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Re: Pirate Campaign
« Reply #255 on: February 16, 2014, 08:43:29 pm »
More than a little overwhelmed, Trensus accepted the poster, wondering why the madman had carried the thing through space and beyond.

A sunny beach was portrayed in the photo's background, and a starry-eyed, chiseled-jaw version of the man, Alec by the poster's inscription, was plastered across the front.

Trensus choked back a laugh, masking it into a cough. When he had recovered, he caught sight of another anomaly; the price.

"FIVE MILLION CREDITS?!" He exclaimed in shock. He met the human's eyes and added calmly. "That seems reasonable."

Alec announced his plan to go 'mingle', and Trensus turned back to the guards and slaves that stared at him with confused, and disconcerted expressions.

"Let's clean this mess up..." The turian grumbled.
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