Author Topic: The Night Before Christmas (Pirate Version)  (Read 23 times)


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The Night Before Christmas (Pirate Version)
« on: December 24, 2013, 11:10:03 pm »
Twas the night before Christmas in Analdrun's slave pen,
No slaves were stirring, not even the humans;
The guards were all loading their weapons with care,
In hopes that the armored man soon would be there;

The slaves were all nestled in their cages with dread;
As nightmares of shock collars danced in their heads,
A Batarian guard, who was one awful chap,
Had just settled his brain for a long drunken nap.

When up on the roof there arose such a clatter,
He sprang from his chair to see what was the matter.
When he got to the roof, a gunshot did flash,
And knocked him down the staircase flat on his ass

The moon high above this corrupt world did show
And illuminated the objects on the rooftop below
When what to wandering eyes should appear
But a man in black armor, and his 25 YMIR

He shot yet another guard, so ferocious and quick
The guards knew in that moment they must be in deep ****
With more firepower than a reaper, the armored man came
And the man began to call the mechs by name

"Now Thrasher, Now Lancer
Now Panzer and Phoenix
On Comet! On, Rocket!
On Bomber and Helix
From the top of this roof
To the grimey slave stalls,
Kill the guards! Kill the guards!
Kill them **** all!"

As the torrent of winds from a hurricane fly,
When they met with an obstacle, it did quickly die.
So through the building their bullets flew
And killed every guard, and some drunk pirates too.

The last guard cowered as the gunshots did scream,
Hoping that this whole mess was merely a dream.
As he drew his gun and was turning around,
The armored man came down the hall with a bound

He was dressed in all black, from his head to his foot
And his armor was darker than ashes and soot.
And an army of mechs did he have at his back
A bullet quickly flew from his gun with a crack

With the last guard dead, he opened the cages
And freed all the slaves from their confinement for ages.
To the roof he took them to his awaiting shuttle,
While the building itself he did choose to scuttle.
An explosion rang out as his ship flew away
Taking along with him the slaves he freed today.

But he shouted one thing before they flew out of sight.
"Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!"
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Re: The Night Before Christmas (Pirate Version)
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