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Title: Kent Feare
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Full name of Character: Kent Feare
Race: Human, English
Social class: Comes from a military family. Served as a private first class during the reaper war.

Physical Appearance: Strong brow, serious and handsome features. Dressed in a raggy loincloth for now. Also his leg is crushed and his whole forearm bone is broken and exposed.
His favorite color is dark red.
Age: 27
Eye Color: Brown
Hair color length and style: Orange hair, swept across his head, well-maintained (once he gets cleaned up anyway),
Skin tone and type: White, with a light tan. Skin is weathered and a bit chapped from the dry air.
Distinguishing marks: His orange hair

Personality: Serious, polite, honorable, chivalrous, knightly
Greatest Strength: Objectivity
Greatest Weakness: Pities too easily
Soft spot: Camaraderie
Biggest Vulnerability: Heís lost all claim to honor in becoming a slave and killing as a gladiator. This pointed out to him sets him off-guard and chills him to the bone, as heís been trying to ignore this fact.
Also hates garlic.

Personal History(what affects them):
Kent was a soldier during the reaper wars, coming from a family of ranked officers, though his mother and father had not made it above the captain rank. He didnít see much action, and made a few friends among his comrades on the ship. But once the war was over, Kent, 17 at the time, was too young to remain on board, and was sent back home.

In his pride, and seeking glory, he denied his parentsí offering to pay for his home. Instead, through his newly-formed connections, Kent became a private security officer for merchant ships, hopping from one job to the next and saving up the credits.

On what was supposed to be his last ship (he was planning on joining the army afterwards), pirates attacked. He and the crew were either killed or taken as slaves. Kent was, obviously, among the latter.

His military training uncovered, he was thrown in as a gladiator, and has managed to survive since.

Traits: See Personality
Optimist or pessimist? Largely Optimist, but more of a realist
Introvert or extrovert? Extrovert, though scholarly
Drives and motives: Survive, for now...
Talents: Surviving, resourcefulness, he can play the violin rather well, even won a few awards in middle school
Character flaws: Close-minded, lacks initiative, tendency towards pride in his idea of honor and the like, bad with mushy stuff and avoids heart to hearts
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