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The Dragonrider. [Story]
« on: December 08, 2013, 10:10:49 pm »
The massive fireball rocketed through the Palaven sky, seemingly on a collision course with the crowd gasping below. At the last moment, it swung upwards, manifesting into a massive, serpentine Dragon. The fiery monster roared, spewing more fire into the air. "Down boy!" A voice rang out, and the creature span and writhed, trying to buck off the small speck that clung to its back, despite the fact that it was on fire. It carved amazing geometric patterns into the air, to the cheers from the crowd, before dive bombing into the stage and exploding, sending fireworks zooming into the air and exploding themselves. As the flames on the stage dissipated, A Quarian was revealed, clad in black with fiery red decals. He took a bow as the curtains fell to thunderous applause.

Backstage, Zo'Zixx rubbed his neck as he walked towards Merri'Za and Kogath, the oldest members of his troupe. The Krogan barked out a laugh, then slapped the magician on the back. "Well done, little one!" he smiled. "You looked like a thresher wrangler up there."

"I do my best to impress." He said with a smile, brushing at burns on the suit's fabric. "Though I think we should take better atmospheric readings next time, there was a lot more Hydrogen in the air than we were prepared for."

"That's why I told you not to do the Dragon!" Merri cried out, her red and white suit was Vibrant by Quarian Standards, but rather dull next to her boss'. "We put on this Charity Event at the last minute, and I specifically told you not to do the Dragonrider!" beneath her mask she was blushing, but unlike her boss, her helmet was opaque.

"Hey, I thought the Turian War Orphans needed money." He said with a shrug. "That display should have loosened quite a few wallets. And it's strange that you worry about me, Merri. I remember when I had to worry about you." he began to walk back to his 'trailer' for lack of a better word. An overly large shuttle filled with costume changes and tinkering tools. "Oh, and call up the Insteenos on the Citadel? I think I need a new flame-suit, with stronger flame resistance this time." he called over his shoulder.

"Hard to imagine where we used to be, isn't it?" Kogath said when the Magician left.

"That it is." Merri replied. "I don't think he's grown up at all though."

"Is that why you haven't told him yet?" The Krogan said, prodding.

"Shut up Kogath!" She yelled, the blush returning to her face.

"I can tell you're blushing under there you know." He said with a smile. "And you might want to try asking him, before his 'backstage pass' numbers reach quadruple digits."

Merri walked off in a huff. Neither of them have changed, not in the least.

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