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Re: Pirate Campaign
« Reply #255 on: February 16, 2014, 06:40:07 pm »
Alec shrugged. "Got me the interview didn't it? The ice-queen out front was a little standoffish. And that seems fair enough for me. Here's my contact deets." he added, taking out his wanted poster and scrawling an omni-frequency on the back with the pen he kept in his right pinkie finger and handing it to the captain. "Now, I'll be off. I'm going to go mingle." he said with finality, removing Shyfly from her pouch, placing her on his shoulder, and walking nonchalantly out of the pits, headed for the stands.

Well that went well

Says you! I didn't get that hunky Turret's number!

He's not your type anyway. Shyfly replied. Did you see his serial number? He prefers Snipers.

Clara could only blush.
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