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Re: Pirate Campaign
« Reply #255 on: February 24, 2014, 08:21:30 pm »
Sam looked over his shoulder at the Vorcha standing next to him. Any Vorcha that got this close under normal circumstances would either be trying to kill him or asking to be killed. He hadn't made up his mind on whether or not this one would be considered an exception. Upon making up his mind, He spun around on his heels to Face Maeve, to answer her question about the aforementioned creature.

"If it was bothering me, I would have removed him myself. Besides, I've become a bit bored and would like to go out and get to work. I invite you to join me, If your master does not mind."

Sam grinned a bit and spun around yet again, this time to face Analdrun again. "Sorry for not sticking around for act two, but all this fighting and running has made me a bit 'thirsty' so to speak. Would you mind if I got to work now? I'd imagine Maeve would like to come with me as well."
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