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Tales From the Dome 1
« on: February 28, 2014, 12:52:13 am »
Sparks flew across the floor of the massive hanger as the sound of grinding metal split through the air.  The mech jockeys called this place the Pit.  It was where every team housed and maintained their mech.  Everywhere you looked there were machines in various states of repair or disrepair; teams frantically trying to replace that last shattered armor panel before their big fight, while others standing around heaps of disassembled parts trying to piece together something out of the shattered bits of their once fierce machines.  Rick stood looking up at Lilah's mech as it was hoisted into the air on a crane.  He examined the massive hole Strauss's sniper cannon bore into the side of the thing.  It looked awful.

"Bet that wasn't the first time you took a shot to the face!"  Rick said jokingly.

"Shut the **** up, you pig."  Lilah retorted as she mounted a ladder to look deeper at the damage.

"Think you can fix her in time?"

"Rick, I can fix anything."

At that moment all of the hustle and bustle of the Pit suddenly stopped, and an eerie silence came across the hanger.  Rick turned confused. It only took him but a moment to see the object of everyone's attention.  A parade of technicians in their new and pristine jumpsuits walked into the hanger, followed by trucks hauling machine parts of all varieties.  Then they came: three mechs, just as pristine and gleaming as the rest of the crew and their machinery.  And they were different, too.  All of the mechs in the dome were hand built by their pilots.  Each team had no more than a few mechanics.  There was a strange sense of respect and camaraderie among the teams, as they forged these bipedal weapons of destruction themselves.  Each mech was a labor of ingenuity and love.  But these new ones, they looked like they were made by an entire army of engineers and scientists with more money than the Shadow Broker.  And by the looks of it, the pilots of this team brought the army with them.  As they drove closer into view, it all made sense.  Rick could see the exact same logo blasted across every vehicle, mech, and jumpsuit: Xenogenics.  It was one of the largest tech corporations in the galaxy.

"What the f*ck is a bunch of corporate goons doing here?"  Rick asked confusedly towards Lilah.

"Beats the hell out of me."

That was when Rick saw the hatch to the lead mech open, and a mountain of a man climbed out, the metallic hand of his machine aiding his descent.  He had to be at least 6'6", and a heap of pure muscle.   He instantly began shouting orders to the army of corporate pit goons in jumpsuits.

"Guess that's their captain.  Maybe I should introduce myself."  Rick said with a smirk as he strolled over towards the man, leaving Lilah and her futile protests behind.

"So, you must be the new guy in town.  Better watch out, I hear Wilhelm over there likes jack off on the new guys mechs when no one is around at night."  Rick jokingly said as he looked up to the face on the mountain.  The mountain was clearly not amused.

"Rick Steiner, team captain of team Wild Card."  He said as he stuck out his hand.

The mountain looked down on his with his stone jaw and emotionless expression.

"You are the one they call 'Rocket Man,' yes?"  The mountain sounded almost mocking when he said those two words.

Rick simply smirked.  "Yeah, that'd be me."

The mountain's eyes narrowed and there was a moment of silence.  Rick began to feel a wee bit uncomfortable.

"I will break you."  Was the only thing the mountain said before he pushed past Rick and back towards his crew.

"I guess he isn't here to make friends."
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