Author Topic: The Sovereign Rights of All Users  (Read 53 times)


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The Sovereign Rights of All Users
« on: November 15, 2013, 03:24:21 am »
All players are entitled to their OCís. None will be killed off for reasons beyond their control, and nor will they be railroaded solely for the DMís whims. In return, OCís must be lorefriendly, and nor shall they godmode. Character sheets are to be followed, and no character is permitted to be Commander Shepard amongst Commander Baileyís. Development is permitted, but in logical manners. No amount of trauma will turn a nun into a satanist, without a very good story reason and an update to a character sheet. OCís are permitted to return for multiple campaigns, but there must be a reason why that character is in x location after whatever happened to them at the end of y storyline. Characters that are shown to die, with a death witnessed and reacted to by other players, are not permitted to return from the dead. While we(The mods) attempt to remain true to canon, we are still human, and may make mistakes. If we say that something breaks or does not break canon, feel free to debate it in the Canon Discussion Board, with evidence in support of your objection. Remember, there are a few sources in official media that have been retconned out, or altered for the overarching storyline. Completely unexplained parts of the storyline are free-game, unless it impacts another part of the canon that is not. RP campaigns are to be discussed in the Campaign Discussion Board. The Mods will create campaigns and lead them forward, but suggestions are welcome and will be discussed and crafted into the finest campaigns possible. Upcoming campaigns will be announced a minimum of 2(Two) days in advance, allowing for discussion and advance character creation.

   These are the Sovereign rights of all writers, roleplayers, and forumites that doth grace our website
      -Nozz Ivix

With this, here are the main tenets of this RP
1. Do not be an ****
2. Do not break Canon
3. Do not God Mode
4. Respect the work of other players, be constructive.
5. Your Characters are sacred.
6. Ghosting is permitted when permission is given.
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