't have the resources or firepower to contend with Lokyan or Analdrun.  So in this place, information was king.  Granted most of these "informants" were not professional spies or trained infiltrators.  But they were people who could move about unnoticed.  Most people make the mistake of dismissing hanar as any sort of potential threat, which gave them the ability to blend into any crowd quite easily.   

"This one has observed the one called Maeve and the Drell shinobi interacting with the assassin.  They appeared to be bartering for his services."  The hanar echoed.

Son of a ****.  Tobias thought.  The two were at it again.  "Alright...Don't press it any further.  We pretty much already know what they're doing.  I will contact you if I require your services again."

Tobias shut off the transmission.  "****!"  Tobias shouted on the bridge.  He honestly wanted to believe Analdrun's peace offer of Drell slaves was a genuine gesture.  But he knew better than that.  He didn't ask for this job.  And he sure as hell didn't want the responsibility.  But the truth of the matter was that he was the delicate balance between relative peace and people being slaughtered in the streets.  Someone had to keep Analdrun and Lokyan from blowing the planet to high hell.  And by pure random chance and situation, it was him.  It had to be him.  His eezo mine kept himself and his small fleet quite prosperous.  And the threat of not being able to fuel their own ships kept Lokyan and Analdrun from blasting the crap out of each other, at least out in the open.  But at this point both men now knew that each was trying to off the other.  He didn't like where this was going.  And with the current raids on Analdrun's slaver ships by an unknown assailant, he didn't know how the hanar was going to handle all of this.

"No rest for the wicked..."
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The bos'un lead them through the darkening streets, finally stopping at a Pub, "The Morbid Tentacle."  Owen had heard of it--some of the ship's officers had talked about it, but he'd never had the credits nor the opportunity to visit.  But he did know that this pub was in the wrong direction for the red light houses.

"Hungry boss?" He asked, a little confused.

"Yeah, but not for anything on the menu," the batarian sneered as he pushed his way to the bar and got the attention of the asari working there.  "Get me the manager.  Tell 'im Braughk's here about the deal we discussed."  The asari turned to do carry out his instructions when he grabbed her wrist and pulled her back towards him, "But first a drink--give me a double shot of Khar'shanian rum."  He looked over at Owen and grunted, "And whatever your cheapest spirit for the dog here."

The asari struggled to pull back, but the bos'un held it for a few more seconds, leering hungrily at her.    Her eyes widened and he finally let go.  She quickly brought back the batarian's rum and a small shot glass of vodka for Owen.   She disappeared before she gave the bos'un another chance to grab her.  Braughk laughed and tossed back his shot and Owen did the same as they waited for the manager.
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"I'll give you my current contact information then." Sam booted up his omni-tool and uploaded the data onto Maeve's. He pulled his knife out of the table and put it back in his vest. "I'm sure we'll be meeting again soon."
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It wasn't long before the manager came down.  To no surprise, it was another batarian.  The asari lead him to Owen and the bo'sun and began to move off, but her owner motioned for her to stay.

"Braughk," He grumbled, "You've got the credits?"

The bos'un smiled and held up a chit for the manager to examine.  He checked it out and found it to his liking.  "Seems like everything's in order here," he said handing Braughk a small device.  The asari's eyes widened and Owen understood what was going on.

"Her name's Shis'aa," The manager explained to Braughk, before turning to the asari, "He owns you now.  You're to serve on his ship--cooking, cleaning, and whatever else he asks of you, you will do.  You understand?"

Shis'aa looked like she was about to cry, "Please..." she whispered, "I've been good.  I haven't done anything wrong...I don't like how he looks at--" the manager's fist collided with her face and she shrank back, a slight trickle of purplish blood dripped from her nose.  Braughk only laughed, but Owen felt a little sick. 

He'd once chipped in with a group of ship mates for an asari prostitute...but the experience had soured him to whoring ever after.  The meld had shown him far more than he ever wished to see and he had no idea how anyone could continue on with that if they had a choice.

Braughk was speaking, "Do you have a room free?  I want to test out my property."

The manager shook his head, "We got none.  The inn's full.  You so randy you can't hold on till you get back on your ship, there's an alley way out back."

Braughk eyed the other batarian warily before nodding his assent and asked to be shown the rear exit.

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Obtaining his contact information would have to do for the moment. Maeve knew Analdrun could handle the assassin, or at least impress him. She called her captain as soon as she'd stepped outside the bar, but to no avail. After sending a written message updating her progress and requesting his immediate attention, she leaned back against the outer wall and sighed at the setting sun. A chill was setting into the city, a cold, frozen atmosphere that set in every night and sent most behind closed doors.

Maeve, however, relished the numbness that came with the odd weather. Nighttime on Rouger was the best time to enjoy the metropolis.

She pulled her cloak down to breathe the frozen air, and slipped into the back alleyway. Behind her, the Morbid Tentacle's backdoor swung open, and a rowdy batarian forcibly pulled an unwilling asari with him.

She watched from the shadows as the woman strained against him.
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"Dog!" Braughk barked as soon as they were outside, but Owen waited a moment to see which beast the bos'un was referring to--him or his new asari slave.  A kick at his shin told Owen that he was the intended target.

"Aye?" Owen answered.

"You keep those two puny eyes of yours peeled and make sure we," Braughk tugged on the arm of the asari who began to sob to herself, "don't get disturbed.  Anything ruins our fun, I'll have one of your useless eyes.  Got it?"

"Aye," Owen responded reluctantly.

"I'm feeling charitable," Braughk sneered, "Maybe once I'm done, I'll let you have the leftovers."  He pushed the asari back against the corner of the building and a wall.  Braughk turned his back to Owen and ordered the asari to strip down.  Owen felt ashamed and turned away, before he realized there was an opportunity here. 

He looked back over his shoulder and saw that the bos'un was totally engrossed in watching his prey.  Quickly looking around, Owen was comfortable that there wasn't anybody paying attention to a dark shadowed area behind the bar.  Even if they were, Owen had quickly learned people minded their own business on Rouger or they usually ended up paying for it.

Quietly, Owen began to creep closer to Braughk.  Crouching down as he snuck up to the bos'un, he pulled a knife from his boot.  He'd managed to keep it hidden there after pulling it off the body of its previous owner.  Taking a breath to steady himself, he felt his heart pounding in his chest and could hear it in his ears.  Every crunch of his boot on the ground seemed like a mass accelerator cannon could Braughk not hear him?  But Braughk paid no mind, if he heard anything at all.

Owen was less than a meter away from Braughk now, so he paused.  The bos'un began to pull off his own clothes and Owen realized this was the time to strike.  Moving quickly as Braughk tugged at his trousers, Owen reached he left hand out and pulled the cruel batarian's head back, and with his right hand, he dragged the blade of his dirk across the exposed neck. Red blood seeped out and covered his hand and the blade. 

Making sure he'd done the job properly Owen put more pressure on the knife and dragged it back across, making sure he severed every major artery or vein he could find.  Satisfied, he took a step backward and let the bos'un fall to the ground; struggling in vain to hold his neck together where Owen's dirk had slashed it.  Owen watched as the batarian bled out, surprised that the asari had never even screamed. Instead she was pulling her clothes back on. 

Remembering her slave collar, Owen bent down rifled through Braughk's pockets until he found the control and the credit chit the quarter master had given them.  Wordlessly he handed the control to her.  She took it and looked down at the body.

"He got any credits left after he bought me?" She asked.

"Just whatever's left that the ship quartermaster gave him," Owen answered, not mentioning the shuttle full of supplies and equipment.

"Give it to me," the asari commanded.

"Excuse me?" Owen asked, surprised.

"Give me the credit chit," She patiently explained, as if talking to a particularly stupid child, "Or I'll let Degoth know you murdered his friend out back here."

"You blue ****," Owen said amazed, "I just saved you from **** and a living hell on our ship, and this is how you repay me?"

"Girl has to make a living," She shrugged, "So what'll it be?"

"Take it," Owen said sourly, handing her the chit, "And get the hell out."

"Don't take it personally," She said as she began to run off, "Rouger's hell to the weak."
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Lokyan sat atop the port roof, looking over Kalihir and it's sprawl of shops, houses, apartments, and inns. Occasionally, he could make out some of his Shinobi leaping from rooftop to rooftop. In the end, the three clans were the enforcers of his will, defenders of his city. every now and then, a lone shadow would appear atop the wall to Aldrun for a split second, his Shinobi headed to and returning from behind enemy lines. It wasn't long before he sensed presences behind him.

"What is it, clan leaders?" He said, standing and turning to face them. The three clans were made up of three disciplines; Tech, Biotics, and Combat. Each was led by the first students Hyun had taken. The Sukuu clan specialized in Tech and infiltration, and was mostly comprised of Drell under Gaijin Sukuu. The Yokaze were biotic specialists, led by Kawara Yokaze, an Asari. The final clan was the Shikaeshi, the iron fist of Lokyan's crew, led by the gruff Turian Teranus Shikaeshi. While they didn't discriminate based on race, the majority of each clan was made up of their leader's species, all of them freed slaves with no names of their own.

"There is a problem." Gaijin replied, the scar running down the side of his face cast in an odd light by the lights of the city. "An Assassin has come to Rouger, and he appears to have gathered Analdrun's attention. Fortunately, he refuses payment until the Hanar 'impresses him'."

"Hmm." Lokyan replied. "And your suggestions?"

"I vote we simply off the bastard." Teranus butted in. "From what I've seen of the dossier, this Sobakov is insane, we'd be doing the galaxy a favour by getting rid of him, not to mention making the Hanar look the fool."

"Oooor," Gaijin replied, "we get the Assassin on our side, I have agents all over Aldrun. All it would take is one little attack, and we've crippled them! Add the attacks by that strange new guy, and we can destroy Analdrun and take the planet as a safe haven from slavery!"

"Stop." Said Kawara. The Asari was softspoken, but when she talked, the other clan leaders tended to listen. "Why pick fights with either party? Would we not gain more respect by stopping an attack before it happens? We lose nothing, and the Hanar's hand is revealed."

Lokyan's eyes widened slightly as the gears began turning in his mind. "I'm going with Kawara on this one. Double patrols, and increase infiltration teams. I want to know what Analdrun's planning every step of the way. Dismissed." he finished as the clan leaders bowed and disappeared into the night.

The Drell turned around and looked out over the city once more. "Outside help? This isn't like you Analdrun. Getting antsy?"
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Sam walked out of the bar, Letting the cold air outside embrace him. He loved the cold, simply put. He wandered off to the spaceport where he had landed his small freighter. It wasn't a impressive ship, just a simple turian thing around two hundred feet from bow to stern, but to Sam it was home for the time being.

He slipped inside and made his way through the miniature labyrinth of hallways he had set up to his room. Inside, there was nothing but a simple desk, an inexpensive camera, and a battered mattress in the corner. Sam sat down on his mattress, took off his boots, and lay down on his back. As he stared into the ceiling waiting for sleep to take him, he pondered his circumstances.

Lokyan's agent had made it clear that they would attempt to off him if he sided with Analdrun. He had no doubt in his mind that they would try. Of course, it should only come to that if Analdrun was worthy of his respect. If they tried to off him before that happened, then he would have to deal with Lokyan and his servants accordingly. He would have to start carrying his Talon around again, as much as He disliked it, it was invaluable for dealing with harder targets. it couldn't hurt to touch up the stitching in his chest rig , which he wore beneath his vest. It wouldn't be very helpful for carrying knives if it fell off.

Sam's mind shifted away from his preparedness and towards other, more sinister matters. More specifically, what he would do with any slaves he took ownership of. He could just torture them into submission, but odds are whatever slaves he got his hands on would already be broken. He could always use them for practice. Yes, that would work nicely. 
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Tobias' gloved hands gripped the old and rusted railing overlooking the factory floor.  He had bought this building a long time ago.  It was just some abandoned and decayed place that used to be site of some drug manufacturing scheme or something or other.  Tobias purchased it because it was cheap, but more importantly, it was hidden in plain sight.  The building was camouflaged among dozens of others in this industrial sector, which made it ideal for hiding things.  No one would suspect even looking here.

"How many? Tobias said as he looked towards an armored crew member with his good eye.

"150 YMIR class, 250 LOKI class, and 55 Atlases.  And we have two more shipments on the way"  The crew member responded.

"They're going to need some heavy retrofiting if they're going to last more than 10 seconds in a war.  How long will it take?"

"Working around the clock?  A month."

"Better get to it then."  Tobias said as he walked away from the balcony.  He didn't like having to raise an army.  But he knew a war was coming.  He'd try his damnedest to keep the peace as long as he could.  But he knew it was only a matter of time.  He needed a way to defend the people of Rouger when the bullets started flying in the streets.  He didn't have the ships to last in a prolonged war with Lokyan or Analdrun.  But with enough mechs, he could give Lokyan's highly trained band of ninjas a run for their money, as well as whatever Analdrun had up his gelatinous tentacles.  To think only a few years ago he would have been drunk right now having an **** with a dozen Asari prostitutes.  And now here he was preparing to lead an army into war.  The universe must be laughing at him right now.

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When a human came out, Maeve slunk back into the darkened area, the shadows falling on her and the immediate light from the bar's open door obscured her enough that none of the three before her could catch sight.

The expression on the human's face kept her interest. The batarian promised him the 'leftovers' in exchange for keeping watch, but it was clear the idea did nothing but further the man's repusion.

He must be new to Rouger. She realized. Here was where the refuse of society came and prospered. An asari slave raped in a back alleyway under the mad calling of night was nothing new or even strange.

The human turned around, the asari exposed and the batarian fiddling with his own clothing. Maeve stepped forward to see the human reach down and pull a dagger from his boot. Slicing the batarians neck, a second time to be thorough, he stepped back and watched the alien die.

Maeve felt a smile pull at the corners of her mouth when the asari extorted the human for payment. It was a common reaction on Rouger, to repay kindness with coercion. The uncommon sight was the act of kindness; such a society hardened the hearts of dogooders like Lokyan, and justified the harmful acts of the selfish like Analdrun.

"What's your name?" A mild interest propelled Maeve to step out of the darkness, and towards the crouching human. "Who's your captain?"
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"God-dammit!" Owen exclaimed in surprise.  He'd been about to dump the body in a waste bin, to hopefully keep it hidden for a while.  But that was spoiled now. A woman--about his own age, maybe a few years younger stepped out of the shadows.  Is that a sword at her side?   Even if he'd wanted to knife her, he wouldn't have a chance with that sword.  Might be useful to start practice throwing knives, he thought.

"Owen Garibaldi," He answered, standing.  He kicked at Braughk's corpse, "He was my bos'un.  I think I've jumped ship.

"If you're here for blackmail, follow the asari girl--I've got no more credit chits,"
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Slow-witted and paranoid. Quick to jump to conclusions, slow to consider alternate possibilities. The man wouldn't last long in this world without some help. Maeve didn't usually offer advice, and she almost walked away in that moment, but a mild curiosity, wondering how this boy would change when faced with the brutal life he'd fallen into, kept her feet planted in the ground.

"Fancy working for Analdrun? The hanar that owns this portion of the city." She added at his blank look. "Though,  I'd better let you know now..." Maeve pointed at the space between his legs. "Male recruits have to give a little extra. Analdrun... takes care of the women that way."
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Teranus stood on a raised stage in the mess hall of the Nobunaga, looking over the new potential members of his clan. "The path of the Shikaeshi is one of battle and sacrifice." He removed his shirt to display his heavily scarred and cybernetically augmented arms, with cracks and scars covering his carapace. "You will not face as much savagery as I have, if you're lucky, but you will be the iron fist of the Resistance. You will be the first and last line of defence in our war against slavery. If you wish to drop out now, I will not blame you, but the next few months will be neverending training, and augmentation." He looked over every single face, almost every single one of them had been either a slave, or a victim of slavery, and he didn't see a single one willing to give up.

Good. He thought, his mandibles raising slightly. There's no room for cowardice in the Shikaeshi.
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For a moment, he thought she was kidding, but she looked deadly serious.  Owen had no desire to become a castrato--he enjoyed singing baritone.

"He does know that human appendages don't grow back like hanar ones, don't he?"  He smiled ruefully as he shook his head, "I don't suppose a voucher from you for seeing my chivalrous behavior with a lady of the evening would let me bypass that little issue?  No?"  He kicked at the ground.
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Maeve snorted. "Don't expect any help from me. You have to carve your own way on Rouger. No one's going to help you. And if anyone does, keep eyes in the back of your head and expect a knife." She sighed. "Best bet for you is the captain Tobias, he owns the southern district. Just don't join Lokyan. You'd die before your time."

A sense of impatience was starting to get to her, and she began to realize that she was seeking diversion, and wasting her time.

It was an odd break in conversation, but she started walking away.
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"Nice to talkin' to you too, Stranger," Owen called after the woman as she left, "A sense of humor won't kill you either!"

What the hell am I going to do?, he wondered.  Don't know much about joining a pirate crew, do you just walk up and demand an interview?  He had a ship though, with supplies...maybe he could barter himself onto a ship.  Was this Tobias a decent captain though?  And wasn't Lokyan some sort of Drell terrorist?
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Analdrun hasn't contacted me yet... odd..... Maeve checked her omni tool at the end of the alleyway, and the glowing arm faded as it dropped to her side. For all its faults, the Hanar was and had always been an involved and consistent leader. He'd taken the ship with him, and the on-planet system of command was rather self-propelling. Maeve had time to kill, for the first time in months.

Maeve stopped and turned back around to smile at the human. "Owen. Why don't you come with me? I'll show you my sense of humor." The weight of the spare sword on her back promised a fun night.
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That was a fast turn around, Owen thought.  Could be a mistake, to follow a strange women around, especially after that warning. She was pretty, he realized now that she smiled.  I've made bigger mistakes, I suppose.

 "Promise you won't make me a eunuch and you've got me," He said, beginning to walk towards her, "You never gave me a name though."
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"Maeve." She said simply, glad he was so willing. She led him down the twisting alleyways, avoiding the main roads. It was the quickest and safest route to her destination. "I've got a favorite spot in mind. An old bar, lasted the past four years through the war between Analdrun and Lokyan when they first settled here. Sits right on the border, too."

A small hovel stuck out from the massive wall, like a shack on a mountainside. Lights shone out from open windows, and excited shouting called out from inside.

"'The Ratchet'." Maeve introduced him.

The shouting inside came from what made the tiny establishment prosper even in the toughest of times; a brawling cage.

Maeve leaned over the bar and ordered a shot of ryncol for her and her friend. As they waited for their drinks, she nudged him and nodded towards the grappling men. "You interested?"
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"Wouldn't have expected this to be your kind of place," Owen said truthfully, "Shows what I know eh?.  Are all the bar names so morbid?  'The Morbid Tentacle,' 'The Ratchet...'  You'd think with a lifestyle of death and maiming, people'd want a little more cheer in their cups."

Maeve ordered a ryncol for both of them.  He'd tried it once; it was pretty awful, and after a taste he'd woken up bleary-eyed and regretful. But an old friend had taught him to never say no to a drink on someone else's chit.  "Thanks Maeve," he nodded back over at the cage where one of the fighters was throttling another, "You might get me in there after a couple more shots of the stuff.  Crowd here looks mean enough to frighten a husk."
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"It's murder and death that draw people to this planet. They don't seek escape; they seek further pleasure." Maeve sipped the ryncol and set it back on the bar, coughing behind her hand.

She cleared her throat, and straightened. "And you're welcome." She raised an eyebrow at him. "I did not expect manners from you, the murderer." A smile played on her lips again. "Where did you say you were from again?"

Behind her, the fight between the two men grew bloody. One man's two-handed swing caught the other across the jaw, drawing blood and sending him crashing to the ground. Maeve looked back to the fight as the victor fell on the other man, grasping his neck with a wild look in his eyes. As the fallen's life was stolen from him, the surrounding crowd, small, only about 20, erupted with roars of excitement and thrill.

"Not all fights end as such." Maeve raised her glass again, but didn't dare drink it, leaning her back against the bar. "Some only last until first blood is drawn, others until the loser yields. But neither are as loved as a death match."
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Owen nodded as he took a cautious sip and nearly spat it back out, "Gagh! Foul stuff."

"And I never thought I'd see someone wearing a sword in this day 'n age," He nodded at her rapier, "If swords get to stick around, why can't manners? "  Maeve smiled at him again and asked him where he was from.

"I take it you mean my ship--not my motherland?" Owen clarified, "Of course you don't.  I was a crewman on a salarian smuggler--just the little things: reaper tech, equipment, maybe a tiny bit of red sand...but the salarian worked a deal with Captain Vane of the Spartan.  When the captain went ashore to finish up the deal, Vane killed him."  Owen paused, he hadn't thought about the old crew in a while, he decided to take another tiny sip of his ryncol, coughing violently as it burned down his throat.

"Before we knew it had happened, they boarded the ship and herded us into the airlock.  Told us anyone who wasn't joining the Spartan's crew could stay in the airlock," Owen smiled, "Naturally it was an offer we couldn't refuse.  But the bloody bastard used us as cannon fodder.  Every time we found a ship that might give us trouble--they'd load us into the cheapest suits they could find, shove us in an assault craft, and launched us at 'em.  A sort of 'Forlorn Hope,' to soften the defenders before their heavily armed guys came in.

"After six months, I was the only one from the crew left alive.  But the captain decides to cash his haul in and so we come here.  The bos'un pulls me along for some shore duty...and here I am."

 "Well, looks like there's money to be made here; if you've got the strength, speed, and the wit,"He watched as the fight finished up,"How about you?  How'd such a cheerful young lady end up in such disreputable company?"
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A tall, blonde haired man with one eye strolled into the Ratchet with all the gusto and style one would expect of a person with his reputation.  Sure a lot of that reputation, especially recently, was a concoction of a bunch of outlandish stories and tall tales.  But in Tobias' position, theatrics went a long way.  And so he was glad to oblige.

"The Ratchet?  Why does every bar in this city have such a melodramatic name?"  He shouted into the bar.  He wasn't quite drunk, but it was obvious he was well on his way.

Tobias walked up to the bar and sat down upon a stool, adjusting his long brown coat so as to not sit on it; his long monomolecular sword sticking out into the open for all to see..

"The biggest bottle of your least foul tasting liquor, good sir!"  Tobias said as he tossed a credit chit onto the counter for far more than any bottle of liquor was worth.  The bartender popped the top of the bottle and handed it to him.  He took a large swig and surveyed the room once again, seeing an all too familiar face.

"Ah Maeve!  How is the slaving business these days?  Shatter any hopes and dreams in the last hour?"  He said in a sarcastic tone.  Tobias' refusal to deal in slaves was no secret to anyone.  "Or are you just in the business of hiring assassins now?"  Tobias said, clearly letting it be known that he knew of her dealings with Samuil Sobakov.  Keeping the peace on this planet was hard enough without beating around the bush. And so Tobias always chose the blunt and up front method.  Truth be told though, seeing Maeve here was simply a coincidence.  His intention of coming here was simply to get drunk.
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Kara sat in her chosen corner of The Ratchet, scoping the place out. The recent call for a step up in infiltration had brought her to the dim bar that had been closest to the Wall. She hated missions to the Hanar's city, having been freed from his servitude only a few years before thanks to some strange help from Ms. Killegre- No, She's Maeve now. She doesn't own me.. It was difficult for her to blend in, but she managed. As invisible in a crowd as any other face, that was until she entered, a strange human in tow. Kara suddenly felt entirely visible when she saw Maeve enter the bar, until she remembered that the normally coldhearted pirate had helped her escape Analdrun's... Advances.
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"Funny. Vane used to work for Analdrun. Seems he learned that technique from the hanar, too. It's effective, but lowers morale rather severely, so I try not to make a practice of it." Seeing Owen take a second sip, Maeve grimaced and wet her lips with the stuff, determined not to fall behind. The mere drop that escaped down her throat was like a line of fire, but she managed to mask her discomfort with stoicism.

Vaguely, she registered that he'd asked her another question. "Ahem." She cleared her throat before she answered. "There is money to be made, plenty of it. You up for a match? I've a spare rapier, and you owe me for the drink." She said, grinning at him. Across the room, the corpse of the loser was being dragged out and the blood cleaned as the victor fell on his group of supporters, cheered and welcomed.

Then Tobias, clearly drunk, or at least very close to it, staggered into the bar. Maeve inched away from him as he ordered a bottle of liquor beside her, and stiffened when he addressed her, making purposeful mention of the assassin.

"I'm allowed to make friends, aren't I?" She retorted, taking a step away from the bar, her shot glass in hand. "Besides, what business is it of yours, how I spend my open hours?" She grabbed hold of Owen, pulling him lightly towards the brawling cage.
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Tobias pounded back the bottle once more.  By Maeve's reaction, he was damn sure he made his point.  No need to press the issue any further.

"Making friends eh?  What like that young one you're pulling on right now?"  Tobias smirked. 

"You watch out for that one, lad.  Turn your head away for a second and she'll ram a knife in your spine, or drug you and sell you off as a sex slave to some volus with a fetish for human males.  Either way I don't imagine it being pleasant."
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(Sorry guys, AFK for a half hour can't make a reply--can talk around me if you like...or wait I guess)
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Luckily for Andrew, Captain Tobias' entrance drew everyone's attention, and allowed him to enter the bar without being spotted. He moved towards the spectator seats near the fighting cage and took a seat. He looked over to Maeve and the stranger she brought.

"Another assassin?" He thought to himself, he decided to wait before he made any hasty conclusions.
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"We aren't going to the death, are we?" Owen asked.  Sword fighting?  He hadn't fought with a sword since he was a kid and those had been wooden sticks, "But if that's what is owed, I'll gladly pay the reckoning.

A one-eyed blonde man swaggered up to the bar--he obviously knew Maeve, but she clearly wasn't a friend.  She never even mentioned his name. The one-eyed man gave a warning to Owen, which raised questions for the pair of them, but Maeve began to drag him away towards the fighting cage. 

"You're hiring assassins?" He asked her. Obviously, she wasn't hiring him as an assassin--she'd made her disdain for his inexperience known, "Seems a wee bit hypocritical for you to be calling me a murderer, then."  As they got closer to the fighting area, he shouted to the one-eyed man, "If you're a betting man, I'd put my money on her.  I'll take a dive and we split it 5-50!"
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Tobias laughed at the young man's comment.

"I only **** when I've rigged the game myself!" He shouted in reply.
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Maeve held back a laugh at the newcomer's ignorance and pushed him into the cage. "The pot and the kettle are both black, Owen. No use in either taking offense."

As she stepped in after him, she swallowed down half of the remaining shot of ryncol and staggered forward, blinking rapidly as the world spun around her. Throat erupting in flames that burned all the way down to her stomach, Maeve doubled over coughing as she made her way to the opposite side of the cage.

Still coughing behind closed lips, eyes bleary, and dizziness clouding her mind, Maeve drew the saber from her back and tossed it in Owen's direction.

A hush had fallen on the surrounding crowd. Maeve was a regular at the Ratchet, and always found the slowest and most brutal way to kill her foe. But this time, she raised two fingers in the air, signaling for a yield match as her other hand drew her sword.

The ryncol kept her feet unsteady, but she could tell from Owen's helpless expression that he'd probably never even held a sword before. The alcohol-induced clumsiness should even the odds, or at least make the match interesting. Maeve tried to blink away the bleariness, and failed.

"The saber can slice as well as stab." Maeve said as she raised her sword. The gate to the cage slammed shut and locked behind him. "You ought to take advantage of that." As she assumed the ready position, she added, "And do try not to kill me. If my life falls into danger, I can't guarantee your own."
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Andrew leaned forward in interest

"Ha! That fool is going to be torn apart!" Cheered a Batarian next to him, and he wasn't the only one who thought that. Andrew looked at the strangers expression, he felt pity for him, he looks inexperienced, while Maeve is cold and trained.
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"Try to kill you?" Owen asked, incredulous, "It's a blunted blade and you bought me a drink.  That's definitely bad manners.  If you die tonight, it'll probably be ryncol poisoning."

The cage locked shut and Owen began to feel nervous.  Maeve was tipsy...but unlike him, she seemed to know what she's doing.  She stepped back into some sort of pose--side turned, legs balanced, and sword pointed at him with the other arm behind her and curved towards her head.  Feeling a little foolish just standing there, he mimicked he pose. 

A klaxon blared and Maeve began to lung at him with the point of her foil.  Owen staggered backwards slashing wildly with his own blade. Owen began to side step to avoid her attacks.  She stepped back for a moment, giving him a respite.  Owen decided to see what would happen if he came slashing at her--probably a wild failure, but sometimes an offense was better than a defense.

He needn't have bothered; she easily avoided his slashes, parrying his attacks when she didn't bother side stepping.  He lunged at her, but again she skirted his attack; instead she let him charge past and gave Owen a hard slap across the back with the flat of her foil. 

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Kara leaned forward in her booth. She'd seen Maeve fight before, but would she really kill someone for no reason?
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Maeve erupted into laughter at Owen's incredulous expression, a laughter that soon degraded into coughs, the gasoline-like ryncol still prominent and in effect. Even with the world spinning and her eyes blurry, his attempts to strike her were far too easy to predict. Recovering, she flourished her blade, smiling at him.

"A saber is different from the foil. It's raised rather than pointed." She tilted her own blade upwards to demonstrate. "You're a pretty good sport. You keep coming even though it's clear you're outmatched."

The words seemed to spur him to action, and he charged again, a simple movement to dodge, the hesitation of his body making it clear he was going to sidestep. But Maeve took only a step, letting the blade knick her shoulder, drawing blood.

"No shields." She said simply to his astonished expression. "The tip is dulled, but the blade is sharp." She stabbed him twice on the body, once over the heart and the second below the sternum, the rubber atop her blade keeping him from death. There would still be bruises, though. "Stay alert." She coughed, stepping backwards.

The distance between them sufficient, she reached above her blade and pulled off the rubber tip. "Let's make this more interesting." She pointed her blade at him, resuming her stance. "If you cut me again, I give you all the credit chits I have on me. I cut you..." She shrugged. "You lick Tobias' boots."
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Even Andrew couldn't help to chuckle at Maeve's proposal to her opponent. Though he wanted doubted that this is the same person who is Analdrun's right hand.

"Alcohol is one hell of thing" he chuckled to himself
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Swords, even dulled swords, hurt.  Owen would be glad to be done with the duel--he'd been slightly curious to Maeve's intentions before, but at this point, he was willing to agree with the one-eyed man--she must be mental.  Maybe even licking boots wouldn't be so bad to end it.

"Which one's Tobias?" He asked, and she nodded back over at the one-eyed man.  "I can live with that, I suppose.   Deal's a deal?  You get me, I lick his boots.  I nick you--you fork over the credits?"

Maeve nodded impatiently.

"Then you're on!" He said charging again.  But instead of simply slashing like he had before, this time it had a purpose.   When Maeve began to parry, he leapt backwards, waiting for her to come in.  She didn't disappoint, but when she lunged he reached out and grabbed the blade of her sword--there was no blade and he gripped it firmly in his hand.

A look of surprise showed on her face, and Owen smiled, "Sorry, this might sting a bit."  With that, he gave a small cut on her sword arm. 

"Guess I carved my own way, after all, eh?"
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Maeve watched in amazement as the blade cut across her arm, and as blood seeped from the wound, staining her white sleeve.

Owen stepped away, expectant. Maeve felt a mixing of interest and offense at his actions. The sword-grabbing was nothing new... but it had been the first time she'd been too slow to avoid the reaching hand. Still a little tipsy, she stared down at the blood coating her arm. No pain; the alcohol managed to seal off the nerves, but the red was a magnificent color and the fact that it was her own was mesmerizing.

But Maeve tore her eyes away to look into the opponent's. No, the victor's. Grabbing her blade was no honorable act in a duel, but she supposed her grasping onto the idea of honor while mocking his acts of honor was quite the double standard. Besides, it felt good to lose, in an odd sort of way.

Nonetheless, the 20k of credits weighing in her pockets, prepared for the hiring of the assassin, hurt.

Maeve nodded, declaring, "I yield." And her heart went cold as the ryncol settled in, the buzz of adrenaline and liquor fading.

She held out a hand in askance for her saber's return, and he obliged. Sheathing the blade, but her foil still drawn, she pulled from her coat pocket a heavy purse and tossed it at him. He caught it, and she considered running him through as a wild grin spread across his face, just for the fun of it, but settled for poking his shoe.

"You beat me." She acquiesced, curtseying with a smile. "Congratulations. Watch yourself out there." She said, sheathing her rapier and stepping out of the cage.
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Alec sat in one of Kalihir's nicest pubs, staffed entirely by freed slaves and a common meeting place for Lokyan's Shinobi. across from him sat a potential client.

"Okay, so you bring me proof of his death, and I pay you 2 million credits?" the client asked.

"5 million. Sandra needs some work done." Alec replied placing the gun on the table, his finger obviously on the trigger.

Hey, I look perfect! the pistol replied, shooting Alec a look.

"alright, alright, it's a deal!" The client said, reaching out his hand for a handshake.

"Pleasure doing business with you." Alec said, extending his synthetic arm. "Oh wait a minute, I was supposed to kill you!" he added with a laugh, quickly moving his hand into a 'Pistol' gesture. The tip of his index finger popped open, and a mass accelerator fired with a loud bang, sending a tiny bullet zooming into the client's heart.

The black clad shinobi all looked over at his booth, some of the fresher faces reaching for their blades. "It's okay everyone." he said, waving. "Just a business deal." This had not been his first visit to Rouger, or Kalihir, and quite a few shinobi had met him before.

While Kalihir did have laws, the majority of them applied to slavery and slavecatchers that occasionally jumped the wall. Other than that, just about everything went inside Kalihir's borders, including paid assassination. Of course, if things got completely out of hand or involved innocents, the Shikaeshi would get involved. As such, Alec made it a point to avoid the residential districts towards the edge of the city furthest from the wall.

"Hey, can we get cleanup over here?" he called out. "I've got two classy ladies over here that don't enjoy corpse smell."

Such a gentleman. Sandra said, rolling her eyes. Did you really have to say I need work? I don't, do I?

Girl, you're as fabulous and deadly as ever. Clara replied. Don't listen to him.

"Hey, yeah Sandra." Alec added, stroking her grip. "I just wanted to mess with the man. Tell you what, next job, I'll let you take lead, alright? Would you like that?"

After a long pause the pistol finally said. Okay, but you owe me a refurbishing, Deluxe this time, I want my barrel to feel like brand new!

"You got it Dollface." Alec replied with a smile, holstering the weapon.
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"Aye, fair's fair," Owen said, taking the credit chit, "Thanks for the drink, maybe I can buy a round next time--and make it something enjoyable."   

As he walked out of the cage, he took a moment to examine the chit.  His eyes grew wide and his jaw dropped.  Twenty-thousand credits? He wondered in amazement.  It was more money than he'd ever seen in person.  For a moment, he thought about running after Maeve--surely she didn't have that many credits to throw around so carelessly.  Then something else came to mind: the warnings from Maeve and Tobias...maybe she meant to jump him in the alley and get her chit back..  Maybe this was all some sort of game to her.

As carefully as he could, he shoved the chit back in his pocket.  Twenty-thousand made him a target, and if anyone found out about it in this scummy little bar...he'd be dead pretty damn fast.

(Apologies, but I'm heading out in the this is my last post for probably a few days.  Nothing big'll happen while I'm gone--keep interacting and if I get a chance and you all are getting bored, I'll try and throw something your way)

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Andrew watched the crowd who were in a temporary paralysis over Maeve's defeat. He glanced over at Owen who he himself must be amazed with his own victory. The Target on his back was bad enough with the money that He's won, but now he'll have to deal with the angry mob who lost their money on betting on Maeve. He knew that a bar fight would be imminent.

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Tobias watched as Maeve staggered into the cage.

"That girl cannot hold her liquor..."  He said as the fight began.  Even so, it was looking more and more like the kid against her was getting his ass beat. He was about as green as it came.  And on this planet, that was certainly not a good thing.  But then came the upset.  No one expected him to win over Maeve.  His odds in the betting pool must have been astronomically low, which meant a lot of drunk and dangerous people just lost a lot of money.  Tobias kicked back another round from his bottle as his free hand hovered towards the hilt of his monomolecular sword.  All this crowd needed was a spark to set them off, and he knew that.  He wasn't going to be caught with his pants down.

"Well, at least he didn't have to lick my boot."
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Alec continued wandering around Kalihir, wondering when he'd find some fun, or at least a new contract. December was a slow month, since it seemed the Galaxy ground to a halt beneath the millions of solstice-based holidays that populated the numerous religions of each race. He wandered along the wall, when suddenly, a smell caught his nose, from over the wall.

What is it, oh great leader? Sandra asked, still a little bitter. Someone leave a pie out to cool?

Or maybe some tacos. Clara added, licking her lips. I'd kill for some tacos right now.

"Even bett-" he paused. "Actually, no, worse. Damn it Clara, now I want Tacos. But I smell something almost as good!" he said, rubbing his hands together like a small child. "My fun sense is tingling!" giggling like a madman, he ran to the port through the wall, following what some would call a 'sixth sense'. But those people are boring, and Alec killed most of those people.
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Andrew got up from his seat and began heading to the exit slowly, the last thing he wants is to be in a bar fight, hopefully he'll be a good distance away before it begins.


"Anna, take the wheel, The smuggler ship is ready for our hello." Charles said as he boarded a shuttle with his Spartans. She nodded and returned to the bridge, she never approved of him joining the boarding parties, but he was just too proud of his tactic. The cargo bay doors opened and the shuttle departed towards their target. It was a smuggler ship that just happened to be on the same course, and hopefully carrying something worthwhile.

The shuttle entered a hole in the cargo bay that was punched in by the Thermopylae's gun. Charles could see the smugglers getting to cover ready to attack, the smugglers didn't outnumbered them too badly, which will make this easier for Charles.

As soon as the shuttle's door opened , the Spartans released smoke grenades into cargo bay, filling the whole room with thick smoke.

"Spartans! To battle!" Charles exclaimed, followed by his Spartans cheers.
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Angry mutterings grew in volume and intensity in the small space of The Ratchet. Shouts rang out, and the thudding, wet smack of violence began as the men and women fell on each other, enraged.

The barfight began around Owen. The young man had just pocketed his credit chit when a batarian and his two cronies came up behind him, demanding a cut. Owen's refusal was pointed and clear, but it didn't faze the batarian, and he shoved the human. Owen stepped back, hands raised, willing to let it slide, but the batarian came at him again, and again, the third time swinging a heavy fist. Owen rushed rather than dodged, the alien's arm slapping against Owen's side. He grabbed for the batarian's neck, to slam the foul creature's head into the bar, but the batarian caught and twisted Owen's arm, and the two wrestled for the upper hand. From behind, however, the batarian's cronies pulled Owen by the arms off of their leader, and restrained him. The young man strained against their hold as the batarian rained punches down on him, the blows landing first on his face, and then on his body.

Maeve watched all this while sipping from a tall glass of water. All around, the rush of motion and battle had erupted. Credits were the gain of the victor, but for the defeated, death was his reward. Maeve drew her rapier as she moved from the bar, blood splashing on her as beside her, an unfortunate patron's face was smashed in.

Owen vomited scarlet, and the punches kept coming. The boy had fallen unconscious, but the batarian's rage was far from sated. The cronies released him, and Owen crashed head-first onto the dirt floor. The batarian spat on him, and kicked for good measure.

Rifling through the boy's pockets, the batarian pulled from his pockets Maeve's credit chit. As the alien squinted at the chit, Maeve snatched it from him, a smirk falling across her face at his shocked expression.

"That's mine!" Came the guttural growl.

Maeve shrugged, feeling reckless. "Then come get it." She bowed.

His two friends had already clustered behind her, she could tell from the batarian's snarl and line of sight.

When the batarian tensed in anticipation, Maeve stepped to the side, pivoting and, sure enough, the two cronies stumbled past her. Dipping her blade into the nearest's leg, she stared at the other two and pointed her blade at them.

The batarian, predictibly, drew his pistol. He was decidedly not a regular. Taking the hits, bullets splashing against her shields, she lunged forward, the monomolecular blade piercing through his heavy armor with ease. She'd aimed for the heart, but had just missed it, stabbing just beneath. Bright splurting red followed her rapier's withdrawal, and the batarian fell, shocked, to the earth, just beside Owen.

The third man shook his head, and Maeve let him go, lowering her blade so that he could pass.

Poor little Owen. The boy wouldn't find consciousness anytime soon. Terrible luck with batarians. Maeve resisted the urge to laugh, but snickering escaped her.

"It was fun," She whispered at his fallen form, knowing she'd probably never see him again. Dividing the credit chit, she pulled a piece of it and stuffed it into his pocket.

A body fell past her, followed by a screaming asari. A writhing crowd had formed around her, made up of angry drunkards.

Maeve flourished her Floret with a sigh. She'd have to carve her own bloody way out.
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Tobias sat there calmly drinking his bottle at the bar counter as the blood and bodies flew around him.  At least he was until a stray shot tore the bottom of the glass bottle open and spilled the rest of its contents onto the floor below.

"Well, it appears it is about time for a good old fashioned brawl."  Tobias said as he pushed himself away from the counter.  He calmly strolled into the first group of violent drunks he could find, and promptly kicked the knee out from the closest man.  The unsuspecting fellow fell to his knees, and Tobias wasted no time bringing his fist upside the man's head.  He fell to the floor cold.  The next five minutes was a rush of adrenaline, elbows, and fists.  Jaws were shattered, teeth fell to the floor, and blood stained the walls.  Tobias was having a grand time.  It was almost a game to him.  He refrained from pulling his sword or his gun.  No sense in killing someone in a silly bar fight.  But then some man full of **** and booze saw the blonde man utterly wrecking several patrons, and decided to go after him with irrational ideas of glory.  Tobias turned around only to be caught on the right side of his face with a mean hook.  His head jolted back and his eye patch shifted.  You could see where his right eye used to be, the tissue scarred and mutilated as if by some kind of chemical burn.  Tobias stared back down at the man with a grim look, adjusting his eye patch.  The man looked white as a ghost, for it was in that exact moment he actually realized exactly who it was he just punched in the face.  He tried to back away and plead, but Tobias was having none of that.  And so with a flash of blue light, he flung the man across the room and into the far wall.

Tobias' entire body erupted in a sea of biotic energy.  Playtime was over.  It was a maelstrom of chaos, biotic blasts launching people here and there, biotically charged fists sending drunkards across the room and crashing into other drunkards.  Tobias was carving a path through these people fueled with nothing but rage and raw power.  And that was when he saw Owen laying on the floor.  The kid was honorable enough to fight and beat Maeve on her own terms.  The least Tobias could do was drag him out of this place.  And so he hoisted the kid onto his shoulder, taking the time to blast another would be attacked across the room with his own biotically charged fist.  He made his way out the door and around the corner to a secluded alley, propping the kid up against a wall.  Tobias took a seat across from him on a crate and reached into his coat, pulling out a silver flask.  He took a sip from it and simply looked around.

"Well that escalated quickly."
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Kara recoiled in her seat, she hated fighting, it was why she'd signed up with the Sukuu instead of the Shikaeshi. When the fight escalated, a lecherous Turian came up behind her, grabbing her hood and releasing her mop of red hair. "My my..." he said with a sick grin, "what do we have here? A pretty human girl all by her lonesome? An escaped slave?" He added, running a talon over the scar on the back of her neck.

"Get off of me..." she replied with deadly coldness. She'd been in this situation before,  and she was loathe to return to it.

"And what are you going to do? Screa-" he was cut off, quite literally, by her tanto severing his hand at the wrist. "You **** ****!" He screamed, attracting the attention of several bar patrons. "You **** Ninja ****! I'll hang your carcass from that damned wall!"

Kara brought her short blade to bear, really wishing it hadn't come to this...

Alec followed his Fun Sense like a bloodhound, until eventually he came to a bar that was hemorrhaging patrons like it was 'free stabbings day'.

Not wanting to miss out, he slipped his hand into Clara's basket and pulled Sandra from her home in his chest holster and leaped through the door, screaming: "Murder Time Fun Time!"
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Quote from: NozzIvix
"You **** Ninja ****! I'll hang your carcass from that damned wall!"

It was the word 'Ninja' that captured Maeve's attention and paused her blade mid-thrust into the back of an asari. She cursed, wrenching the blade free as the alien fell and coughed and cried aloud. The distraction made the asari's final moments those of excruciating pain and fear.

Maeve shook the blood from her blade and strained around the growing crowd, finally catching sight of a red-haired Lokyan agent in combat with a one-handed turian.

An agent had been spying on her in the Morbid Tentacle too. Analdrun's territory seemed to be crawling with them. Maeve gave the combat wide berth and settled against the wall, kicking away a foolhardy brawler in the process.

Biotic explosions ripped through the air, and bar patrons were thrown about like ragdolls. Captain Tobias had gone on rampage. But that only distracted Maeve briefly. She kept her eyes glued to the ninja. Analdrun had yet to give her further orders, so she would use whatever remaining time she had to get an inkling of what Lokyan was up to.
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Andrew was in the middle of elbowing a batarian when he heard a Turian's cry. He turned around and saw the red-haired ninja.  He didn't know her name, but he knew she was a fellow agent. He knew she didn't need any help so he continued his way to the door, slipping past the Psychopath, who yelled "Murder Time Funtime", who was in the middle of pouncing on someone else. Finally outside he quickly walked away from what's was about to turn into a real bloodbath.
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When the Turian recognized her as a Shinobi, Kara knew the jig was up. Her main objective now was to escape over the wall, but first she had to fight her way out of the bar. She dodged a slash from a wicked looking knife and lashed out with her blade, piercing the shield of the Batarian and causing hom to scream out in pain once more. "Leave me alone!" She called out, slashing and stabbing her way way through the crowd. She'd lost track of where she was in relation to the exit, and she didn't care. The Turian had brought some bad memories to the forefront of her mind, and she was taking it out on the bar Patrons that dared stand against her. There was a bounty on any captured Shinobi, and she had no idea what became of those that were caught, but since many were escaped slaves, Kara had an inkling that it wasn't pretty.

"Hee hee!" Alec giggled, slashing with Clara and firing Sandra into the crowd. "Come on you fuckers, make it fun! Murder murder murder, blam blam blam!" he yelled, punctuating each shot with a 'blam'

You know I can make those noises myself, right? Sandra said between shots.

"I know, but it's more fun this way!" Alec responded, laughing. "Slash Slash blam blam!"

Ooh, ooh! Batarian at six O'Clock! Clara yelled, causing Alec to spin around and catch the attacker's blade on Clara, then fire three shots into his torso.

"Ooh I haven't had this much fun since Palaven! Why don't I do this more often!" he exclaimed.

Because you made sure we could never go back there. Sandra replied.

"Oh yeah." He said, pondering for a second mid-stab. "How long do you think he'll hold the grudge?"

Why did you even decide to break into the councilor's mansion and kill his Varren? Clara asked.

"I thought it was his neighbour's house!" he yelled defensively, cleaving a human's head off and lunging at the man behind him.
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The crowd around the agent grew steadily thicker and it was making Maeve antsy. With Lokyan's underling dead, she would gain little aside from a corpse to search, which had, from her experience, yielded next to nothing.

The insurgent was skilled--there was no denying that. But even to a skilled swordsman, any group of attackers greater than five was tricky to overcome. Maeve, crossing the distance in a weaving run, plunged her sword into the back of an attacking batarian.

His body fell from her sword, and, her vision no longer blocked by a cluster of bodies, Maeve got a clear look at the agent's face for the first time.

Recognition struck her.

"Kara?" She breathed.
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Kara was stunned for a split second. "Ms. Killegrew?" she replied, not having time to correct herself as another blade came flying her way, she ducked and plunged the short blade into her assailant's heart. She ducked, dodged and blocked several more blades before retaliating, killing or wounding their owners. "Fancy meeting you here, after last time."

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Sam woke up from his power nap and decided to go out and pick up some fresh food. Hardship may build character but a fellow has to treat himself to something every now and then. He set out from his ship to a nearby market in Analdrun's portion of the city. Most of the stalls were offering slaves and slaving equipment, mostly bootleg tracking chips and the occasional full sized collar which were more for show than any actual practicality. After a while, he finally found someone selling food.

Sam approached the stall, the aroma off cooking meat filled his nose. The turian manning the stall noticed Sam and waved him over.

"Hello human! would you like a kebab? Only 10 credits a piece."

"Dextro or levo?"

"I have both dextro and levo safe varieties, would you like to try one? real beef, not the vat grown stuff too."

"Alright then, I'll have one." Sam handed the Turian a 10 credit chit and the Turian handed Sam a kebab a moment later. He took a bite and let the piece of meat sit in his mouth. It didn't taste like real beef, or vat grown beef for that matter. Sam still knew the taste and texture however.

"Elcor." Sam said, swallowing his morsel of food. "And a pretty good cut too, very tender." Sam bit off another mouthful.

The Turian's jaw dropped. Not only had this guy figured out his secret, he also wasn't complaining about it. The Turian snapped out of it and asked. "So, you've had it before I assume? No one has ever recognized the taste before."

"You could say so." Sam said. "Say, how long have you been doing this?" Sam's voice changed to a more sinister and quiet tone.

"Only about-" The Turian was cut off by the knife lodged in his throat. He clutched at the offending blade futilely as the familiar gurgling of the Turian's bleeding throat filled Sam's ear, the Turian succumbed to blood loss. he yanked the knife from the corpse's throat, letting it fall limply to the ground behind the stand. Sam retrieved his credit chit and took a second kebab before setting off to look for a fruit stand.
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The first thing that registered to Owen as he woke up was the salty-copper taste of blood in his mouth. The next thing that registered was pain.  All over.  From the soreness in his throat where the acid of his bile had come frothing up, to the bruises from the beating the batarians had given his abdomen.

He still hadn't opened his eyes as he gingerly touched his left side, where the pain was strongest.  It sent a dull throb through him and he groaned.  Even under his shirt he could tell there would be bruising.  He didn't even want to know what his face looked like, but it might not be so bad--his nose had never healed straight from before...

Then he felt his nearly empty pocket.  Those four-eyed bastards took my credits.  Damn them.

Owen was sitting up with his back against a wall and he felt a cool breeze against his skin.  It was just his luck: get free from a living hell--get extorted by the person you help.  Meet a pretty girl, let her buy you a drink--get poked with a sword.  Win 20,000 credits--get jumped and beaten half to death.

"No more," He moaned,"No more.  I'll go to sea no more."
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The last time Maeve had seen Kara had been in the dank, dark alleyway behind the Morbid Tentacle. The memory came to her clear as day, overpowering her senses.

The overbearing scent of blood.... shaking hands on cold metal... The black, coldness of night...

Three corpses stared up at her in accusation. Beyond them, the huddled form of a girl, her clothes torn, desperately trying to cover herself.


But my sword plunged into the girl regardless.

Maeve blinked. Perhaps the vision was a hallucinogenic aftereffect of the ryncol. Maeve blinked again. She was falling. And something was pushing her.

The din and chaos of the bar returned to Maeve as she slammed against the earthen floor.

The heaviness of a fat male beset her. Maeve was pinned, except for her head. Teeth bared, she bit down hard on the nearest piece of flesh, and tasted metal. A howl answered her assault, and the weight lifted as he writhed in pain. Raising herself back to her feet, Maeve kneeled and brought down her sword's blade, piercing through the man's temple. The howling ceased.

The crowd was thinning out, patrons had either made a run for it or lay on the ground dead. The few that still remained were whirling in a circle from which gunfire and a man's voice screaming about murder exhuded from.

"Now's a good time." Maeve said to the still-battling Kara, and made for the exit.
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"Agreed," Kara replied, swiftly disengaging from her now greatly weakened adversaries and running for the exit. The strange man yelling and talking to himself seemed content to keep the rest of the patrons busy, allowing her to follow Maeve to the exit. Suddenly the thought struck her. What am I doing, following her? She could turn me in to the Hanar for a sizable profit, then where will I be? Panicked, she quickly glanced left and right, before ducking into an alley, praying that the Hanar's second wouldn't find or capture her.

Alec yawned as he kept fighting. He'd lost count of the amount of pirates he'd killed, but some of them had managed to get past his defences, landing cuts on his synthskin. Had the majority of them not been drunk out of their minds, he probably would have fared a lot worse. When he saw two women, the ones that had been holding their own in combat against a much greater number of foes, he raised Sandra, only for her to refuse to fire. No. She said, defiantly.

"Aww, Sandra, whhyyyy?" He replied, "These guys are booooring." he added as he removed another body part.

C'mon sugar, Clara said placatingly you keep saying you want to find more fun for us, and you and I both know that those two can conjure up plenty more if we just wait.

"Fine..." he said, holstering Sandra. He took several last slashes with Clara before bolting out a side door. "Later gents, it's been fun!" he yelled behind him, cackling.
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"So when did you join up with Lokyan, Kara?" Maeve asked.

Silence replied so she turned around, and saw an empty street.

"Kara!" Maeve called out, swiveling around. Ninjas had done this to her before. They always used the same methods. Maeve put her foot up on the nearest building and hoisted herself up onto the roof, catching sight of the retreating Kara.

Maeve managed to get her footing on the slanted surface when an omni call sounded in her ears.

"Answer." Maeve said, chasing after Kara.

"Maeve, where are you? Master ordered you to return once you finished with the assassin." It was Thema. Maeve kept

"Sorry, I grabbed a bite to eat."

Analdrun had ordered no such thing. Odd. It was uncommon for the hanar to make a careless mistake.

"Master wants you back at the ship. Come now."

The call ended, and Maeve skidded to a halt, watching the retreating form of Kara jump the wall into Lokyan territory. She cursed and dropped from the rooftop to the dirt.

The break from her routine had been abruptly severed, and Maeve returned to the Hanar's ship a little worse for wear.
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Kara leapt between rooftops like a bat out of hell, constantly on the lookout for Analdrun's forces. When she hit the wall, she leaped up it, her gloves flash-creating climbing claws as she swiftly ascended the brickwork. The shinobi crested the wall and after catching her breath, descended the other side into the safety of Kalihir.

Her next stop was Rakhana's Tears, the biggest pub in Kalihir and the unofficial rendezvous point for the Shinobi returning from missions.
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Andrew was already a block away when the fighting calmed down. He tried to find Maeve but he couldn't find her. He decided to give up and return back to Kalihir and go to Rakhana's Tear to find that other agent who was present in the bar fight.
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Tobias sat across from the beaten and battered Owen, sipping from his flask and catching his breath.  He could still hear the sound of gunshots and screaming.  That was when Owen began to stir.

"Oh good, you're not dead, yet."
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The door to Rakhana's Tears swung open and an exhausted Kara entered. She could easily have died back in the Tentacle, had Maeve and those other men not decided to enter the fray. She flopped down in a booth and ran her hands through her crimson hair. The thought of recapture terrified her, and it was the reason she'd signed up with the Sukuu in the first place, to learn to defend herself...
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Owen opened his eyes and saw the blonde, one-eyed Tobias sitting acrossfrom him.

"Don't think I need a doctor," Owen agreed, "Don't know where one is myself, anyhow."  He eyed Tobias carefully--Maeve had warned him about trusting anyone...she'd been right.  But hadn't she suggested looking for a Tobias to ship up with?  How many Tobiases could there be.

So Owen took a chance, "Bastards robbed me; I've got no credits.  Not sure how well I'd do on your ship, but if you take me on, I've got a shuttle full of necessities--rations, medkits, soaps, that kinda crap--it's yours.  I'll even throw in the shuttle if you help me get my hat and coat back from the damn bar rats."
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Andrew opened the door and stepped inside Rakhana's Tear. He looked around for the Shinobi who was at the bar fight. It didn't take long to find her, her hair stood out from the crowd. He approached the booth she was at. When he got there, she was looking down, running her hands through her hair.

"Excuse me miss" he told her, she looked up quickly in surprise, as if she was in her own world.
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"Oh, hello." Kara said softly. She didn't recognize the man, but she recognized him as a fellow Shinobi. "Sorry, I just got back from assignment. Did not go well." she finished with an exasperated sigh.
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He gave a small chuckle.

"Well, pretty hard to continue an assignment when you get dragged into a bar fight and being exposed"

He quickly realized that he sounded like an **** saying it.
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Kara shot him a look. "Did you see how many Slavecatchers were in there? Let alone Analdrun's number two? Of course you didn't, you're not a slave, are you? Let alone one that was almost sold to the sick bastard himself." she shuddered. "I killed five men today. Five lives as full as my own, snuffed out by my hands. I've never had to kill before, not even a slaver. How can you be so happy?! How could you have signed up to kill people? You're a free man, you could go wherever you want, but yet here you are on Rouger, with the rest of us."

She put her head on the table. "Why did she do it?" she whispered to herself. "Why risk it?"
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Now he felt bad, he grabbed a barstool and sat infront of the booth.

"Listen, you had to do it, those sick bastards wouldn't stop." He thought about what she said about killing. He pondered on how she hadn't killed anyone.

"How can I be happy? How can I end up here?" He paused for a second and continued.

"Well I was a slave, to answer you questions, I don't have to tell you how bad that is. I'm here out of gratitude, they saved me from a situation you could imagine. You can't beat yourself up about it, or it'll kill you." He looked down for a second and said "Trust me, I know."
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"I should be dead." She said with finality. "I walked into the valley of death, looked the devil himself in the eyes. I felt the steel pierce my body, my life leave me. Yet here I am." She lifted her head from the table. "Do you know how it feels? To watch everything fall apart in front of you?" It was then she realized that she was telling her life story to a person that probably could care less. Every Shinobi had problems, it was why they volunteered in the first place, after all. "I- I'm sorry. I didn't mean anything. I- I just-." she felt her voice lock up, then, very quietly she said. "You don't need my problems."
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He leaned forward towards the table

"Look don't worry about it!" He said with a laugh, hoping it'll make her feel a little better. "It's alright to feel how you do. Its what makes us normal."

He put his hand on her shoulder and told her "You'll feel bad now and maybe for a while, but what matters is you got out alive, in a world filled with evil, you have to appreciate that you're still alive to fight it."

He leaned back on his chair, hoping that'll improve her attitude.
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"Thank you." she said with a small smile, "I- I think I'm going to be okay." she cleared her through, trying to sound professional. "Did you learn anything of worth? I'd barely just gotten there when the fighting broke out."
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"Well I was following Analdrun's number two while she was on her 'Shoreleave'. She didn't do anything noteworthy other than cause a lot of people to die." He looked around and returned his attention back "I didn't get any relevant information."  He had a slight tone of dissapointment in what he said. "I saw the escalation of the crowd's attitude"
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Kara ran her hands down her face with a sound of frustration. "The one thing I'm supposed to be good at, and I blow it. I really hope nothing important was supposed to happen in there, or we just screwed the pooch big time if Lokyan's right about the Hanar gearing up for another war."
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Andrew chuckled. "I doubt we missed anything. Maeve found that man in an alleyway after he.. disposed.. of a batarian, who was about to do things I'd rather not discuss to an Asari. And then the bar, where the fight began."

He leaned back on his chair.

"And I've heard rumors of Analdrun contacting assassins and mercenaries though they'll be nothing we can handle" he remembered what she said about killing. It obviously isn't a topic she would enjoy discussing.
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"But the problem is who they hire. We're few enough, but there are plenty of regular pirates on Lokyan's side, but every Samuli Sobakov or Alec Morgan on Analdrun's side is a massive loss for us." She rested her forhead on her hands. "Not to mention that something must have changed for Analdrun to become this bold, something we've missed."

She started tapping on her forehead, punctuating each tap with "think"

"I'm going to have to bring this up with the Yokaze. I've missed something , but what?"
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The setup for Analdrun's Territory, a growing third of the blooming metropolis, called Drun by the locals, was simple.  It was a place for sentients to experience true freedom. An anarchy, where an individual could form their own way by the power of their wit and the strength of their arm. The greater the person, the greater their impact, and in this place Analdrun, with the undying loyalty of its crew, had risen as one of three kings. The Hanar's power, however, was limited to that small space. And rejected by any greater entity of power.

But they were fools to deny it. Rouger was a true representation of the carelessness, the unsympathetic, cruel nature that so often the contract of peace attempts to mask and to repress.

Hiding this is a deception to the self. It forces civilization into a stagnant and steady degradation that slowly eats away until it tears apart the construction's very heart. To deny the desires of one's heart is to deny truth itself.

And truth was the very thing Analdrun sought above all else. The Hanar wanted to know itself, so it followed the desires of its own heart and submerged itself into the pleasures that followed. But it was not enough. The Hanar realized its own heart had an insatiable appetite that only grew and multiplied even as it fulfilled each whim, each craving that the ravenous sensation required. Credits poured into its desires, but no matter how dark the perversion, no matter how inexplicable the pleasure, Analdrun found itself wanting more.

"This one is finished."

The Hanar turned away as the guards retrieved the women, dragging their unconscious bodies back to the cages below.

Analdrun dipped its tentacles into a small pool of water, letting the redness of human blood cloud away, following the sensation with its sensory ability as the water rippled.

"Maeve's in the comm room, sir." Thema stood to the Hanar's right. She was so constant a presence that Analdrun had come to think of her as an extension of itself.

"This one thanks you. Inform her that this one shall be along shortly."

Thema nodded curtly and left the room as the Hanar turned its gaze to the fluctuating patterns above.
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"My guess is that he probably realized that if a war was to breakout, he might have the smaller stick against Lokyan while the three clans aren't a huge army, each Shinobis is equivilant to at least 15 regular soldiers. Analdrun is probably getting better trained "Specialist" to increase his odds, and I wouldn't doubt it if he were to get some of his own slaves to make into standard grunts to try to be Lokyan and sheer numbers."
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Kara thought about that for a moment, the gears turning in her head. "That would make sense, but at the same time he'd have to have a plan for Tobias, let alone the resistance he'd face if he took Kalihir." She pointed to the condiments at the end of the booth. "Pretend that's Kalihir and the table's the desert. There's a reason Lokyan chose the half of the city that backed onto it, other than Drell biology. If Kalihir was lost, our forces could retreat into the desert and keep the war going until Analdrun had nothing left. I helped Maeve negotiate her contract with him, I know he's thought of it when he's not tentacle deep in some poor girl"
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Tobias sat across from Owen in the alley way.  He didn't exactly expect the kid to ask for a job.  After all, he was hanging around with Maeve when they met.  But that little cage match back at the bar taught Tobias a lot about his new friend.  The kid was green, no doubt, but he fought with honor, even when faced with a vastly superior opponent.  Hell, he even managed to win.  Finding someone with integrity in this **** heap of murderers, rapists, and thieves was a hard thing to come by.  And so Tobias learned to value personal character above all.  But still, questions needed to be answered.

"I think we might be able to work something out.  But first I have two questions.  One: Why do you want to throw in with me and mine?  And two: how exactly did you meet Maeve?"
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"Well considering the bastard's resources, it'll take a while to drain him of his resources, besides, for all we know, in the event that he takes Kalihir, he might just defend the cities and maybe send scouts out for us."

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Kara couldn't help but laugh. "While I'm not the one in charge of strategy, I'd wager the clan leaders have enough contingencies to keep us going for a while. And, have you noticed how much advanced technology keeps flowing through the fleet? Lokyan and Hyun disappear for half a decade, then return and from nowhere build an army of freedom fighters and a Tech company that dominates most of Asia basically overnight? None of us were around in the early days when Analdrun and Lokyan first threw their weight around, and anybody that was is either sworn to secrecy or completely disappeared, on both sides." Kara felt comfortable talking strategy, it was her bread and butter after all, "I get the feeling that a slave army and a ragtag group of freedom fighters aren't the only thing those two have in the wings. Something other than Tobias brought them to peace, and when the gloves finally come off, it won't be pretty."

It wasn't often that Lokyan wandered Kalihir freely, as he was always planning raids, attacks, and all manner of things against Analdrun and his ilk. So long as the Compact stood, his people would never be free. So long as Analdrun stood, he was limited in how far he could spread Kalihir. At border where the city met the desert, he made a call.

"Amelia. Depending on how this goes, we may need to get the band back together."

"I'm sure I can rouse the lion if need be."

The Katanask building dominated Old Tokyo, the same rooftops that Hyun had run across with her brother as a child, the same street that he had been killed in, she stood above it literally and mentally. The haphazard assortment of roofs, bridges and debris made for the perfect playground, and it was here that the Shikaeshi trained before being sent to Rouger. Occasionally, a black blur could be seen jumping between the rooftops. The Old Tokyo Defence force paid Katanask Technologies no mind of course, as the same technology powered the entire police force. Stepping away from the window, Hyun moved into the laboratory, where a massive gun waited for her touch. Grabbing her tools, Hyun went to work as a man spoke to her over the phone.

"So, Rouger, eh?" The voice asked. "I knew you and your husband had gone back to his old freedom fighting gig, but taking over a planet." He whistled. "A belated Mazeltov, by the way."

"Well, with your leg up in starting KT I managed to secure quite a few patents that made me a lot of money." she replied, sparking her torch. "And thanks, Z. It's not like you missed much, the Insteenos scared everyone that Herc and Bill didn't."

"Ah, how are they, by the way? I know Huxley got his family land in Kensington back, and Hunts... 'Acquired' the rights to a rather nice Oil Field outside Neo-Houston, what about the Insteenos?" The sound of ice clinking into a glass followed, along with the pouring of a liquid.

"They're tailors now, Gah, bastard!" she exclaimed as she burned her finger. "And before you ask, no, I have no idea where Herc and Amy went. Last I heard he was living somewhere in Russia, but it's not like him to stay idle."

"Tsk, so no sudden urge to come work for me again?" The voice said, mocking disappointment. "Your old lab is still here you know."

Hyun laughed. "You know, I prefer being shot at by pirates than Batarian Militants. Plus, you're retired from that line of work as well. Or so you keep saying."

"You know I'm a man of my word. Hera and I have settled down, no more overthrowing of governments for me. I'm just a regular super rich CEO, faking my Tax Returns and visiting charity dinners like the rest of them."

"Huh. Never thought I'd hear the great and mighty Zeus sound bored."

"Please, I'm not Zeus any more. I'm Zachary Jove the Third, Philanthropist."

"Uh huh. I'll believe that when I see it. I'll talk to you later, I've got a client." She replied as she hung up.

"I thought he'd never shut up." A deep voice started from the corner. "Thanks for not telling him where I was. Is my gun nearly ready?"

"Just about." Hyun replied, closing the panel on the side and hefting the weapon. "Ancestors, how much does it weight now? I turned down the gravity in this room and everything."

"About two tonnes." The man replied, taking the gun as if it weighed an ounce. "Thanks. I ran out of ammo and had to beat a few people with it, pretty sure I knocked something loose."

"You warped the barrel, the trigger guard, the firing mechanism, AND the butt. Take better care of your equipment for god's sake."

"I'll try." He slung the weapon over his shoulder. "Now, I need to get back to the shuttle before Amelia gets mad at me again. Oh, speaking of which, our anniversary's coming up. Did you get my order?"

Hyun brought up her Omnitool and read of the order. "Let's see, one reusable rocket launcher, a flamethrower with seventy-five refillable canisters, and one 'Onee-Chan Hyao's home bakery kit'"

"Sounds about right, I'll see you later." he replied, heading out the door.

(I got bored and Hyun needed things to do. AND THIS IS AN OPEN CHALLENGE. THERE WILL BE NO MERCY IN THIS WAR!)
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(Well this escalated quickly.)
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(Eh, I'll involve who I need to for good storytelling, even if I have to not involve characters. But I would be lying if I said I didn't want Herc 2.0 to have a slugging match with Tobias's YMIRS and whatever Analdrun brings. Don't worry, this Herc isn't quite as overpowered. )
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Andrew thought about what she said. She had a good point they both need to have something else that has been keeping them from fighting, and from what he's seen, Tobias couldn't be it.

"well that's one thing that's certain, no matter what, it will be brutal." He then remembered her reaction to killing. "Don't take this the wrong way, but how would you react to all the fighting? If a bar fight burdens you this much, what would a full on battle make you feel?"
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Kara paused. She hadn't thought of that. "Honestly? I have no idea. I'm a strategist at heart, and I get the feeling I won't be spending it behind a strategy table moving pieces around a board. I-" she stopped to think. "I have no idea if I'll even survive."
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"You'll survive, I'm sure of it, you may not like it, but you're trained on surviving, staying hidden and defending yourself." Andrew knew how she felt, he felt the same way when he joined the Alliance when he was younger. Though the training he received from the military, was basic and flawed. He could tell she really disliked the idea of her having to fight.

"So, I have to ask, since you're against the life we live and what we do, how did you end up in Rouger, a shinobi yourself?"
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"I spent my entire life with my body not being my own." Kara shuddered. "I was an object, to be... used and discarded. I bounced from master to perverted master until I came under Maeve's... ownership. I negotiated her admission into his employ and he... h-he..." she felt vomit rising in her mouth. "I'm sorry, I need to stop. Please, just go."
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He returned to feeling like a complete ****. He could feel that it was painful for her to talk about it. He got up from his seat

"Forgive me, I didn't mean to bring up any bad memories." He said sincerely, "I guess I'll go now, and my name is Andrew, it was a delight to make your acquaintance." He bowed and turned around and began to walk away.
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Lokyan sat atop the roof of his compound on the far eastern side of the city. From it, he could see everything, the desert that grew from Kalihir, to the quiet coastline that Aldrun straddled. The evidence of conflicting ideals was prevalent in the planet itself. Lokyan waited for his contact to arrive, having recently returned from a mission. The Drell reached into the small paper bag beside him and withdrew a bottle, beer brewed from the desert fruits themselves. He popped the cap off with his sword and waited, as he had been doing for years now...

When the man walked away, the air flickered on the bench across the table and in the seat to Kara's right, revealing two Drell; Asa and Gaijin. "Phew, thought he'd never leave. You alright Kar?" Asa asked, putting an arm around her. "It's alright. I'm here. You keep that brain box working, and I'll do the fighting for you, alright?"

"Thanks Asa." Kara replied with a smile, her eyes still a little wet.

"Ladies?" Asked Gaijin, "Can we get to business? Any news on the Aldrun front."

"Not a sausage." Asa replied. "All I know is that Sobakov's been quiet, Maeve's on planet, and we've got Captain Morgan running about. No idea what he's up to, since he's batshit insane."

"I- I saw Maeve today." Kara replied quietly. "She almost caught me. I was almost taken. Other than that. I learned nothing before being exposed." she squeaked.

Gaijin sighed. "Damn. It's too quiet. There has to be something going on! Maeve's presence confirms it. You two have a drink on me, I need to consult the Yokaze." He stood and started for the door. "And Kara. Chin up kid, you did good today."
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 Michael Killigrew caught sight of the drell, legs hanging off the rooftop, staring off at the sunrise, sipping the beer in his hand thoughtfully, from the long beaten path that lead to the leader's compound.

"Nothing ever changes..." He muttered to himself, stuffing his hands into his pockets and making his way down the dusty path as the sun cut lines of light across his back.

Working for Lokyan hadn't been the worst thing to ever happen to him; the pay was steady, but not so steady that he could take off, it wasn't too hard to make friends, but it wasn't hard to make friends anywhere, and the leader was, more than anything, a predictable sort. The Drell followed a code of honor, his own code, fashioned by his own hand, so far as Michael could see, and never broke it. He'd treated Michael with dignity, even offered friendship. But Michael was not in the habit of making friends.

Only enemies.

No ladder lead to the rooftop, and Michael grabbed hold of the edge, hoisting himself up by the strength in his arms. Grunting, he got to his feet and found his place just behind Lokyan.

The Drell made no indication he had seen the human make his way behind him, but Michael had enough experience with the Drell to know better than to believe the farce.

"Hey." He took hold of the paper bag, drawing from it a cold bottle of golden alcohol and let go of the the paper, feeling it flutter against his hand before flying away in the wind. A hiss and a pop came from the glass as he bit off the metal top. Gulping down a long drink, he took a seat beside the alien. "Nice view."
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"Hm." Lokyan simply said, looking over. "It'll look so much better when I tear down that palace over there." he added, before gesturing at the coast line. "Everything over there will kill my people. The water, slavery, that damned Hanar... It makes you think, doesn't it?" he took another pull on the bottle.
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"Tear it down? That would be such a shame." Michael said thoughtfully. "The architecture parallels that of the Roman Colliseum and Garden of Versailles. You'd be better off renting it out or using it for your own purpose. A playhouse, for instance." His voice raised in resonant pitch. "A garden of the arts, where men may bring forth that which they have carried from the respectable, to show to the irrespectable." He laughed to himself. "A real piece of irony that'd be. And all you'd need is a flow of cash to keep the artists coming."
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Lokyan found himself laughing. "You know, you're right Michael. The longer this goes on, the more that end goal seems farther away. If we win this war, I will be leader of the first entirely free colony. No more swashbuckling, more politicking. No more terrorism, more governing." He took a long pull on his beer. "You know, I once had to set enough charges to destroy a Batarian space station's Eezo core, roughly twice the size of all of Drun, while being shot at on all sides. Some days, I'd rather be back there, me and five others against the world. Not this political tennis with a Hanar that fancies himself Nero. And this isn't even the big leagues yet."

Groaning, he stood and threw a salute to the entire town. "Soon, I will be the Pirate King of Rouger! And none will stand in my way!"
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The pirate let his captain have his moment, and raised his glass at the end of Lokyan's talk, saying "Here, here!" and taking a swig.

"I don't doubt you won't have any more use for me after that." Michael drank from the bottle, and breathed. "So I guess we'll both go our separate ways. I'll give you what's yours and you'll... give me what's mine." And his years of slavery would be over.

He smiled sardonically at the hypocrisy of the vigilante leader, and took another sip of the free beer.
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Lokyan sat down again beside his Lieutenant. "Don't think the irony isn't lost on me, Michael. Once we have control of Kalihir, you'll get your Eezo, and you can do what you please. Of course, you could always stay." He took another drink. "You're a good man, and I have to admit I was desperate when I took you on. I needed captains, a freed slaves don't tend to have that sort of experience. Why become just another pirate captain, when you can become a governor? A General, an Admiral?" He made a wide sweeping gesture, encompassing the coast and the desert. "This is a big planet Michael, and I say, why stop at Kalihir? Why not spread out? This planet is a veritable Eden, my friend. A land of opportunity like none other."
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"Well...." Michael said slowly. The sun crept over the horizon, shooting over the desert and lighting it in a golden hue. The red crevices, worn by sand and wind, gave the long rock planet the look of a frozen, molten ocean. He sighed in awe of the beauty. "I'll think about it when it happens."

It was a lie. Michael's mind was made up, and had been made up since the day he put a sword in Maeve's hand and threw her from his ship. He didn't want to share anything with anyone. Facing the universe alone, throwing people aside like pawns, holding no attachments, that was the galaxy he sought.

If he wanted power, if he wanted to coddle and try to fix the weak and foolish, he would've returned to Citadel Space and forced his uncle to return to him and Maeve their birthright, by whatever means possible. But Michael didn't want civilization. He wanted freedom.
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Lokyan smiled. He knew Michael too well. "Just remember Michael, if you ever need help out in the great wide realm of space, Rouger will always be here for you. You helped me keep it all these years, even though I forced you to. I wish you luck on your grand adventure, but first, we have a bigger jellyfish to fry. What did you find in your little outing? Anything good? Some new slaves to emancipate?"
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"We intercepted a good number of Aria's slave shipments last night. Her connections with asari space yielded plenty of resource." He yawned, stretching as he stood. "Even so, we only managed to convince about a sixth to take up arms alongside us. The rest preferred to set off on their own, so we paid for their fare and dropped them at the nearest spaceport, like you ordered. Analdrun's usual slave routes are going along like normal; the guy hasn't even lowered the guard on his shipments. As for his Tortuga, I had a few scouts follow it, but haven't heard from them since midnight." They had probably been discovered and shot down, but Michael knew he didn't need to voice that fact. "That's about it. Pretty normal week otherwise."
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"So, that's some new blood. I reckon about a fourth of them will join the front lines, and Analdrun's still jumpy." He rubbed his chin as he finished his bottle. "Recall the scouts and put them to work on softer targets, blowing the legs out from under him is how we win this. And approach Alec Morgan. The man's crazy, but I'd rather have him on our side. And Michael, if it came to it, would you kill Maeve? Could you?"
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"Yessir." He drawled. "Alec Morgan, no problem. Easy pickin's." And then the Drell asked him a question that made Michael's blood run cold.

"Yeah, yeah." Michael said easily. "I could, easy." He made a gun with his fingers and shot at his head. "Just like that." He grinned, while the memory of her pleading, screaming face when he told her to leave forced itself into the forefront of his mind. He kept the smile plastered to his face, and buried the thought and the emotions that came with it.

"I could kill her." He said.
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"Good, because it may just come to that." He simply said, turning his eyes back to the sunrise. " 'Tis a sad day, when brother must take arms against brother, as blood harms blood, neither wins; both become lesser." He took a breath as the words floated across the air. "My mother used to say that, when my brothers and I fought. I heard it the day I killed two of them, and I hear it every day Tai still draws breath. Every time I hear of him killing people like us. Killing a sibling is no easy matter Michael, you say you could do it if you wanted, but steel your heart for when the day actually comes. You may find yourself mistaken."
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"That's a nice piece of poetry. It cuts right to the heart of the matter, and shows control of language besides." Michael let out a dry laugh. "I never told you, did I? I've already killed three brothers and a sister. One more won't be a problem. Blood ties mean little in the face of your own life." His hands found his pockets again. The memory coursing through him made his flesh grow cold, even as the heat of the sun rose on Rouger. "You can trust me to fulfill my portion of our arrangement. After all..." He fished his mind for the answer, and smirked when he found it. "'The mind is its own place and in itself, can make a Heaven of Hell, a Hell of Heaven.' So saith John Milton, the great and ancient human author."
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"I get the feeling that Milton would get along well with the ancient Drell philosophers." Lokyan sighed. "That statement takes on a whole new meaning when you're physically unable to forget anything. Well, it's a brand new day. Let's see what trouble we can drum up, eh?"
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How much to tell, Owen thought to himself, It usually isn't a good to start a job interview telling them you murdered your previous boss.  But what else to say?  Quickly, he came to a decision.

"I was impressed onto a ship called the Spartan," He began, "It was a living hell.  They used us like cannon fodder and after a few months, all of my ship mates they pulled onto the ship were dead.  Today, the bo'sun brought me ashore to help with a supply run.

"He was a real bastard, and today it caught up with him," He took a breath, "He bought a slave and decided it was time to have a bit 'fun' behind the bar.  We had a disagreement and he ended up in the dumpster...I set the slave free and the blue **** robbed me blind for repayment. I think Maeve found it funny and so she came out and started lecturing me on the facts of life here on Rouger."

Owen struggled to his feet, "So that's my story. Can't go back to the Spartan, even if I wanted to.  Maeve offered me a job on her ship--but the price was more than I cared to pay.  Believe it or not, she recommended I join up with you.   I was a gunner's mate on a dreadnaught in the Navy and I've had some training with assault rifles.  I'm a good worker on ship maintenance  and assisted the armorer on the ship.  Will ye take me?"
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Tobias sat listening to the kid's story.  He was lucky he even ran into Tobias.  If anyone from his old ship found out what he had done , he'd most likely be shoved out of an airlock.

"So your boss was going to **** a slave, and that didn't sit well with your conscience? It is quite hard to find someone with one of those on this planet.  It's a pitty about the woman robbing you though.  You spend enough time stuck on this world and it changes you."  Tobias was beginning to be impressed by the kid.

"I personally refuse to deal in slaves though.  I feel it defies every living thing's right to be free and do whatever the hell they want.  And that happens to be quite the unpopular opinion on this planet.  But, coincidentally, I have a shiny new ship in short supply of trustworthy people.  Welcome aboard...Now tell me, what do you know about the politics of this shitheap of a planet?"
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 Owen nodded, "Call it self-interested conscience-- I had a bad meld with an asari once.  Kind of crap sticks with you; you don't forget it," It also gave me a good amount of time with his back turned,  "To Be fair, Batarians are monsters.  He'd made life on the ship even worse than it might have been.  If not me, someone would have stuck him eventually."

He pulled out a handkerchief, stuck an end into his mouth to wet it, and began to wipe the blood off his face, "Can't say I know much about Rouger.  I only found out the name of the planet when I came off the ship today," He frowned, then remembered, "Maeve said it's an awful place, full of blackguards and fiends.  She also mentioned something about avoiding another captain named 'Lokyan.'  Said I'd wind up dead in short order with that one."
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Tobias cocked an eyebrow.

"You are green.  Well in that case, allow me to give you a crash course on this planet.  Rouger is controlled by three captains: a Hanar named Analdrun, a Drell called Lokyan, and myself.  Analdrun is, for simplicity sake, an evil rapist bastard.  He controls the district we are in, and most of the coastline of this city.  He runs pretty much all of the slave trade on this planet.  Maeve is his right hand ****.  I'm surprised she didn't just impale you in you in your little cage match.  Lokyan controls the other side of the city near the desert.  He is staunchly against slavery, but is also quite the assassin, terrorist, pirate, and hypocrite.  Why he is still here I have not a clue.  His wife runs one of the largest technology corporations on earth, which keeps his band of self proclaimed freedom fighters stocked with the latest organic augmentation technology.  He's got a flare for Japanese culture, controls a band of cyborg ninjas.  And then there is me.  When Analdrun and Lokyan were in an all out war, they called me to be the broker of peace.  I control the only eezo mine in the sector, and I'm pretty much the only person in several thousand light years willing to sell to a bunch of pirates.  If they go to war, the eezo stops.  Can't have much of a war without fuel for your ships now.  And so here I am, trying to keep the peace on this hell hole and prevent Lokyan and Analdrun from blasting this place to dust.  Sure this place is full of criminals and murderers, but there are also a lot of innocent people who don't deserve the hell those two will bring.  But make no mistake, Analdrun and Lokyan may seem amicable with each other on the outside, but an all out war is inevitable at this point.  Well there you have it, the shotgun version of this little world.  With any luck we may all not be brutally killed in the next month or two.  So knowing all of that, are you prepared to fight in  a war?"
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It was a  lot to take in.  Cyborg Ninjas? He thought, Should have taken up with Flanagan and that security gig way back when.  He weighed his options and quickly realized that he didn't have many.  Can't go back to the Spartan--would have died on that hell eventually anyway.  Not much to do here by myself with no credits and no prospects.

"Sure sounds like we're living in interesting times, Captain," He stuck out a hand, "I'd be dead if I stayed on that ship anyhow, I'm dead if I keep wandering around this disctrict; sounds like war might be my best chance at staying alive."
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Tobias smirked at the comment.

"That is probably the most ironic and true statement I've heard all day."

Tobias shook the kid's hand.

"Welcome aboard.  And I apologize for dropping that all on you.  But in my line of work, it pays to be direct.  Now lets get back to my ship.  I'll have the doc look at you when we get there."
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(Go ahead and ghost us around if you like.   I'm in the car on the way home now)
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Ka'agar stepped off the shuttle and onto the planets surface with a scowl, sniffing and surveying his surroundings with disdain. His bright red Blood Pack shoulder patch naming him easily among the crowded spaceport as a mercenary. His sparse but thick armor, along with his weapons made passing through security a hassle, and more than a few times it had almost escalated into a full blown fight when they repeatedly turned him back. It wasn't until he flashed the authorization papers he'd forgotten about that they dropped the issue and let him pass.

He hated having to even need 'papers' just to get inside, and would much rather have torn the entire security team limb from limb given the choice. All he knew for certain was to present himself to some big time criminal that ran things here planetside. Anal-something or other. He dropped the name and got directions easily enough, though the laughs and chuckles made him rage inside to reach out and tear a throat out.
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The comm room was a small space on a small ship. Beneath the form of a cloaked woman, the circular floor lit up in a collection of spiraling rings that scanned and recorded the lines of dialogue passing from the human to the jellyfish-like alien. 

"Exactly as this one stated, retrieve the assassin Sobakov. This one and its ship shall be docked in the Primary Hangar at 12:00 in the Galactic standard of time."

Maeve nodded curtly. "Understood."

"No, do not take leave at this time. This one has more communication to convey to the other."

Maeve's hand hovered at the comm console, and she stared at the scratchy blue holo of Analdrun expectantly.

"This one has been informed of the other's careless actions during her last free time. This one requests that the other will exercise her mind and recall to what this one refers."

She nodded.

"Good. This one knows the other feels shame at her actions. The current time is ripe for change, and any action taken can incite the conflict towards either our mutual destruction of continued alliance." Analdrun physically moved not an inch, but Maeve felt as though the creature hovered a hairsbreadth from her. "This one would hate to lose the other."

"I will not make the same mistake."

"This one is pleased to hear such words. Yet, even so, precautions must be made. An escort has been arranged, personally by this one's most trusted vassal, and should be arriving on the planet shortly. The directions to the other's ship have been given and received, so be sure to welcome the newcomer with open arms."

How annoying. Someone to drag her down and follow her around. Maeve's eyes narrowed into slits but she nodded once more to the hologram. Analdrun sent her a pleased fluctuation, and exited the channel.
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"Gaaaaah! No care! You not get in my way!" Ka'agar shoved the man at the gates hard in the shoulder, forcing him back a few steps. The other two gate guards were gruff looking turians, who quickly stepped forward to defend the first. With a snarl/snort, He lashed forward with one clawed hand at the closest face, sending him reeling. The second guard tackled him, wrestling Ka'agar to the ground where he quickly rolled from under the top heavy man.

He leapt away after he escaped the guards tackle, squaring himself off against the three men right outside the main gates.
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(Sigh, everyone wants to join the evil jellyfish or the cyborg ninjas.  Poor poor Tobias.  Fine!  Be that way!  tank and I will fight all of you!)
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(I think it's a matter of Tobias' fleet being unknown at this point. And everyone loves ninjas. )
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(Yeah I need to think of an angle for Tobias.  Analdrun is the evil slaver who castrates dudes.  Lokyan has his ninjas.  Tobias is just...not a dick.  And his robot army must be kept secret for now.  Also I was thinking it is about time the three captains had a meet.   Would you and revan agree?)
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(I agree)
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(Bring to campaign discussion plz that way can talk and plan out together.)
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Ka'agar smiled wide, his needle like teeth turning his angry expression into a wicked grin when the first guard charged him. With a flare of orange he flung up his Omni-claws, slashing across his stomach in a wide gash that made him scream. immediately after the man fell he brought up his flamer and let loose on the other two, laughing as they howled and fired their weapons sporadically in agony.

He emptied the flamer and retained his smile as he watched the charred men roll on the ground and moan in pain. Turning his attention back to the gate, he found the tiny security camera on one side and climbed up to it, shoving his face towards the lense.

"Helloooooo? Let me in now"
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It had been a while, but Sam had finally finished his grocery shopping. He'd had to kill a few merchants for being dishonest with him, but in the end he had  found enough respectable merchants to accumulate a hefty bag of fresh meat and potatos. He was carrying his haul back to his ship when he stumbled across a cafe, And a respectable looking one at that. He sat down at a glass table just outside the door and set his bag of groceries on top.

After a short wait, a slave came out and handed him a menu with a smile. As he returned inside without a word Sam noticed the familiar sight of a chip on the back of the waiter's neck. Sam was amused by the concept of a happy slave. Content maybe, but not happy. No slave could truly be happy. Diverting his attention to the menu, Sam noticed the menu consisted of mostly exotic teas and coffees all of which were wildly expensive. After a short time the waiter returned and asked for Sam's order

"I'll have the earth-grown fair trade medium blend coffee."

"Would you like sugar or milk in your coffee sir?"

The waiter was polite too, very nice.

"I'm fine without it."

The waiter took Sam's menu and went back inside the cafe. Less than a minute later a ceramic mug appeared on Sam's table. He leaned back in his chair and sipped away at his coffee, watching people pass by.
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(Should be able to post tomorrow. Sorry for the delay guis)
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(Sam will be waiting for you. :> )
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"Justice of the Peace my boney ass,"  Lenonius grumbled.  He should have never taken this position.  A turian was made for duty, was made for serving the hierarchy--for the greater good...This was his punishment for turning his back on who he was for petty cash--and to call himself 'Justice of the Peace.' Such a hypocrite.

Working in Analdrun's part of the city was easy enough; you turn a blind eye to most crimes--a few dead in a bar scuffle, a body showing up in  a dumpster--nothing new.  Some damn fool vorcha was causing trouble at in-processing--he wanted to just fry the little bastard, but he'd gotten orders to leave the vermin be.  All in all, it was nothing to worry about.  But last night...surely the spirits were punishing Leononius.

Two prominent slave auctioneers dead.  Right in the middle of slave territory...two big shots and five of their body guards.  The assassins had almost made a clean get away, but the remaining body guards had killed one of them.  It was a damn human, but worst of all, he'd been carrying a swords.  One of the humans on his staff called it a 'tanto,' and only one group operating on Rouger carried the archaic things--Lokyan's little band of terrorists...

Word had spread quickly and some of the more militant batarians and vorcha had mobbed up and started slaughtering anyone with a blade.  Some thirty people had died--most with nothing more than a utility knife or kitchen cutlery. The more sardonic of his humans were calling it a "Sword Hunt."  And the mercenaries were promising to go on another one soon.

"What the spirits is going on?" He cursed.

"What boss?" One of his underlings asked.

"The damn fools are going to start a war," Leononius spat, mandibles clicking.  "Spirits guide me, what am I going to tell Analdrun's enforcers..."
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"What a fool..." Maeve's words were directed two-fold; both to the hanar that had hired the vorcha and the vorcha itself. She clicked her tongue, and ordered security to open the door. "Bring the vorcha here. I'll see what he has to say about Analdrun's orders..." And from there she could decide whether the creature was worth more to her dead or alive.

Turning away from the camera feed, she opened her omnitool's messaging system and tapped 'Assassin 32'.


Analdrun has set aside the time to meet with you today. An hour from now, meet me where first we met.


She sent the message, and waited for the door to open, and the vorcha brought in. Attacking two of her guards wasn't a very good first impression, but she had to allow the benefit of the doubt for the merc, only because her superior had chosen him.

She drew her blade, and touched it to the floor, staring at the door.
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"So this is the stray pup you found last night?"  The voice of a woman sounded as Tobias and Owen made their way through the airlock into the Claudia.  The figure of an Asari approached the two.  She was dressed in the skin tight black leather jumpsuit common to Asari commandos, and her looks could stop a man dead in his tracks.

"Mr.  Garibaldi, allow me to introduce you to my XO,  Trishka Valtannis."  Tobias said as he introduced the two.

"Eyes up here, little man."  Trishka began.  "We only got two rules on this ship.  You don't bring slaves on this ship, and you do your damn job.  Fail to follow any of the two, and I break my foot off in your pasty ass.  Got it?"

"She really is a lot friendlier once you get to know her."  Tobias retorted.

"Go **** yourself, Tobias.  Now if you'll excuse me, I have a ship full of **** and drunk pirates to keep in line."  Trishka said as she took her leave.

Tobias tilted his head towards Owen.  "Trish is a bit rough around the edges, but she'll pull your ass out of literal fire if it comes to it.  Don't let her intimidate you."

Once Owen had the time to survey their immediate area, he instantly noticed that the Claudia was no ordinary pirate ship.  The floor was lined in red velvet carpet, while the walls were adorned with intricate wood carvings and gold trim.  It looked like the inside of a luxury yacht, well, a luxury yacht with a lot of armor and guns.  Tobias looked about and smiled.

"So what do you think of the girl?  A bit extravagant, I know, but the previous owner I won her from had a penchant for style."

(Really?  It censored the word h-o-r-n-y.  WTF?)
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(Yeah, I'm looking into it. There shouldn't be any trigger words, yet it's picking them up. No clue why.)
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"She's not so bad," Owen said, watching the asari XO walk off, "I'm sure she'll warm up to me--I've got a winning personality.  But you should let her know," He felt the 2000 credit chit that had been left in his pocket--a strange turn of events, but better than a total loss,"if I had enough to buy a slave, I wouldn't need to join up as a deck hand."

Owen looked around appreciatively, "But I suppose you meant the ship, didn't you?  Haven't seen any place quite so nice since I left the Citadel," Owen said truthfully--even on his old smuggler's ship things weren't so nice.  "Sure as hell wasn't like this on the Spartan.  I was honestly just hoping for a sleeping pod I could share with the night shift--not a spot on the floor," He held his hands up, "Just kidding--I realize the crew don't all get the red carpet and suites.  I'll do my job and I'll do it well, whether it be a gun crew or janitor.  I'm grateful for getting me off the streets down there."
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"We are certainly no paupers aboard this ship.  And not to worry, I am sure you will earn your place on the Claudia soon enough.  Now I believe you mentioned you have experience in a gun crew?  Go meet with Mr. Tarsus on deck 3.  He is our gun chief.  Just look for the one eyed Turian, very hard to miss.  Now if you will excuse me, I have some business off ship to attend to.  Mrs. Valtannis has command until my return."

Tobias walked towards his command console and began discussing something with his intelligence officer.  If Owen cared to eavesdrop a bit, he would have caught bits and pieces of their conversation; phrases such as "is the intel solid?"  and "have them set up at the ambush point."  It was clear Tobias was planning something, but exactly what,  Owen would not have a clue.


As night fell again, a convoy of trucks rumbled down the twisting alleyways of the city.  There were three in total, two trucks escorting a single loaded to the brim with freshly sold slaves.  They had just come from Analdrun's auction house, and were being delivered to their new owner:  a rather prosperous and vile drug dealer of the red sand variety.  A dark figured stirred on the rooftops ahead, as the trucks bounced down the poorly paved paths.  He waited for the vehicles to approach, and when the time was right, he struck.  The fists of the armored man glowed an intense blue as he leaped from the rooftop, down onto the lead truck below.  With a massive shockwave of biotic force, his fist came crashing downup on the hood of the lead vehicle, blasting the engine block straight out of the chassis and into the ground.  The truck immediately stopped as the armored man stood up upon the twisted mass of metal that was once the engine compartment of the vehicle.  And it was in that moment that the two men in the cab caught sight of their attacker, right before his hands procured two custom Paladin pistols, which he subsequently unloaded through the windshield.  While the black armored man was having his fun up ahead, a bombardment of rockets screamed from the windows of the nearby buildings, reducing the trailing vehicle to a pile of twisted metal and fire.  The slave transport was trapped.

With all the commotion, armored soldiers emptied from the rear of the lead vehicle, attempting to take up defensive positions around the convoy.  The black figure dropped down off the roof, directly into the center of a mass of soldiers.  And with a two cracks he discharged his Paladins into the back of some unsuspecting soldiers' heads.  Their bodies fell limp to the ground as their comrades turned to face the attacker.  The armored figure wasted no time however.  Two more soldiers hit the ground before they even had time to react.  He moved fast, unbelievably fast.  Whenever a weapon was drawn to bear against him, he would knock it aside, retaliating with biotic blasts that send men crashing through the nearby walls, or shots from his Paladins that would reduce men to gushing mounds of blood and gore.  Within moments, the guards all fell, and the figure  approached the prize: the center vehicle.  The two guards manning the truck had already exited, attempting to flee down the alley.  A round caught one in the throat, sending him to the street choking on his own blood.  The last guard however, was far more fortunate.  Another crack tore through the air, and the guard's left kneecap exploded.  He fell to the ground in agony, looking back at the black figure calmly walking towards him.  The man loomed over him like the angel of death, the barrels of his Paladins aimed downwards.

"Tell Analdrun what you saw here today.  And let him know that this is just the beginning."  The figure said in a heavily altered voice before moving towards the back of the truck.  His omnitool flashed, and the hatch opened.  There were at least 50 slaves inside, cowering in fear from the commotion outside.  They were a mix of races, Asari, Drell, Human.

"Ladies and gentleman if you would kindly follow me, I shall lead you to your freedom."

One by one the newly emancipated slaves exited the truck and began to follow their anonymous savior.  The roaring of engines soon echoed down the alley, backup had arrived.

"Down here! Go! Now!"  The armored man shouted as soldiers ran through the burning wrecks and masses of bodies to try and reclaim their goods.  The armored man followed up behind the slaves, ushering them down an alleyway.  And when the soldiers rounded the corner, there was nothing but dust and the wind.  The unknown attacker and the former slaves had vanished without a trace.

(You know I should really give the whole vigilante persona a name other than "the armored man.")
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Sam had finished his coffee when he received a notification on his omni-tool. It was a message from Maeve to meet her in the bar Sam could never seem to recall the name of. He pulled a credit chit from his pocket and placed it on the table as a tip, took his bag of groceries, and set off again.

After he had stowed his groceries back on his ship, Sam returned to the bar and sat at a booth in the back corner of the establishment. A waitress approached his table and placed a bottle of some alien beer in front of him. Sam noticed it wasn't any of the waitresses who had served him before. Also  considering the fact that he hadn't placed an order yet, Sam assumed the beer was poisoned and left it where it was.
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Ka'agar smiled at the two guards leading him through the compound, though he doubted aliens could distinguish it from his usual rictus of anger. The two men were standing well back with weapons trained on him, but he hardly noticed. His focus was quickly shifted from his phalanx to the opulence around him in the base. His eyes began to shine with a greedy light at all the shiny and expensive things, and though he'd been told before hand not to touch anything, his soul urged him to anyway.

He was snapped from his trance walk by their arrival to their destination, a pair of thick metal doors that parted slowly to admit him into an office like room. The woman standing behind the desk looked frail to him, but then, all aliens did that. Without waiting for permission or acknowledgement he strode forward to her, unaware of social niceties and breaching her personal space to smell her better.

"*Snort* You alien lady I'm supposed to protect?"
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Maeve pushed the alien back with her elbow. "Keep your distance." Eyeing him cautiously, she tapped her blade on the ground, in his direction.

"Analdrun didn't send you a picture or anything?" Sloppy, but not atypical. Arrogance was the Hanar's Achilles' heel. But it was a weakness that kept Maeve's job secure.

Well, it didn't really matter. The Vorcha had found her anyway.

Maeve raised the blade to his neck. "Before you get started, there's one thing I'm going to make clear. You listen to and obey my orders. You do your job. You cause me a worse headache than you're worth, and you're done."
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Ka'agar snarled when she shoved him back, hissing and exposing his viciously sharp teeth even more so than usual. The blade she leveled at him made him calm down a little, but he retained his anger and kept his distance.

"Gaah! I'm paid to follow you, stupid alien. Ka'agar keep you alive." He locked his wild eyes on hers, his automatic urge to test her dominance was poorly restrained.
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"You're paid to follow me, true." Maeve pressed the blade further. "But I won't have you hanging around and causing me trouble. So either leave, or agree to my terms."
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Ka'agar let his lip twitch in barely restrained anger, but he knew he'd be killed if he screwed up this contract. Visions of krogan feeding him to his own varren made him swallow his urge to establish dominance. With a loud hiss he grudgingly nodded his head.

"Aaaah! I... will do as you ask."
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Maeve gave him one last, withering look before sheathing her sword. The warning was communicated, and it would then be well justified to kill the Vorcha if he did something unsavory.

Hopefully, his submission was honest. It was less trouble that way.

"When we get to the bar, wait at the entrance and follow Gordon's lead." Maeve spoke as she walked.

Maeve arranged for a second guard, a slave, that she introduved to the Vorcha as Gordon, she owned and trained, briefly, for such work. He was waiting at the main entrance,  and fell into step beside the Vorcha as the left the compound.

The sandy dirt and smell of heat--sweat mingling ripeness-- greeted Maeve at the exit of Analdrun's hangar. The roar of the Tortuga touching down sounded behind her, but Maeve spared not a glance, making her way down the winding alleyway to the 'Morbid Tentacle'.

At noon, the place held only a handful of patrons. It made it easier to spot Sobakov, seated at a table and staring down at a drink.

Maeve halted in her step before entering to ponder at the assassin.

"Keep an eye out for Lokyan's devotees. If you see any..." Maeve nodded at the Vorcha's arsenal. "Feel free."
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Ka'agar smiled grimly at her suggestion, idly caressing his shotgun in the hopes he could use it so soon after his arrival. He stood beside the odd alien who'd accompanied them, occasionally glancing at the man before being distracted by a glint of light inside the bar. His eyes snapped to the object, a tiny silver ring someone had dropped on the floor catching the light. He resisted the urge to go and grab it, standing his post and staring intently.

"So shiiiny." He whispered to himself.
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"You're early." Maeve said to the assassin. She stood at the front of his table, not touching the empty chair before her. "And not at all due to thirst, it seems." Regarding the full pint of drink before him.
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"Indeed. I came here early to see if I could recognize any of Lokyan's spies. So far I've spotted three of them."

(Sorry that I haven't been able to respond, power has been fluctuating for the past 2 days.)
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Maeve glanced around the bar, but didn't see anything out of the ordinary, nothing blatantly pointing to anyone as one of Lokyan's. Even as she was thinking that, a fat, hairy bar patron looked up at her, meeting her gaze and snapping their head away just as quickly.

Maeve clenched her jaw. The assassin had good eyes. That bothered her.

"Hopefully they don't plan on following us." She said, pointing for the door where her two escorts remained posted. "Let's go."

She'd be headed back the way they came, to Analdrun's hangar and Analdrun's ship. That was the only place the Hanar would take guests like Sobakov, the only place where the Hanar was certain it could overpower anyone and anything.

(No woreez bro! and welcome back :0)
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This...was unexpected.  Two pairs of eyes watched as Maeve, her pet vorcha, and the assassin left the bar together.  Normally the jellyfish's angry little bitch swaggered around on her lonesome.  Now she had two more people with her.  That could make things difficult.

Carefully, he sent an update to the task manager and finished it with Should I follow? He was sure he could easily follow them--they'd left some obvious plants in the bar to draw attention.  It was a nifty trick and few caught on.  Watching from the shadows, Maeve clearly overlooked him.  Few people suspected a batarian member of the Sukuu.

A reply came back quickly: Negative. Hold fast. Will re-evaluate situation with its new data.  Return home and see to your regular duties.  Do not allow the other shinobi to see you as you leave.
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"Aye aye captain." Sam grunted as he stood up to follow Maeve. As they made their exit, Sam placed a small trip mine just outside the door in the event anyone decided to come out the door after them.

Sam turned his attention back to Maeve.

"Is this your new pet?" Sam asked, referencing the Vorcha accompanying her.
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Maeve glanced at the Vorcha. "Yes." She said, turning down the corner.

Analdrun's docking bay rested on the far side of his territory, past a long, narroe bridge, past two security walls and atop on the highest point of a cliff that hung over an ocean.

The waters shone red, the high sun reflecting off the waters. Heat bit into Maeve's neck, and she felt sweat crawling down her back. With the armor she had on, no scratching could reach the discomfort, and the sensation coupling with the beating sun put her temper on a short fuse.

"Let us through." Was all the clearance she gave the guards before barging through the gates. The break in protocol disgruntled the mercs, but they made no move to stop them.

Maeve lead Sobakov into the hangar, up a back set of stairs and into the translucent bridge that extended into Analdrun's Tortuga.

Slaves marched below en masse.

"Below us is the hanar's merchandise. About fifty shipments pass through these hangar doors every day." Maeve recited the old lines as she passed down the glassy bridge, stopping at before the wide doors.

Three volus stood before them there, and the hissing breath of their suits exhuded their interest.

"Maeve, yes. *hiss* We've been expecting you."

"Open the door, Boran." Maeve snapped.

"*hiss* *hiss* *hiss*" The three volus stepped back in unified reproach. "How... how impolite, earth clan! *Hiss*! You will regret this..." One stubby finger pointed threateningly at Maeve, who rolled her eyes. After hissing and grumbling, the aliens called in Maeve's arrival, and the doors opened to the Hanar's chamber.

Maeve looked at the assassin, waiting for him to enter.
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Ka'agar hissed and snorted at the insult he'd been given from Maeve, but once again managed to restrain himself. He'd been treated much worse by his krogan overlords in the Blood Pack, and some verbal abuse was hardly even stimulating at this point. The hangar they entered got ignored entirely in favor of the three fat little aliens he'd never seen before, fascination beset him like a spell.

With a vacant stare he watched the conversation unfold, all the while wanting nothing more than to poke at their thick suits with a claw.

"You very fat, thing."
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Post by: Revan.Lorz on January 07, 2014, 09:27:08 pm
"*Hiss* You are very ugly." Replied Boran. The other two tried to cross their arms, but their tiny limbs failed to even touch across the large expanse of their bodies.
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Sam noticed the look on Maeve's face and entered the room ahead of her. Ahead of him was Analdrun, who floated behind his desk with what could be interpreted as a sense of superiority. Sam scanned the room for anything suspicious as he walked over to Analdrun's desk.

"Hello Analdrun." Sam said, ignoring the chair which was prepared for him in front of the desk. "If I understand correctly, you wish to employ my services."
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The room was alight with a soft, candle-like glow. Thema stood behind Analdrun, the shadows casting around her dark figure blending her into the environment.

"Yes. This one does." Analdrun floated around the desk to hover in front of Samuil. "This one would like to express its excitement and joy at finally meeting the other. This one has been an avid follower of the other for what seems forever." The placid voice belied the Hanar's excessive inner joy. The evidence was in its veins: glowing blue exhuded in waves, indicating, for its species, intense emotion. "There is much this one would like to show you. Come, come." The Hanar floated back over to the console behind the desk, and tapped into it with its extensive number of arms. The transparant walls flickered and expounded into color, each of them revealing a separate area of the ship.

The first was a room of cages, the huddled form of humanoid species residing within. The far wall portrayed a very different environment, where humanoids dined in luxury, the bracelets on their hands the only evidence of their bondage. To the right, an expanse of resource: goods and commodities taxied by motorized wagon from the ship. Behind, a blast of sound. And the turning of the head revealed the expanse of an opera house, but Analdrun closed that channel as quickly as it appeared. "This one would prefer the other to see this one's masterpiece in person."

"This one understands that the other wishes a reason to respect this one. Such words caused a growth of thought. What is worthy of respect? What could garner the attention of a killer and cause him to say 'yes, that is worthwhile.' This one could find no answer at first. It contemplated mimicking the other's style of killing, the other's choice of victim, but this one quickly dismissed such thought. There is no value in repetition. This one considered making a show of strength, as surely strength is something universally understood, and even arranged some of its most potent and destructive weaponry for show.

And then this one dismissed that as well. All strength can be broken. There is little value in showing it off, and the act is as foolish as when the males of the other's species compare the lengths of their sexual organs.

But finally this one came to a conclusion.

This one does not need or want the other's respect. There is no point or value in gaining it. Instead, this one will show you what it is capable of. And the other will decide for himself how he should think of it."

Analdrun allowed a break in its long speech for the human to speak. But it quivered, too, in anticipation for the entertainment it had planned. The next course of action would either abhor or intrigue the assassin, Analdrun was certain. It couldn't wait to discover which would occur.
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Samuil pondered what Analdrun had said. It had expressed it's intentions and it's views on respect and power. It was clear to Sam that Analdrun had a different view of the world. Sam would have to wait to see what Analdrun showed him next before he made up his mind on what to do.

Sam waited to respond to let Analdrun build up his nervous excitement, After a moment Sam spoke with a snake-like whisper:

"Very well Analdrun, show me what you can do."
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"Squishy jelly pay Ka'agar, you not disrespect or I claw you!" His mass of scars undulated as his face contorted in anger, giving off a visage of feral hate towards Samuli. It was all an act of course, a display of superiority for the big glowy jelly he considered the alpha in the room. Ka'agar had only seen the thing once over a Omni-tool call, but his Blood-Pack handlers had made explicitly clear, in painful terms, that he follow the glowy jelly's orders to the letter, along with Maeve's.
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Maeve kicked the Vorcha behind the kneecap and kept her gaze on him. "You aren't doing what you promised." It was a warning as much as it was a threat, and she was more than ready to follow through on it.

(One sec will add to this in a bit gotta confirm some stuff)
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Lokyan paced through his compound purposefully. In truth, it was the largest hideout he'd had since... well, ever. He was so used to boltholes on Kahje and safehouses on the Citadel that even now he felt as if the compound was too big. However, the size did give him space to train his followers, and he'd decorated with artefacts he'd 'liberated' from Rakhana, the dead world of his people. The main hallway was lined with ancient sandstone statues of ancient Drell warlords, poets, and kings, restored after centuries of sandstorms and the death throes of the Drell left behind. He smiled as he looked up at them. Soon, there would be a new generation of free Drell and, hopefully, soon his likeness would join the lines of kings that dominated the hallway.

But the Hanar seemed intent on ruining his day. "Damned jellyfish" he muttered. "First those 'Knife Hunts', now I've got assassins flocking to his ranks and three recon teams late on reporting. This just can't get worse."
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(Apologies for not posting more as of late, but I'll be visiting a friend in Ohio tomorrow and I'll be busy for a week  or so.I do have plans,but with murders and mob violence on the rise on Rouger...I might recommend rearming or another Munich conference.
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The airlock of the Claudia opened, and Tobias stepped out, making his way towards the CIC.

"Trish!  Looking radiant as ever!  Did you miss me?"  He said as he walked into the command center.

"Save the cheesy come on Tobias, you know damn well I'm spoken for.  The only reason I am here is because you have impressed the Asari government with your recent...activities.  Speaking of which, I assume your latest excursion was a success?"  Trishka responded in her usual no bullshit tone.

"That it was.  Now I think it is about time we set up a parley with our favorite Drell terrorist and psychopathic jellyfish.  This whole Sobakov situation has the potential to blow the lid off this planet, and I would very much like to put that off as long as possible."  Tobias said as he made his way towards a console.

"You're playing a dangerous game here Tobias.  I hope you know what the hell you're doing."

"As do I.  If not, well then we're all pretty much dead."  Tobias replied before setting his console to record and send a transmission to both Lokyan and Analdrun.

"Gentleman I think you both will agree that events as of late have caused tensions to be quite high in our little colony.  And it is my sworn duty to ensure that those tensions do not boil over into something infinitely more violent.  I therefore think it will be to all of our benefit if we had another one of our sit downs.  I suggest we meet in two days time, at noon, aboard my ship, the Claudia.  As usual you will be escorted from the gates to my hanger.  I would also like to remind you that only yourselves and your closest bodyguard shall be permitted aboard the ship, for your own peace of mind.  Any security entourage you may travel with will be forced to await your return outside my vessel.  As the trusted mediator in these matters, I assure you both that you will be safe as long as you are upon grounds under my control.  I look forward to discussing these pressing matters with you both.

Captain Tobias Westen, out"
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Ka'agar's eyes flew wide at the unexpected hit from behind, his screech of brief pain incredibly high pitched as he fell to his knees. He instantly looked behind him for the source of the attack, claws ready to kill whatever it had been until he saw only Maeve standing there. His expression of bewilderment must have looked quite comical to everyone else, but he genuinely did not understand.

Why does she hit? I only do what is expected of me.  Without a word he calmed himself enough to stand, gingerly rubbing the back of his knee on the way up. His head hung like a dog who'd just been scolded.
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Lokyan grimaced as he closed his Omnitool. The last thing he needed was to deal with was Tobias, the only reason he hadn't wiped the damned Jellyfish off the map.

Hyun would be back from Japan in time for the meeting, and he had the feeling that she'd be needed.
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Thema Cisse tapped in the commands to separate the captain's cabin from the Tartarus with practiced ease. The roof spun open as the small shuttle rose up into the night sky.

"Very good. The other's willingness pleases this one. This one shall take you to its most prized possession..." Analdrun said, facing the holographic wall.

The shuttle made its away across Aldrun, docking in the small port of the Rouger Trading and Entertainment Building.

Maeve motioned the Vorcha and her slave to follow after the ship landed and the front door slid open. Stepping outside, she took in the familiar sight of the cathedral-like building, with domed, painted roof and intricately decorated walls. A red carpet marked the path before them, leading to the third section, the Coliseum, home to Analdrun's favorite forms of entertainment.

Thema took up second, steps behind Maeve, and directly in line with Analdrun. The recent murders initiated by Lokyan's crew had set her on edge; she was every bit ready to throw herself in front of Analdrun should a threat present itself.

A huge archway awaited the group, leading into an balcony high above the ampitheater, from which a roaring, gutteral crowd could already be heard.
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Nick stepped off his private ship. His ship would've been targeted had it not been for Analdrun's ships escorting him into the system. He hoped that he can strike a deal with the Hanar in hopes are setting a foothold on the rapidly growing pirate hub.

He was closely followed by his 4 personal guards, all wearing Prototype armor and the newest Sionis Industries guns. As he made his way to the meeting spot Analdrun had told him, he looked around. According to his research, the city was divided in three, one side belonging to Analdrun, and another owned by some 'freedom fighter' Drell pirate. He scoffed at the idea, as nobel as the drell's goal is, it's a futile attempt. He began to approach the Analdrun Ship. He was rather early to their set meeting time, but he decided he should check in with Analdrun just in case.
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(City is divided into 3 parts.....Sigh....Everyone forgets Tobias.)
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Almost instantly Ka'agar's eyes went from moderately bored to wide in excitement at the introduction of the coliseum, And he scrambled forward to get a better view of the main stage. He hopped onto the back of a plush chair and sat on his haunches, grinning widely at the display below. He turned back for a moment, exuberance filling his voice and making him slightly high pitched.

"Have seen this before on Heshtok! Tribe have pit for fighting; lots of blood and death!"
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Sam looked out over Analdrun's Colosseum with a blank face. In a moment, a surge of forgotten memories surged back into his mind. What should have been his death, his salvation, and his hard earned glory. He remembered the faces of frequent patrons and the face of the salarian who always threw him a snack after every fight. He even remembered the stench of that unholy fighting ring. His face twitched, It wasn't normal to remember things after having them erased. After a flurry of thinking which lasted no longer than his flashback, he had made up his mind on the matter and moved onto something else.

He turned his head away from the Colosseum and to Analdrun. "Are the fighters any good?" He asked, hoping the answer wasn't no.
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Alec wandered around Drun for the better part of a day. The sun was high in the air, and he was... bored. Utterly, totally, BORED! His fun sense had been silent all day, and he was beginning to think that a planet full of bloodthirsty pirates got amazingly less violent as they got closer and closer. Like Ninjas in movies, a sort of... Conservation of Ninjutsu effect.

"Hmm. Maybe I should check the Extranet and see if it's already been discussed. Maybe a site about Tropes on Television." He mused aloud as he kicked dust down the street. It was then that he passed something he didn't think he'd see on such a planet.

A Toy Store!

And in the window, something he'd thought he'd never see again. "A 'My Pretty Horsie'!?" He exclaimed aloud.

Are you seriously still on the Horse thing? Sandra asked. It's a TV show for little girls.

"Sandra. We've had this conversation. That show is witty and funny beyond it's demographic, AND I NEED IT RIGHT NOW! IT'S A LIMITED EDITION SHYFLY! And that **** Cassidy isn't here to buy it before me like she did all those years ago."

He blinked. "I feel like something just tried to censor me."

Don't be such an uncultured ****, Sandra. Clara replied Pity it's not Prism Rush though. Shyfly ****ing sucks. It was Clara's turn to blink. I feel it too. A disturbance in my vocabulary.

"Nevermind that. Let's get in there now!" Alec exclaimed as he pushed open the door and ran inside, grabbing the small toy package off of the shelf and running to the counter. "One Collector's edition Shyfly!" He yelled as he placed it before the cashier, who looked from the small yellow pegasus on the counter to the cybernetic mercenary with the giddy look on his face.

The Turian raised an eyeplate. "Sir? Are you getting this for your... Daughter, or something? Not too many people like you come in here."

"No..." Alec said, puzzled. "It's for me. I've wanted one of these for a while."

"Uuuhhh huuuuuh." The cashier replied. "That'll be 300 Credits."

"Alrighty then, have a good day!" Alec said with a smile. He grabbed the toy from the counter and opened it, placing the horse on his shoulder, his arm's built-in Eezo Generators causing it to stick there. "Come on Shyfly, there's a marathon on tonight! We have so much to catch up on!"

Ha! Eat it Cassidy! It may have taken five years, but we finally got the Shyfly!

... You guys have no lives...

"Go away Sandra. We're enjoying ourselves." The mad merc replied as he headed back to his ship, unaware of the shadowy figure that was following him. "I'm suddenly aware of a shadowy figure following us." He added, narrowing his eyes.

You son of a ****, fine Alec, you want to play like that? Quick as a flash, the figure swooped down and grabbed the figure off Alec's shoulders, and he could swear he heard the Pegasus' soft voice crying for his help before the figure shoved her into the bag on its hip.

"Hey! Give her back!" Alec yelled.

 Yeah! We've waited too long for this!

Oh for god's sake. Just kill this fool and get on with it.

Alec pulled Clara out of her holster and pointed her at the figure. "Drop the horse and nobody gets hurt." He growled, making an otherwise silly request sound very serious.

"Really Alec?" She said with a ****y smile. "Don't you remember how this turned out on Omega? The horse is mine."

"Cassidy." He scowled. "You already got a Shyfly. I watched you steal it from my very fingertips. Why do you want this one?"

"Because I broke it."

"J- W- THAT MAKES MY POINT EVEN MORE SALIENT! You don't even know how to take care of a collectible!" He yelled.

"Doesn't matter. I have the horse now, and she's staying with me. Ta ta!"She called before running down the street, leaping onto the rooftops.

"Oh no you don't!" Alec yelled, chasing after her. He leaped onto the rooftops, pounding the tiles as he made his way after his rival, firing occasionally as the nimble thief seemingly dodged bullets, taking them across the entire city, before they wound up in a completely new place. Tobias' section of the city. The edge of the city rapidly approached, the sands shifting just beyond where the buildings ended. Cassidy stopped at the edge of the city, obviously not familiar enough with the layout to have eluded Alec.

"Drop. The. Bag." He growled, pulling Sandra from her sheath.

"Make me." Cassidy shot back, drawing her own blade, a thin, french blade.

"Ach, ye wee frog! Tha's not a blade, this is a blade!" He cackled, his scottish claybeg a much more impressive blade.

"We'll see." She said, jumping forward, flashing her blade. Alec caught the blade on his sword, surprised that the thing didn't snap in half. He swung Sandra again and again, her blade whistling through the air as Cassidy ducked and weaved, dodging every slash.

"Stay the **** still!" He yelled.

Seriously, how is she doing this?

"I think she's cheating!" Alec replied, exasperated. "How am I supposed to cut her with that going on?"

Hellooooooooo Clara called. I'm a gun, remember?

"Oh yeah." The Merc replied, quick-drawing Clara and firing thrice, the bullets pinging off of Cassidy's shields.

Frustrated, Cassidy jumped at Alec, aiming to stab at his leg, only to feint and instead go for his heart. Yet Alec somehow caught the blade, causing it to go straight into his arm, puncturing the synthflesh. "Wh- How did you?" She stammered as the merc raised his arm, carrying the smaller woman up with it as the artificial skin healed around it, keeping it there.

"I read the narration." He said simply, as if he were telling a child something obvious. He flicked Sandra casually, cutting the bag from Cassidy's armour. "Now get out of here."

The woman complied, scampering away from the site of her defeat as Alec ruffled through the bag, placing the small yellow toy in it's rightful place and yanking the sword out of his arm. "All is right with the universe." He simply said.

Hooray! Clara replied, clapping her hands excitedly.

 Hooray... I guess. Can we go home now?

Yes! We'll be just in time for the new episode! I heard it's a Shyfly episode as well!

"Caliente Damnanito!" Alec exclaimed. "All right, we'll go home, watch it, **** online, THEN we go and kill Cassidy."

Wait. Why did you let her run away then?

"In case I can't find anything else to do later. The Narration's not keeping up his part of the bargain. He gets to stay in my head so long as he comes up with things to do."

Well I'm sorry Alec. There hasn't been really much for you to do, I mean, you really are sort of a jo-

"Don't you DARE call me a Joke Character."

Did you just... Interrupt the Narration?

"Quiet, voice in my head. Send me home, and we can end this discussion that looks wierd to everyone else."

Okay, okay, jeez. Ahem...

With his prize reclaimed and sitting in her rightful spot on his shoulder, Alec purposefully walked back in the direction of his ship, wondering if anything else strange would happen this day. And how many more voices would appear in his head.

((Get back in here you wimps. I just wrote the most outlandish and stupid thing ever. AND I'M NOT AFRAID TO DO IT AGAIN. I HAVE A KEYBOARD AND I'M NOT AFRAID TO USE IT.))
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((I think I was just out Deadpool'd.  And I mean, the only thing I can do until Analdrun and Lokyan show up at Tobias' place is jack some more of Analdrun's cargo.))
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(Perhaps we should find an excuse to make an all out war happen already.  I have ideas.)
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(Was hoping for that to happen at the get-together..... twas my plan. BUT I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO HERE I FEEL LIKE THIS REQUIRES A LOT OF PLANNING AND RESEARCH. So work is difficult....)
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Manpower was key in the third portion, Analdrun's Coliseum. Slaves were handled with firm, iron hired fists. There was no emotion in their exchanges, as the slave master saw the merchandise as insignificant: the eyes staring vacuously out from the bars revealed no greatness in his looking.
No great thoughts or careful consideration went into his motives and little besides money fueled his actions. And this was more than effective. The slave master Trensus got the job done.
In the world under Analdrun, results were all that mattered.

"Special order tonight. Boss wants to impress." The turian beckoned with a clawed hand. "Bring in the Yahg."

His underlings obeyed with a speed that only pain could buy, pulling up on the console the illusive species. The cage rattled above, set down on a railcart ceiling path. The merchandise was carted out into position on the arena field.

"Now the champion." Trensus said. A miniscule hesitation, a flickering of the eyes followed his words, but the underlings obeyed in kind.

Trensus overlooked it. The Champion was beloved among the riffraff. A beacon of hope for the slaves. He had gained his name as a human, defeating species stronger and greater with no weapon beside his wit and teeth.

But today he would fall. Trensus watched the cage rattle towards the stage with a cold flicker of his mandibles. No human could stand against a Yahg alone.


Analdrun chuckled in the hanar way: waves rolling off its veins. "Good? This one can never predict the outcome. Watch with an apt eye, assassin. The other may even learn something."

Thema stared aptly over the railing at the enlarged arena. A bristle of excitement was buried within her, but Maeve could see it. The tall woman never took her eyes from the Hanar except when she stood within the walls of the Coliseum.

Maeve's omnitool ignited. She stepped out from the room to observe the message, and sat back on her heels when she read Nick had arrived.

Briskly, she made her way to the Arena entrance, and caught sight of the man entering the sky-touching halls. She waited for him to reach close enough that she could be heard and greeted him.

"Welcome back, sir." Maeve nodded deeply. "Analdrun has someone special for you to meet today. The Hanar hopes your prototypes have arrived with you..?"
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"Of course, I brought some of the smaller prototypes with me here" he signaled his bodyguard who brought Nick a black case.

"Now, where to?"
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In the coliseum's stands, a lone figure stood, a hood concealing his features. One hand rested on the pommel of the sword on his hip, and with the other he leaned on the railing, looking down into the ring. He normally hated using slaves as gladiators, and the coliseum itself wasn't exactly the safest place for him, but if what he'd heard was true; this would be a match he couldn't afford to miss.
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Ka'agar sat on his haunches in a chair, bouncing excitedly as the combatants were introduced. He hadn't even noticed Maeve's departure, so focused was he on the gigantic alien in the center of the ring. He'd certainly never seen a Yagh before, but he liked it already. It's roar was deafening, and had many rows of teeth to show.

He cackled loudly as the Yagh pounded on it's chest, feeling his own blood begin pumping furiously from the gesture and wanting to join in the fun.
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Sam stood rather than sit down to watch. He'd fought in hundreds of battles like this one, against a larger or stronger opponent, and won. He thought it would be nice to watch rather than fight for a change. That said, He would have put money on the human if he could find anywhere to place it. That thought gave him an idea...

"Analdrun, Let's make a bet. If the champion wins the fight, I will work for you until the task you wished to hire me for is complete. If not... I may do something else; Something... Sinister." Sam nodded his head towards where Maeve had been standing, to highlight the fact that she was absent. "So what do you say, deal?"
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Maeve took the briefcase and, pressing her hands against its side, snapped it open.

It was the first transaction between Sionis Industries and Analdrun's riches. The Hanar had paid the hefty sum for the item before the human's arrival, and assigned Maeve's DNA to the carrying case. The mission with it, too, fell on her.

Inside was a small, needle-like, shining orange dot, no larger than an ant. It was encased in a spherical vial, with an ejection command atop. Maeve passed through her thoughts carefully before raising her head.

She nodded at Nick, and took the sphere from its carrying case. "Did you have time to test it?"


The Yahg roared and raised a clamor, shaking the cage and setting the crowd into an excited, raising din.

The human stood calmly in his cage across from the beast. His poise was pointed, sharp, leaning forward. But his hands shook.

He did not believe he could win.

No weapon attached to his person beside the rag swaddled around his waist.

The man, Kent's, eyes narrowed as he stared across the expanse of space at the roaring beast far from him.

He wrung his hands as though to wash them, his eyes never leaving the Yahg. He was analyzing, plotting. His toes wiggled.

A loud, blaring noise, bright red lights, and the cage door burst open below him.


Analdrun seemed pleased. "Ah, yes. This one knows just what the other implies. Think nothing of it. This one shall have both. It shall have the other's respect and give the other all he desires." Analdrun twisted its tentacles amicably. "There is no sense in limiting ourselves to choosing one side or the other."
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Lokyan blinked as the Yahg began to charge. Everything that made up his being screamed at him to help the human down below, but he kept himself in check. He'd always had a team at his back, and fought enemies just as big as the Yahg, but he was a leader now; battles needed to be chosen.

"You alright boss?" Came a voice in his ear. "The exit corridor's still good if you want to bail."

"Negative, Gaijin. I'm fine. I was told Analdrun had something special planned for this match, I need to see it." From the corner of his eye, the Drell could see Analdrun's box, the Hanar seeming all the more like an ancient Roman emperor in his decadence. "Hold up, where's Maeve? I've lost visual. Kara, Asa, you have anything?"

"I'll have you know that I don't accept payment in that currency!" Came Asa's voice, the Drell in the crowd trying to disguise their discussion as a business call.

"Alright, how about you, Kara?"

"I... I think I saw her walk out a few minutes ago." Came the soft-spoken shinobi's voice, this was a bad environment for her, but she had to learn to get over it.

"Alright then, notify me if she shows up. I get the feeling she has a hand in what we're here for."
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"Tiny human get smashed! Gaahhaha! More blood, more!" Ka'agar bounced exuberantly, eyes alight with expectation of seeing the small human smeared across the arena in a fountain of red. "Big alien fight now! Go go!" His cheers of encouragement were mixed in and lost to the crowd's roar.
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"Yes, we found it only takes a few seconds for it to penetrate a shield and armor, and the nanobots are launched into the victim's bloodstream a few seconds later, ready to be activated"

Nick signaled for the next briefcase from his body guard. He placed it on table ready to show Maeve the next item from the shipment.
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Trishka milled about in the stands of the colosseum, making her way through the crowds of cheering drunks and criminals.  She blended in about as much as a leather clad Asari commando could.  It wasn't like she was trying much anyway.  Her presence may have been noticed, but not opposed.  Being second to Tobias, the "great broker of peace" pretty much allowed her to move as she willed around the city.  After all, Tobias wasn't the one trying to exterminate any of the other two players, not openly at least.

"Bunch of backwater f*cking savages."  She muttered "A**hole sends me here to watch the f*cking jellyfish in his temple of barbaric f*ckery."

Trishka always did have such a way with words.  Analdrun was clearly increasing the number of his company.  The vorcha was new, undoubtedly a new attack dog.  It wasn't like anyone in the galaxy hired vorcha for their lovely smiles and pleasant demeanor.  There was Sobakov, the assassin for hire.  And, of course, there was the jellyfish and his number one sociopath, Maeve.  With this many players, Lokyan had to have had at least a few people in the crowd.  But ninjas being ninjas, Trish didn't spot any yet. 

She watched below as the mammoth Yahg charged this "Champion," some unarmed human who looked like he was about to sh*t his pants and be eaten.  The order of which being up for debate.  But Trish was more interested in the departure of Maeve.

"Wherever could you be going you psycho b*tch?"  Trish pondered before pursuing.  She followed Maeve back towards the entrance of the colosseum, making sure to stay with the crowd and at least attempt to be unseen.  And that was when she saw the deal go down between her and the businessman.  With a few stokes of her omnitool she captured some images. And immediately sent them back to the Claudia.

"Tobias, we got a new player in town.  Well dressed human, just exchanged a briefcase with Maeve.  Run a facial recognition scan on the images I sent you."

"Beautiful and capable, you are truly one in a million Trish."  The voice of Tobias responded across the channel.

"F*ck off Tobias."
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"Boss, we have a bogey." Gaijin reported over the comms. "Looks like that foulmouthed Asari Tobias keeps around. She's wandering about the stands, if she keeps going where I think she's going, she'll come pretty close to Kara's position."

"Nice work, Gaijin." Lokyan replied. "All's clear here on the balcony, and the Jelly's made no sudden moves. Kara, you feel up for tailing the Asari?"

"I can do it, Sensei." Came the soft voice. "She won't even know I'm there!" She added with forced Bravado.

"Asa, run cover, if you see something, get her an escape window."

"Alright, you get me my credits and the deal's as good as done." came the reply.

Lokyan's eyes narrowed as he looked out from the standing-balcony. He could see Analdrun talking with Sobakov, and he wished with all his being that he had ears down there. Assassins were all well and good on Rouger, but it was people like Sobakov that made him uneasy. He'd worked with crazy people in the past, but what the Drell had heard of Sobakov made him want to force feed the man explosives and paint a room red.
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Alec wandered around Drun, humming a little song as he looked for things to do.

"My name's Alec Morgan, and I am here to say,"

Ever think we might be a little... Too crazy? Sandra asked.

"I'm gonna kill your foes and I will brighten up my daaaay~"


"It doesn't matter now, if you are sad or blue."

Well, here we are, walking down the middle of the street, singing an upbeat song, with a little plastic horse toy sitting on our shoulder.

"Because killing all your foes is just what Alec's here to do!"

I'll admit, we haven't really gotten many jobs since we got here. Then again, we haven't really been looking.

"Cause I love to get paid, paid, paid! Yes I do!"

I think you're all wonderful people. I quite like living on Mister Alec's shoulder.

"It fills my heart with sunshine all the while, yes it does!"

Shut it Shyfly!
Shut it Shyfly!

"'Cause all I really need's fun, fun, fun, from these happy jobs of miiine!"

Well hello. Look ahead. Those guys don't look to friendly.

Think they're mad that we killed that guy on our first day?

It's possible... Sorry, I'll be quiet, like you asked.

Without skipping a beat, Alec drew both his weapons and fired Clara twice, killing two mercs that obviously weren't prepared to face a madman, having not activated their shields yet.

"I like to see them die, I like to see them bleed!" He continued singing as he caught a blade on Sandra's basket, and emptied Clara's clip into its owner's belly.

Anyway, like I was saying. Maybe we should ask in Jellyland if they'd like to hire us to blow **** up in the coliseum or something.

"The depths of my purse filled up is always Alec's need!"

What, like a gladiator for hire kind of thing? Clara responded as a new clip slammed home and Sandra slashed across a man's throat.

"But if you're kind of worried, afraid my skills'll make you frown..."

Oooh! That sounds fun, Ms. Sandra! Shyfly added as a bullet whizzed past her, causing Alec to spin round and impale the shooter on Sandra's tip, smiling and singing still.

"I'll work real hard and do my best, to turn that sad frown upside down!" he sang in the man's terrified face before withdrawing the blade.

Seeing no more combatants, Alec holstered his weapons and started off in the direction of the Coliseum. "'Cause I like to make them bleed, bleed, bleed..." he continued singing.

Yeah, that's what I had in mind. I mean, worst case scenario? They say no.

Not like they can slap a slave collar on the big guy anyway. Remember the guy that tried the Neural Collar back on that Batarian ShitWorld?

Ha! I do remember that! I suppose when the Reapers scramble your brains, a few perks come to the forefront.

How do we know it was the Reapers that scrambled his brains? Maybe we just see things now that most people can't?

Why is it that every time a new voice comes in here we need to have a discussion on philosophy?

Sorry, won't bring it up again.
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Ka'agar had been watching the entirely one-sided fight with fascination until he finally realized Maeve was not on the balcony with everyone else. He snarled, upset at having lost track of his sole responsibility on this s***hole of a planet. He leapt off the chair overlooking the coliseum and headed back inside the entrance, sniffing her out and snorting in frustration. He refused to lose his pay so early.
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(yo toughluck be changin teh "chip" to teh "nanobots" and "system" to "bloodstream" for sake of science plz bro thankee)

Maeve tucked the pill-sized weapon into the web of her thumb and index finger. Nodding for Nick to continue, she raised her eyebrows in interest as the case opened before her.

"What have we here..." She murmered.


Kent ran perpendicular to the Yahg's constant charge, keeping considerable distance between them. Scant minutes had passed since they'd been dropped from the cages, and from the burning in his legs, Kent figured he could keep up this pace for about three hours at least.

But the Yahg was growing impatient. Its tri-mouthed jaw clashed its needly teeth together; its small, squinted eyes staring hungrily at the human. There was a hurried frenzy to its charge, and in the last escape, Kent had felt the creature's fingers scrape across the bottom of his foot.

The muscle and sheer bulk of the alien ensured a swift and immediate demise should Kent fall into its clutches.

The Yahg impacted the wall behind Kent, crashing into it but doing little to break its surface.

In that small break of time, Kent brooded his way into a strategy.

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Post by: ToughLuckMan on February 12, 2014, 09:53:29 pm
Nick opened the briefcase and took out a rod and looked at it for a second before looking back at Maeve.

"This item I'm sure will grab your attention, specifically in this setting."

He pressed a button and from the top of the rod, the two orange blades Surged out making the simple rod into a large two bladed axe.

"A silicon-carbide interchangeable melee rod. Similar to the Omni Weapon, but more deadly and more easily accessible since only military-grade have the capabilities of an effective Omni-Blade. The rod itself is easily concealable, and when activated the blades are denser than typical Omni-Weapons.These blade can switch from an axe, a mace, a hammer, and even a spear. And in somewhere like this arena, such things could come in handy, as I assume that most of the fights are hand to hand or with melee weapons." He stopped for a moment and raised his eyebrow.

"And if your associates happen to be fighting someone who fancies fighting with swords, like say does bulky ninja-like gentlement i saw around the spaceport leading to another part of the city, well take it from a manufacture of weapons, nano-woven blades aren't very cheap as this, and it'll be a lot more helpful to be armed with more adaptable melee weapons than just a sword"
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Ka'agar entered the room behind Maeve, snarling at seeing her standing there speaking with an unknown alien in close proximity. He stepped forward quickly, flamer raised and more than angry enough to use it until he saw the prize the man held up. His anger vanished like ash in the wind, transforming him instantly into a child gawking at a new toy. The shiny orange blades matched his Omni-claws in color, and the odd configuration enraptured him.

He walked up beside Maeve, eyes transfixed in the blade the man held out and saliva pouring from his open maw.

"What is? I want a new shiny too!" He looked at the human as if he expected the man to simply produce another one from mid-air on the spot.
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Maeve smiled when the blade erupted from the thin rod. It was just as Analdrun and she had ordered. It fit the specifications perfectly.

"You've proven yourself not only trustworthy, but capable. That's rare, and valuable." Maeve held out her hand toward him, in askance of a handshake. "I believe Sionis Industries and Analdrun will have a long-lasting relationship." Maeve said to the businessman. "May it be of benefit to us both."

The Vorcha then approached, drooling and wide-eyed and altogether comical.

"Have at it." Maeve said, stepping aside to open the space between the Vorcha and Nick.

It was fortunate that the Vorcha had come. His presence would make her task that much easier.


The human smelled like fear, and that ignited in the Yahg an instinctual excitement, rushing an impatience into its limbs and throwing it into the wall on the three separate occasions that the human had eluded him.

This strategy was not working. The Yahg snorted. He stood still now, and watched the wary human stare from across the arena.

The crowd's roars filled the enormous alien's mind and echoed his own desire.

Destroy him. Tear his limbs. Crack his body like it were a brittle branch. Skin him. Taste him. Devour him.

The Yahg took a step forward, thudding against the marble flooring. Its fingers fluttered in anticipation and it slowly, steadily moved towards the human.
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Nick smiled, if there's one thing he learned from all his years, there'll always be a need for more weapons when it comes to criminal groups, and establishing a secure trade connection with someone like Analdrun will be very benefitial.

he shook Maeve's hand and told her "Wonderful, the rest of shipment is waiting at the spaceport to be delivered."

As the Vorcha approached Nick when Maeve spoke to him, his guards readied their weapons, preparing to tear the vorcha apart if he got too close. Nick put the rod down on the table toward the Vorcha, so he could get the weapon without causing a shooting.
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Alec chose this moment to enter the coliseum. He saw two humans and a Vorcha poking at a metal stick in the corner, but paid them little mind, instead looking up at the brilliantly painted murals on the ceiling. They were a little self-absorbed for his tastes, and he could see where slaves had been used in the painting, brushwork that grew slightly crooked as electroshocks were applied, or where hunger or fatigue had caused a slip, but overall, it was a brilliant piece of artwork.
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Trishka watched from the cover of the crowd as the deal went down between Maeve and the unknown businessman.  They sure weren't trying to be subtle doing it out here in the open.  She caught a brief glimpse of the strange vial in the first case, then watched as the businessman demonstrated some hard light modulating melee weapon.

"The hell is with these pirates and their obsession with archaic forms of killing each other?"

The hard light weapon didn't impress her much.  But that vial.  That was interesting.  Some of the most deadly things in the universe come in tiny packages.  Suddenly Tobias sounded on the com.

"Got an ID on the mystery man.  Nikolai Mikhail Sionis, CEO of Sionis Industries.  At least that's what the news would call him.  He's also a mobster with an ego the size of a red giant it seems.  His company produces cutting edge weapons of death, that he is obviously has no problem selling to all manner of psychopaths.  Keep an eye on him."

"Already on it."
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"Gaaah hahaha!" Ka'agar snatched the new shiny toy off the table quickly, before they could change their minds, and stared wide eyed at it. A few buttons along the side called to him, and he eagerly pushed one only to snort in surprise as it whirled into a mace. He went slack jawed at first, but a smile slowly spread across his face when he pressed it again and it changed into a sword. He cackled with delight, and began swinging it through the air for practice in combination with one of his Omni-claws.

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Kara had managed to remain unnoticed as she followed Trishka, and was lucky enough that the Asari had answered the Question on her mind. She knew that Analdrun was making moves to bring rival Pirate and Merc bands under his tentacles, but now he had corporate backing? Katanask Tech's backing of Lokyan's endeavours had been one of their greatest strengths on the planet, giving them both the money and tech to hold their own and rise meteorically into power, and a testing ground for new inventions unbound by council law, like Juicing.

If someone as immoral, and with a large enough stock of expendable slaves, as Analdrun got that power...

"Boss?" She whispered into her comm.

"Don't worry Kara, we heard." Came Lokyan's voice. "Stay in position, I'm sending Asa. I don't know what Trishka's doing here, but I don't at all like the odds if someone pulls a weapon."
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The beast was no beast at all. Intelligence gleamed in those eyes.

Kent felt cold fear as the Yahg slowly, meticulously, corralled him closer and closer to the corner. He could see where this was going, and there was no way out of a confrontation at this point.

The gladiator swallowed through a dry throat. The corner was close enough now. It was run or be killed. He targeted the gap between the Yahg's legs, and raced for it.

His sudden initiative had the desired effect; the Yahg froze for a split second, and in that hesitation, Kent dove straight for it.

Freedom was tasted as he made it through, clambering to his feet. He had been fast. But a great force **** down on his leg, in an instant crushing his limb into the ground, completely flattening it. 'That's not how I expected that to feel' passed his mind.

More than broken, it was destroyed. Kent made to run again, propelling himself forward with both hands and one leg, a futile effort. The Yahg's hands encircled his sides, raised the gladiator upwards, perpendicular to it's swollen head and Kent screamed in pain and terror.

His hand, outreached towards the beast, was chomped right down the middle. The beast made a clean bite, chewing right through bone, like a knife through butter. Then it bit down again, halfway, sucking off the rest of the muscle and tendon and meat from all the way up to just below his elbow.

Kent's screams grew ragged, but he kept screaming. A useless protest.

The beast's hungry, bright eyes squinted, a hunger and joviality to it. The crowd was going mad, a roar that deafened Kent's ears. A strange, three-stretched grin pulled across the creature's face.

Perhaps it thought it had already won. Perhaps it wanted to savor the infinitesimal approval of the raging crowd.

But the beast had gotten slow as it opened its mouth wide and turned towards the audience. It slowly lowered Kent towards its wide open mouth. The creature aimed to bite his head clean off.

Kent saw death in the darkness. A gaping abyss seeking to consume him.

It was a familiar sight.

He punched his good hand forward, straight into the beast's mouth. It reeled backwards, coughing, disoriented. It hacked once more, recovering, glaring hatefully at Kent.

"Human will pay for this...." It hissed.

Kent stabbed it right in the eye with the exposed bone of his right hand.

He was sure he'd reached brain.

The Yahg fell, with the gladiator on top.


Maeve smirked at the Vorcha's silly movements.

A quiet laugh escaping her, she inclined her head towards Nick. "Thank you. We will certainly be seeing one another again. And if you need anything during your stay here, you know how to contact me."

Dropping a pat on the Vorcha's back as she passed, Maeve headed towards Analdrun's lounge.

Before reaching it, however, and once they were out of sight and sound from Nick, Maeve turned to see if the Vorcha had followed.
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Alec was staring for a while before he remembered why he'd come here. The woman walking away from the stiff in the suit seemed important enough, she even held herself like one of the noble people he remembered meeting during his childhood. Not caring about decorum, he caught up to her with his long, powerful strides.

"'scuse me, your stabliness." He said with his best business smile. "But I'd like to speak to the manager of this establishment. I think you can guess why." He added with a slight movement of his powerful looking Cybernetic Arms, happiness hiding behind the soft red glow of his eyes.

Well that's one way to make an introduction. Shyfly commented from his shoulder.
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Ka'agar turned to see who had touched him, snarling and about to tell whoever it was off when he saw Maeve. His anger dropped immediately and he smiled broadly before following her. He had never been given anything so useful or nice before, and found he lied this new posting far, far more than he'd ever thought possible

Big pit fights, lots of blood, new shiny things... Will like it here. He nodded and snorted happily, staying close to her and still toying with his new weapon.
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Maeve eyed the intrusive human disdainfully. "I can't help you."

She glanced at the Vorcha, and ignited her omnitool, typing in a message while turning a cold shoulder on the human.

Distract Sobakov. The assassin with Analdrun.
Give me an excuse to touch him.


She sent it.

"Check your mail, Vorcha." Maeve said once Ka'agar's omnitool had lit up.
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Ka'agar blinked in confusion at his Omni-tool flaring up, distracting him from playing with the bright orange sword mace thing. He slapped at what he thought was the accept button for the message and read it, squinting at it and trying to make sense of what she meant. He opened his mouth to ask what was going on when it dawned on him, leaving a wicked yet stupid smile on his face.

Ooooh. Human wants to stab someone! Must keep quiet, so they do not know! He huffed in excitement, hoping to get into some fighting and nodding to Maeve eagerly. Ka'agar crept forward, looking for the man she had mentioned poked his shoulder. Hard.

"You! Alien! Not like you! Think you need to go in pit!"

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"Hey lady!" Alec called out, "You don't know what you're missing out on here. After all, I'm an entertainer. And I know exactly what your boss needs in his murdering entertainment." He added with a slightly annoyed smile. "I imagine he'd give you a little raise if you were the one to introduce us."
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Ignoring the stranger's unmerited claims, Maeve shut the double-door behind her and the Vorcha as they entered Analdrun's viewing booth, and it locked into place.

She watched the Vorcha approach Sobakov, and moved into place beside Analdrun.
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Sam looked down on the outcome of the fight from his position next to Analdrun. A smirk appeared on his face as the champion stood over the dead Yahg. Sam turned his attention back to his levitating companion.

"Well Analdrun, what would you like me to do for you?"

Sam devoted a small portion of his attention to Maeve and the Vorcha, who had just returned.
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"Stupid Prim n' Proper." Alec mumbled as the woman walked away and slammed the door behind her. "Hasn't she seen my wanted poster?" He asked his three companions as he pulled one out.

Wow, it looks good Mister Alec. How did they get such a good picture for the poster? Shyfly asked.

He sent in headshots to the Bounty Office. Drawled Sandra, rolling her eyes.

Yeah, and it looks kickass! If someone's going to come after us, they should at least have a proper picture, not that fuzzy security camera bullshit.

So... What are we going to do now?

"My dear Shyfly, you are going to watch me work." He **** his knuckles. Not that he needed to, them being artificial, but it made him look cool. "Let's go punch holes in things until someone comes to stop us."

And no, Alec wasn't joking. He actually went on to punch holes clear through walls.

The Sakura was the biggest club on Rouger, helped along in that it was built from a massive underground cave that extended deep into the desert, and dance music pumped through it like a heartbeat. It was a popular spot for offworlders, and especially popular with the citizens. Races were often organised through the club, dangerous low-altitude aircar races through the desert, no holds barred death races. After all everyone needed to blow off steam. Hyun watched the people dance from her office, wishing that she could be dancing down there, maybe with Lokyan, like a regular couple, but then she dragged her mind back to the task at hand. There was still the upcoming meeting with Analdrun, the possibility of the Jellyfish's new corporate backing, Assassins...

The possibilities ran through the woman's head at breakneck speed. In her life, she'd been Homeless, a drug runner, a tech expert, a scientist, a field agent, a Shinobi, a CEO, and now she was married to the most feared terrorist in Hanar space. This politics stuff was truly not her bag. Normally her problem solving came down to one of three things, Hack it, Stab it, or Buy it, none of these worked properly here.

At least, the first two didn't. The folder on her desk had been left there by a Sukuu agent, and Hyun had been agonizing over it even before she'd left for Earth. Now that she was back, she knew it couldn't be put off any longer. If Analdrun was going to be building his forces like this, they wouldn't be able to train enough Shinobi to be able to keep up with him. As much as Lokyan hated it, Mercenaries would be needed. Personally, they knew some from the old days, but this one was on the planet at this very moment, and he was quite the celebrity among bounty hunters.

She took the wanted poster out of it's sleeve, revealing a handsome, obviously posed face with a large credit amount posted as the reward.

"Alec Morgan. The Mad Merc of Scotland."
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Trishka heard the screams from inside the pit.  She heard that kind of scream before.  She caused that kind of scream before.  Usually it was accompanied by severed limbs or broken bones.  Guess the "champion" wasn't faring so well.  Maeve and the vorcha were on the move.  She had to decide whether to continue monitoring them, or go for the mobster/CEO.  She opted to stay with the merchandise.  Sionis wasn't exactly a small fish.  He'd be easy to find again.  And Trish was itching to find out what was in that vial he sold Maeve.  And so she remained in the colosseum.  She saw the deranged man try to rush the two as they left the scene.  He looked vaguely familiar, almost as if Trish had seen him before.  But she couldn't be distracted by yet another murderer/criminal/a*shole.  She made her way back into the stands as Maeve and the vorcha locked the door to Analdrun's personal booth.  And so Trish watched.
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As Alec walked off, looking for something that looked important, he noticed Trishka from the corner of his eye.

Hey, don't we know her? Asked Clara.

Nah, we can't, at least, we haven't crossed blades with her.

Maybe she's a bounty hunter? Shyfly offered.

"Could be, I don't remember everyone that's shot at me before. Nor do I hold a grudge." he replied as he eyed a support pillar, then punched clear through it.

I wonder what that girl behind her's doing? Doesn't seem like Trishka knows she's there.

Well, apparently there are ninjas on planet. Maybe one of them has a beef or something?

"Remind me to get in touch with these ninjas later, if this doesn't work, maybe they have something to offer. Even Assassins need mercs sometimes, right? Maybe I can wear a bitchin' straw hat and be a ronin or something!" he added as he punched another wall, an interior one, giving him a view into the arena.
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Trishka sat in the stands eyeing Analdrun's private booth.  She kicked back in her seat.

"You know little ninja.  If you're going to make a move on me, you're going to need something other than that sh*tty little sword of yours."

Trish spoke seemingly to the air, keeping her eyes fixed on the jellyfish.  She had made the tail a while back, she was an Asari commando after all.  It was clearly one of Lokyans, with what the sword and everything.  Not to mention Analdrun wouldn't have much need for stealth in his own den.  Though being one of Lokyan's, it was highly unlikely she'd make a scene here.  That would get her and the rest of her crew here killed.

"So tell me, what brings Lokyan's band of ninjas here today?"   
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"Motherfuck!" Came Gaijin's voice in Asa's ear. "The Asari just started talking to thin air, I think Kara's been had!"

"Orders?" She asked, preparing to make her move.

"Do nothing." Came Lokyan's cool voice. He could see Trishka across the way, looking down into Analdrun's booth, like he was. "Let Ms. McAlastair deal with this on her own. If Trishka had wanted her dead, I wouldn't have sent her." Even as he said that, his teeth ground a little underneath his hood.

Kara was spooked. Nobody had ever caught her before, and the Asari had made it look so easy. "S-same reason as you." She replied, trying her best to keep her voice resolute. She could feel the weight of her Tanto on her hip, and the compact SMG on her chest. "You know as well as I do that the Jelly's up to something."

Alec punched through another wall, then roared loudly. So far, he'd been ignored, and he hated being ignored. He punched though again, and his fist came away torn. He looked angrily at the cybernetics underneath as the synthflesh slowly stitched itself back together. "Come on, ye wee babies!" He yelled, his anger punctuating his scottish accent. "Come an' stop me, if ye think yer men enough!"
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"You don't sound so confident there, little ninja."  Trish gave a small chuckle.

"I wonder how many of you are here.  Is the big man here himself?  Doesn't matter.  By now you know who it was that psycho b*tch Maeve was meeting.  What you may not have seen was the tiny vial in that briefcase he sold her.  I'm guessing nanotech.  And if the jellyfish is buying, nothing good can come of it. You hear that Lokyan?  That last bit of intel was free."  Trish said, her voice raising slightly at that last part.  She knew Lokyan was listening, even if he wasn't here.

Her attention then shifted to that deranged idiot from before who was now punching his way through the coliseum's walls and pillars.

"What in the name of the Goddess's f*cking t!ts is he doing?"
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Nanotech? Lokyan thought. How in the hell did he get his hands on that? It's been years since Big Z stepped out of the game, and he was the only one that had nanomachines worth anything. What's Sionis playing at?

Kara took the moment to look over at the strange man. She'd noticed him before, but couldn't place the face. Now that she heard him yelling and swearing in a thick scottish accent, she realized. "Oh no." She merely said. "That's Alec Morgan, the craziest, and deadliest merc to come out of Scotland. Or so he keeps telling people. I was gathering a dossier on him a few months ago, and now it looks like Analdrun's ticked him off." she winced a little as he punched through another wall.

"I'm gonnae keep knockin' until ye answer, ye fookin jelly!" she heard him yell.
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"Is this all it takes to convince you? This one supposes some are impressed more easily than others..." Analdrun swept away from its viewing place, examining the dimensional painting on the wall, the shape of a human woman etched into it. "This one would prefer to speak with the other of its wishes in a more secure area...." Analdrun floated back around, coming to the far edge of the platform. With its sensory body, it watched the floor below be cleaned, hired hands coming in and removing the bodies, alive and dead. It had more than enough resources to create a robotic system, but the Hanar preferred to watch servants clean. It reminded it of how easily the sentient were controlled. "The show is only halfway done. Though this gladiator, the victor, has performed admirably, and will be rewarded, there is yet more this one would have you see..." Analdrun turned towards Sobakov, tentacles motioning at the Vorcha beside him. "You seem to accept this creature's affront to you with much ease. This one is surprised."

Maeve's lips stretched thin, and she eyed the Vorcha with impatience. Ka'agar could stand to be a little more proactive. "Would you like me to remove him?"


A group of three guards, two humans and one turian, armored in tactical and medium armor, approached. They were hired mercs, and held the guns at the ready, caught on guard by the gaping holes behind and before the strangely behaving human.

"Sir, step away or we will open fire." Neutralizing electric rounds lit their guns, and the merc at the front of the trio pet the trigger with one finger.
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Ka'agars eyes flared in anger at Maeve's question to the floaty jelly alien, and he turned that anger on the alien before him. Using both hands with claws extended, he shoved the man backwards, baring his teeth and activating his Omni-claws.

"You not hear me? You go, before I tear you apart!"
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Alec couldn't help but laugh. "I knew if I kept knocking, someone would answer, but I seriously didn't expect some two-bit mercs with water pistols!" He kept laughing hysterically, removing Shyfly from his shoulder and placing her carefully into an armoured storage container built into his armour. "A guy that looks like me starts punching clear through solid rock, and this is the response?" He couldn't help himself. The Mad Merc just couldn't stop laughing.
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The guards' expressions ranged from aghast to disconcerted, and the forward-most guard, his gun already raised, opened fire.
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The bullet stuck Alec clear in the shoulder, tearing the synthflesh as the bullet disintegrated. The Guard probably thought it smart to aim for his unarmoured arms, but still it made the merc chuckle as the mangled synthflesh knit itself back together, a horror show in itself. "Now now," he tutted. "Since you fired first, that means I'm well in my rights to fight back..." he added, waggling a finger mockingly before leaping forward and clocking the leading Turian straight in the face. Alec heard his shell crack before turning to the humans. "Now. Fetch the man in charge. I have a proposition. If you keep ignoring me, I'm just going to keep breaking stuff."
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Slaves clattered against the bars in their cages above, excited by the newcomer.

It was a resigned kind of stimulation, an interest that something new had entered the room, something troubling for the guards they had come to rely on.

Trensus spat to the side as his fellow turian fell from the madman's punch.

He stepped forward and his guards followed. It wasn't so large as the squadron he'd commanded during his time in Aria's guard, but it would be more than enough to take this freak out.

Trensus stared down the man and motioned to the turrets above him. "I don't care how durable that strange ability makes you. These turrets will open fire when you harm one of my own and they will kill you. For now, I've been holding them back, but I hope this puts things in perspective for you."

His avian eyes blinked slowly. "Only reason I was willing to do that for you is it's pretty clear you pack a punch." The newly-graffiti'd architecture had been substantial evidence to the irreverse. "So it's lucky for you that Analdrun's been recruiting. Talk to me, and I'll see what I can work out for you."
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"Finally!" Alec said exasperatedly. "Someone with a modicum of politeness."

Well hellooo Sailor... whistled Clara, fluttering her eyes at one of the turrets.

What's going on? Shyfly called out from inside the storage compartment. I can't see!

Just stay there, SF. Sandra warned. There's a lot of guns here.

"Now," the mad merc began. "I'm a bounty hunter, mercenary, pirate, entertainer..." he emphasised the last word. "And since getting to this planet, I've noticed that the first three are pretty much in small demand. Then I hear that there's this cute little Jelly that fancies himself an emperor. A Yagh is all well and good, but he failed in the end, correct? All I wanted was a job. Give me something to blow up, and I can make it very... very... interesting. And I think your friend over there can tell you how much damage I can do, if the walls weren't a big enough example."
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The afore-punched turian whimpered in the affirmative. " 'e bwoke mah jah, sah..."

Trensus's own jaw opened a crack as surprise overtook him. Then he let out a garbled sigh and scratched across his forehead with a talon. "You're expecting me to believe... you trashed up the master's place. ... so you could get a job?"

He'd seen better. As it stood, the best course of action he saw was getting this guy out of here as quickly as possible. "I'll put in a good word with my superior officer. If Analdrun's interested, he'll find you. Sound doable?"
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Alec shrugged. "Got me the interview didn't it? The ice-queen out front was a little standoffish. And that seems fair enough for me. Here's my contact deets." he added, taking out his wanted poster and scrawling an omni-frequency on the back with the pen he kept in his right pinkie finger and handing it to the captain. "Now, I'll be off. I'm going to go mingle." he said with finality, removing Shyfly from her pouch, placing her on his shoulder, and walking nonchalantly out of the pits, headed for the stands.

Well that went well

Says you! I didn't get that hunky Turret's number!

He's not your type anyway. Shyfly replied. Did you see his serial number? He prefers Snipers.

Clara could only blush.
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More than a little overwhelmed, Trensus accepted the poster, wondering why the madman had carried the thing through space and beyond.

A sunny beach was portrayed in the photo's background, and a starry-eyed, chiseled-jaw version of the man, Alec by the poster's inscription, was plastered across the front.

Trensus choked back a laugh, masking it into a cough. When he had recovered, he caught sight of another anomaly; the price.

"FIVE MILLION CREDITS?!" He exclaimed in shock. He met the human's eyes and added calmly. "That seems reasonable."

Alec announced his plan to go 'mingle', and Trensus turned back to the guards and slaves that stared at him with confused, and disconcerted expressions.

"Let's clean this mess up..." The turian grumbled.
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Sam looked over his shoulder at the Vorcha standing next to him. Any Vorcha that got this close under normal circumstances would either be trying to kill him or asking to be killed. He hadn't made up his mind on whether or not this one would be considered an exception. Upon making up his mind, He spun around on his heels to Face Maeve, to answer her question about the aforementioned creature.

"If it was bothering me, I would have removed him myself. Besides, I've become a bit bored and would like to go out and get to work. I invite you to join me, If your master does not mind."

Sam grinned a bit and spun around yet again, this time to face Analdrun again. "Sorry for not sticking around for act two, but all this fighting and running has made me a bit 'thirsty' so to speak. Would you mind if I got to work now? I'd imagine Maeve would like to come with me as well."
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Post by: Revan.Lorz on February 24, 2014, 09:57:49 pm
Analdrun fluctuated. "Hmm... So long as the other accomplishes the task this one has set out for him, this one sees no problem with the methods. Maeve will certainly be useful in obtaining for you whatever the other needs."

Maeve held her hand back. She nodded at Sobakov.
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Post by: Sgt Grunt on February 25, 2014, 01:46:58 am
Ka'agar felt baffled. Never before had an alien simply ignored his overbearing threat, he'd even shoved the man! Giving a look of utter confusion to Maeve, he shrugged his shoulders as if to ask for further orders. He didn't want to kill the stupid alien unless allowed to.
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Post by: medwards10 on March 02, 2014, 08:59:41 pm
"Spasibo, Analdrun." Sam afforded a quick glance back at the Vorcha which seemed so eager to die a moment ago. It looked a bit flustered. Than again, Vorcha look flustered most of the time anyways. He turned to face Maeve, and by any sort of deductive reasoning, the door as well.

"Care to explain what our task is while we walk?" Sam asked. Without pausing for a response, Sam started towards the door, assuming Maeve would drop in behind him, possibly with the Vorcha in tow. It was fun for the moment to toy with it, but it may get in the way sooner or later.