Author Topic: Child of the Broken Mind. (Epilogue)  (Read 5 times)


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Child of the Broken Mind. (Epilogue)
« on: February 16, 2014, 02:18:12 pm »
Kat sighed into her drink as she finished off the dark liquor. She'd lost a lot in the last year, and wasn't exactly sure where to go from here. The money Exo-Geni had already given her was enough for Katrin's goal, a rebuilt Colt in the same place as before, the very place Kat sat now. It was the least she could do for the old Neurotic, especially when she was the reason Kat even could be sitting in a pub, wallowing. She'd returned to Katrin's job as head surgeon at Huerta, but most of her free time was spent here.

Gods Katrin, what'd you do to me?

There was no answer. Of course there wouldn't be. Katrin died on the planet. At least... Kat thought she did. It was hard to tell with split personalities. For all she knew, she wasn't even Kat anymore, yet she remembered being Kat, and not Katrin. Of course, all of the legal paperwork still had Katrin's name on it. When that... bug. Climbed into their mind, Katrin did... something. She'd said she was 'letting go'. Before Kat could even say anything to stop her, she was gone. Of course, so was the Queen, the telepathic link backfiring and buying them time to escape the hive. She had no idea what had happened between her abduction and her rescue, and Ivix had been loathe to tell her.

Speak of the devil. She thought as the Quarian shouldered the pub door open.

"Oi! Mickey!" She called out to the young man behind the bar. Mickey had been Sean's kid brother, a ten year difference between them. He'd been squirreled away to Ireland during the Reaper invasion, and Kat had made a point to find him when she rebuilt the Colt. While she was on the Citadel, Mickey was in charge, like she remembered him wanting to way back in the day. "The SPECTRE's back, get us the usual, will ya?"

"Gotcha Doc!" Came the response as he started filling glasses from two very distant taps.

"He still calls you Doc, then?" Ivix asked as he sat down, popping off his helmet with a hiss.

"Eh, he wants to call me it, he can." Kat replied, moving her now empty glass to the side. "What brings you here?"

"What? Can't a guy visit his ex to make sure she's recovering well?" he said jokingly.

"Hey hey Mr. Spectre, how come I never heard from you for about five years, if that was the case?" she shot back as the drinks arrived and Mickey went into the back.

"Hmm. So what's with the memorial wall?" He said, pointing with his head. "The picture's nice, but the plaque? 'In memory of Katrin Ilnata, Sean and Mitch Connor, the first to enter, the last to leave'"

"Hey, I'm just the grieving twin here, remember?" she said, taking a sip of her drink.

"I still think it's a little weird."

"Hey, be grateful you got me. She hated you back in the day. Remember when I left in the middle of the night and left you with the Hotel Bill?" Kat asked slyly.

"Alright, I get the message. So, you're alright? No sudden need to lay eggs and conquer the galaxy?"

"Not a one. How's that SPECTRE stuff coming along?"

"Eh, basically the same as before. I pretty much get paid to wander across the galaxy on one long pub crawl until something important happens."

"Sounds fun."

"Mmm." He said noncommittally, taking a massive swig of his own drink. "There's problems on this pirate planet in the middle of nowhere, Rouger, or something, but since it's just Pirates and Terrorists, the council's content to let them fight it out. It's not technically our jurisdiction, after all."

"Hmm. Rouger... I've heard of it. A nice little desert planet. You know... If you're ever in the mood for a little cold-blooded-"

He cut her off. "I'll let you know."
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